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Well I'm Manda and I'm 18. I'm a freak who actully liked school. I play the flute and I have a dog a cat and I'm a sexy ferret and a physco cow. I'm good with questions about school, pets and stuff like that.
Gender: Female
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Occupation: cow
Age: 18
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I just bought a shirt from Urban Outfitters and I got the smallest size of the shirt but it was still really long! Like to the bottom of my lower back & butt! I dont know what to do because the rest of the shirt fits good all around. Will shrinking it make it shorter? If not, what else can I do? If I should shrink it can someone give me specific instructions how? Thanks!! Ill rate 5's and give feedback =) (link)
Dont shrink it, thats the style. Its kinda like the new short dress thing. Wear it over a pair of cute jeans

Ohk i have two questions. Thanks.

First the dance game, i think its called Dance Dance Remix, does anyone know the estimated price of that?

And second.. I want an Ipod and today I went to the mall and checked themn out and i do not want an ipod shuffel but the mini ipod which is i think it said 150 and i was wondering, what other things do i need? Like my mom would make me get a case to hold it in, but How do u get the music on to it do you need a cord for ur computer and how much money would that be?
Thanks so mucH! (link)
Its called Dance Dance Revolution, and If your getting it for PS2 mine is Called DDR Max 3, and its about $60 with the mat, but sometimes it doesnt come with the mat.
And the Ipod mini is 250, not 150, and i think the cord comes with it. The cases can be expensive, but not if you dont buy a brand name one. I think they sell them in the store for like $15. Or you could get a leather one from juicy couture or a Louis Vuitton one but thats stupid.

what are some really good stores to find name brand things that arent to expensive?? (link)
You could try Loehmans (I hate that store!!!) They have alot of juicy couture (My faverite brand)but its not much cheaper. Just buy it in saks 5th avenue. Or you could try the saks outlet. They have like ralph Lauren, SoLow, and Dkny

My dog is a sweet Fullblooded boxer. The problem is she wont stop bitting my feet and when I walk she pulls on my pants.She is about 7 mounths, WHAT SHOULD I DO (link)
My dog did that too. Get a spray bottle full of water and when she does it spray her in the face. It worked on my dog.

Does anybody out there know of any good food recipe sites? I love to cook, but I need a lil help. lol If u know of any, pleeez help me Thanx!!

-Janine-* (link) is a good place. I hope i spelled that right.

do pop tarts qualify more as a "breakfast" or "junk food"? i'm aiming for breakfast here, don't let me down. (link)
I didnt know you can buy un-frosted poptarts. I wouldnt have like the chocolate ones for breakfast. But strawberry or he fruit ones might be good. Nutra grain bars taste kinda like the straw berry and blueberry pop tarts except they are healthier.

I'm making "Day of the Dead Bread" for Spanish class, and it's due tomorrow. I was just wondering, is it ok to let the bread rise for more than the allotted time (it says about 1 -1/2 hours)? My mom and my aunt think it's ok if you go a little over, as long as you don't go under the rising time. Just wanting to know, as it's handy information. (link)
It honestly doesnt matter. Well it matters if its below the rising time cause then its all nasty. But my mother taught me its even better when it rises longer. My mom would make pizza dough and its suposed to rise for like 2 hours. She makes it in the morning and when she gets home from works she uses it (its like 6-7 hours).

I like to run around town in my favorite running shoes, not wearing socks. This is cool because it's relaxing, but not cool because my shoes smell like the living dead. I really, really don't want to wear socks, so besides that, what can I do to cure these things? (link)
Litter. The kind for a cat,you put it in a little cloth and roll it into a ball. Stick it in the shoe over night.I read it in a magazine.

I want to have a party and I want to serve cheese, but I don't think plain old cheddar is very classy or interesting. What are some other good cheeses I can serve just cut up as cubes, that people might not have tried before but will still like? (link)
Well brie is really good, but its soft. Its good on crackers though. Plenty of people like chedder! Get smoked mozzerela or just plain mozzerela. My freinds really like cave cheese (it sits in a cave). Or you can just get a can or two of easy cheese. Its actully really good!

I make one heck of a quiche. Except while living with my grandmother, I never made the crust (she would pre-make tons of dough for pie crust ahead of time, and I would just take some of that).

Now I want to make a quiche, but don't know how to make the crust. Yes, I asked Grandma, but she doesn't measure anything, and starting getting really confused when giving me specifics.

Does anyone have a good recipe for pie crust. You know, the nice, flaky, golden type? (link)
I dont know an but try

How do I get into the cow profession?

I've tried eating grass outside, but I guess my moo's just not good enough. I can't seem to get a job as a cow anywhere.

Help! It's always been my ambition to be hamburger at McDonald's! (link)
Well first you must mooo-start thinking like a cow. Then you must realize that I am your overlord. then turn white with spots (if you cant do this then paint will work too)now you must sleep out side (standing up). Get a barn! Oh and you have to be a vegetarian. If that doesnt work ask you local scientist to transfer some cow genes into you. Why do you want to be a hamburger? Dont try to be a hamburger. Its fairly gross, I've seen alot of cows killed for burgers. That is how I have turned people into cows. I hope it works for you. ~Moo

(Oh and keeep practicing your moos!)

I was asked to bring a "nice traditional pie" to a family dinner. A few months ago I brought key lime, and people didn't think it was "traditional" enough. What gives? I mean, seriously?

So what's a traditional pie? Should I even bother conforming, or just bring whatever I want? (link)
Bring what ever you feel like making and if they dot like it shove it in their faces!

What should i sell? (link)
Ferrets. Sexy ones.

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