I'm Jaz. I'm 17. I love photography and writing. and I've gone through a lot with self-injury, depression, and guys. I hope I can help you ask much as possible. I will give the most honest answer.


ok so im not supposed to get my period until like the 12th or 14th haha ya but for some reason i got my period sorta when i mean sorta im saying sorta becuase its like LIGHT and its not red its brown or black!!! is that normal and if i say i had sex like a week b4 that does that help :/

if you had sex, you could be pregnant. that could be implantation bleeding. take a test and/or see a doctor.


I really want to take an ACT prep class so I can get a better score.

How would I find one in my area?

P.S. A legitimate one would help.

Ask your school guidance counselor. I'm sure they would know some places.


Alright, so on Sep. 13th, it'll be me and my boyfriend's 4 month; and I have no idea what to get him!

I've already (in the past) made him a scrapbook of us, I've bought him a gift (necklace), and gave him love quotes. So now what?

Help please!

PS. I have about 5 dollars.
So obviously, I'm on a very low budget.

just give him his favorite candy or something.

and personally, i wouldn't really give gifts every month. save gifts (especially big ones) for your 6 month or even 1 year anniversary. when it come to about 3 years, you won't know what to give him 'cause you've given him everything every month. lol.
my boyfriend didn't give me anything on our anniversaries until our 6 month anniversary, which we miscalculated and he got a bouquet of roses last minute. =]


i really want this one really cute coach purse, its on sale and its only 223 dollars. i really want my mom to buy it for me.. but i just got a 400 dollar coach purse a few months ago. but i need a winter purse.

what can i do to convince my mom to buy it for me?
what have you done to get your mom or dad to buy you something?

Get a job and work for it yourself. That's how normal people do it.


I'm 16 & just got my first cell phone about a month or so ago. My mother just got the first bill, and I went over everything {text, minutes, & data} and she has to pay a $212 phone bill for me. She said she wasn't going to take my phone away THIS time. The problem is my bill cycle JUST started over and I'm already over everything again. How do I find a way to pay for this? And how do I approach my mom?

You will need to talk to your service provider about your options, or switch cell phone services. My boyfriend wasn't pleased with his first bill because there was a misunderstanding and there was extra no charge (after the first bill, which is a month. so kinda like a trial) for canceling.


im not used to be single but my x bf just broke up with me for his neice and lost his virginity to her and then he broke up with me im not used to being single im in 8th grade now and ever sience 4th grade ive never been single more than 3 days and now its been like 2 weeks and im really depressed and ive been doing stupid things like cutting myself and idk what to do anymore what should i do i need advice super bad and dont say shes over dramatising and shes lucky shes had a boyfriend for that long cause you reallydont no how it feels if you were to go threw it you would understand

his niece?


i am skinny from the side, but when I look at myself from the front, I am very wide.
Any way to fix this??
Thanks :)

Nope! It just means you have wide hips! You'll find that men are attracted to that (it's just natural for them).


so for the past few months ive been working out almost every day, burning about 700 calories
and for the past few weeks ive even been eating healthier/less

basically 24 hours ago, my friend threw a party, and we wound up eating a ton of cheesecake, along with other horrible foods, and a LOT of them

i get home to find myself 3-4 pounds heavier than before the party
my friends metabolism is incredible and will automatically burn it for her
mine...not so great

how do i go about losing this additional weight, along with losing the weight i already have?

p.s. i'm 14/f, 5'3 usually 115
now im about 118-119ish

i was considering not eating for the next few days or whatever
would that help?

Not eating will slow down your metabolism horribly and put your body into "starvation mode" which means once you eat again, whatever you eat, turns into fat.


ok so i'm 15 guy is 17
just started getting my period a year ago so its kind of irregular.
well i lost my virginity in the beginning of May
and the last time i had my period was in the middle of April.. could i be pregnant?
for the last 3 months my period came within 3 weeks and before that i missed my period for 2 months.
We did it with out a condom about two times

use a condom. they aren't expensive. and/or get on birth control.

but yes, it is VERY possible you are pregnant. go take a test.


theirs this party for our graduation from 8th grade and her brothers from senior in highschool, there will be drinking. im only staying at the party for like 2 hours then i have to go to my school carnival with my friends and cousins and if im drunk theyd kill me. but i wana go its one of my best friends, but if i drink more than just one thatd be bad, altho im not that light at it. if my parents or cousins do notice i drank at all and ask me, what should i say, bc if i say no and they can tell or smell it, what do i do? if i end up drunk what do i do, i have to go to the carnival after :/ what could i do to make the drunkness calm down however you say that lol eat or drink or do anything ill do it. i just need toknow before hand, its this weekend. any advice about going or what i can do if i get drunk.

how about just not drink? that would save you TONS of trouble if you really think about it.


Ok my friend said to me that my boyfriend wants to kiss me, i am 13 years old and havent had a first kiss yet. i talked to my boyfriend in private and said it wasent true i really love him and dont want to let him go but i dont know who to believe because my boyfriend has lied to me before about a really little thing but this is big I DESPERETLEY NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!!

boys like it when you make the first move. why don't you go for it?

oh and, kissing comes naturally, if that's what you're worried about.


Okayy Thenn,,
This Is weird but i just want to know what its like having sex for the first time,,and does it hurt..?

yes, it hurts.


anyone know any stores where i could buy dresses like these:




hot topic. and the person below mentioned the brand Tripp, hot topic sells that brand.


Ok, i know this is weird and probably i know the answer but i just wanna know...is there a chance you could get pregnant from having anal sex? Me and my bf kinda did it before. he wasn't in there that long and he kinda pre-d...im just really curious

(im a girl by the way xD)

You can't get pregnant from anal, but if semen ends up anywhere near the vagina, there is a chance, a VERY slim chance, but a chance.


Hey. So I have flat hair, like I can wake up in the morning and it's perfectly straight, which I love. But I want to do beachy waves sometime. Not scrunching it so it looks curly, but light waves. Kinda like these:
or even:

now I'm not obsessed with Disney Channel people at all, their just the only people I can think of that have beachy waves. I know that sunsilk has that one shampoo and conditioner called waves of envy, but don't you actualy have to do styling with it?? please help! thanks!!!

I've heard that mixing sea salt and water (and sometimes hairspray, but it leaves my hair stiff) works. My hair just doesn't get wavey at all, so I can't say from personal experience.


I know because Im Fourteen Im not saposed to have sex, and I dont Im still 100% virgin but everyone seems to be doing it, and its weird because I stayed back and there all younger then me and not virgins.. when is the average of losing it and Ive been offered.. a couple times with some VERY hot guys but I said no which Im very proud of but because i keep saying now am I not interested in guys?

it seems that most teenagers start exploring with it around 14. but if i remember correctly, the average age to lose your virginity is 16.

i've been with my boyfriend for 2 years, and i waited a long time to do it with him. but in all honestly, i wish i had waited until i was 18. that's my only regret, but it's not a huge one.
my advice, wait until you have found someone who treats you well and that you've been with for a while. don't worry about anyone else doing it.


is there a site anywhere that lists heros/icons and has a little bio/summary of each person? i want to do a report on someone but i need the overview first , before delving in on more details. thank you!



does anyone have any tips on how to get my hair to grow faster with out having to use..order online/expensive products.

i hear mane'n'tail works well. i haven't tried it myself.
you can get it at walmart


ok.. well.. this has 3 parts to it...
ok..part one:: i had sex with my boyfriend the day after my period, we did not use protection... now im not sure if it is possible to get pregnant the day after your period (i read you can not get pregnant one week after & one week before)... the second part:: he and i got into a fight one day, i got extremely drunk and had unsafe sex with another guy 1 week (5days) before my period.. again (i read you can not get pregnant one week after & one week before).. third part:: well i am currently late for my period.. not many days but a few... but i am never late... i have never been late.. ever...

do you think it is possible i am pregnant, or just stressing and so my peroid is late.. and if yes you think i am...who do you think is most likey to be the father????

there is always a chance of getting pregnant no matter when you have sex.

go take a pregnancy test.


um..my bf wants to try anal, but im afraid it will hurt. i dont even know why girls like this because, how exactly does it give us pleasure? i mean, i want to do it because i want to make him feel good, but i dont want to be in pain or be uncomfortable just to make him happy. how bad does it hurt if it hurts at all? help.

the sensitive area near/in the vagina is near the anus. that's why it's enjoyable at all.


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