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I'm a 16 yr old girl who has high standards in many aspects of her life. Enjoys helping to build sets with stage crew, read by candlelight, climb trees, and fiddle with html. I eat mints compulsively and make up my own vocabulary.
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Ok, I know my category says "Mental Illness" but I don't have psychological problems.
For the past 3 or so years I have really really been doubting any sort of religion at all - I was born Muslim, but I guess now I'm Secular Humanist.
My question is: How did you stay feminist and Libertarian w/o compromising your Christian beliefs? 'Cause some of the stuff in the Old Testament is disgusting. I mean, if it was anything else, I wouldn't mind if i disagreed with part of it...but since it's religion, how do ya deal with it? (link)
Because you don't have to believe every single word in the Old or New Testament to be a Christian. Many parts disgust me but I realize a human wrote this and it is fallible in categories other than those related to faith and morals and redemption. Its not the little messed up details that make the Bible what it is, but the greater morals and ideas sprung from it.

Why invisible why not visible I mean i can see you? (link)
Because its more of a psychological sense of being invisible mostly... I also wanted that as a superpower when growing up. Plus, slinking through the shadows unseen has got to be up there on everyone's list. And it beats being dotted-lined.

I know this may sound very stupid, and I knwo there's nothign us girls can do about it...but just let me vent...
Am I the only one who thinks it's irritationg that only girls go through periods, having the baby (even though its a blessing, but it hurts), and they are the one's who are mostly aboused by men adn get made fun of sometimes for doing certain things that men are usually known for doing most of the time, even thuogh women can too. It just makes me so mad, becasue the boys rub it in our faces and the only thing that hurts them is when they get hit in the wrong place. I'm sorry this is just stupid and I don't have anything against the males about this but I just wanted to get everything out and see if I'm the only one who feels this way.
I know exactly how you feel... whenever I start thinking about this topic too much I get depressed and pissed at whoever the creator of the universe is. I think its really unfair but try not to think about it. I just think of how stupid some of the guys I know are and relish in that sad comfort.

I want to dye my hair blue... no... I MUST dye my hair blue! bright blue! the problem is that I have dark hair and I've never dyed it before and I think I have to bleach it blonde first then dye it blue for the color to show up. Is that going to ruin my hair and make it all crackly and nasty? (link)
I've been in the same situation- I have dark brown hair but bleached it first and then dyed it blue...
The bleach didnt really hurt my hair, but like others said I'd use lots of gentle conditioner and moisturizer... And while its dyed go low on the blow drying.
I went to a professional salon but I dont reccomend it. I went twice and they really didnt know what they were doing either time. Yes that sounds arrogant but none of the several places I contacted had any experience with unnatural colors like blue. I'd say just do it yourself. And Special Effects blue comes out within two weeks :/ I do not recommend it.

ok i've been studing tons of stuff on phycis and all this other stuff and i think i'm an empath now but i'm not to sure how can i tell if i am? (link)
actually empaths can use psychic power to help them feel the emotions of other people. There are basically 3 kinds of empaths- normal people who are sensitive to the feelings of others and basically are compassionate, those who are not out of the ordinary or psychic.
True empaths of a psychic nature do not just sense the emotions of others but feel them as your own. For example, if someone was under great psychological pain from the actions of others, they would feel that pain as well when in a close proximity, connected, or the like. This is very different from recognizing someone elses pain and feeling anger towards the one who caused it, etc. Some empaths are stronger than others, but generally this is something that may have caused problems throughout childhood. Unless of course one was able to 'tune' the emotions out.
This is the part I'm not quite so sure on but I believe one can train their mind to become like the 'natural' empaths.
Anyway if you really have a strong empathy I'd say you would have known before, or you'd at least be able to look back and see other situations that would give evidence for this. I'm no expert in this area but I'd recommend for info.

I like to go jogging in the park a lot, but I've heard from some people that it's really tough on my joints, especially knees. My knees and ankles are sore after I run, but I can't think of a better activity to do for my heart, you know what I mean? Is running really so bad? Am I going to crumble into nothing someday, or can I just drink lots of milk and be fine? (link)
Unless you are really old and have a bad case of arthritis, I don't think running is bad for you. I've been running track since 4th grade and never have any knee or ankle problems. Overall its definitely good for you, and I wouldn't stop. Its normal to feel sore after running, so don't get too worried. And drink different kinds of juices too. They do wonders. (just not right before you run)

I've heard that some babysitters take classes at local hospitals or community centers. What do they teach you? Are they worth it? Does it matter where you go to take them? (link)
It would really depend what the course offers, and how much it costs. CPR and other medical procedures are important to know, whether you'd use them as a babysitter or lifeguard. If it's just a course that will tell you not to let babies play with scissors, then forget about it. Personally I don't babysit too often and I think the risk factor of such things happening is low, so I wouldn't take them. If you are looking to get people to hire you, that may be an option to help you gain their trust.

I have to drink coffee every day to survive. I don't drink a ton of it, probably two cups a day in the morning. My friends and I used to have a day we'd call "detox thursday" where we wouldn't drink coffee all day, but I was starting to hate detox thursdays because I felt tired and grumpy all day so I quit doing it with them. Does this mean I'm addicted? Is coffee really that bad for me? It's way better than soda, right? (link)
I think it is the beginning of a physical addiction, however you can get yourself out of it if you have the determination. Rather than going entitely 'detox' on thursday, try decreasing to the amount you have to 1 and 3/4 of a cup, or 1 1/2... Just gradually go down until you can go without when you need to. I'm not sure just how healthy tea is, but that could be an alternative boost in the morning.

ok i have a problem....there is this girl and she was one of my good friends untill one day her mom calls to complain all these mean thing that i did even though there not what do i do...i cant just not be friends with her! SHES MY NEITHERBOR!!! (link)
First of all I'd (peacefully) confront her mom and tell her that all these things aren't true. Unfortunately parents never seem to believe anyone but their children (from my experience), but if you tell her the truth in a mature way at least you can gain a bit of respect from her. If you and your friend can't work things out, and you can't get her to stop lying to her mom, don't worry about it too much. I hate my neighbors, grew up with them all throughout gradeschool. I ignore them now and it doesnt bother me at all. Hopefully it won't be too much different in your situation.

I own all this awesome modern purple furniture, but my realitor just showed me a house decorated in traditional hunter green. Think I'll be able to make it work, or should I not even think about it? I can't afford to have carpets and wallpaper replaced, but I really like this house. (link)
I think it could be worked out. A contrast of styles can seem refreshing, and personally I think the purple and green can go together. If you like the house and location, interior, etc, go for it. Don't base your opinion of the house only on the decor.

Why do women whine about equality but still expect guys to pay for stuff and open doors and all that crap? (link)
Feminists I know do not whine. Equality is something we shouldn't even have to ask for in the first place. I personally don't expect guys to pamper me or open doors for me. They can do it out of kindness, and usually, I'll go right ahead and open the next door for them. Its common courtesy.

My best friend Joleen has been dating this guy Tom for a month now. Tom and my friends Allison and Grace go to the same school, but Joleen and I go to a different one.

Well, Tom, Allison, and Grace's school had a homecoming festival. Allison, Grace, and this other girl Mary were hanging around a fire pit, when Tom comes up and sits on Mary's lap. Then, he says "Oh, no. I'll crush you, you can sit on my lap." and Mary did. Apparently, that wasn't all that happend, either. They were flirting a LOT.

Should I tell Joleen what Tom did? Or should I keep it to myself? (link)
If you've seen this first hand and know what was happening, I think Joleen has a right to know the truth. As long as the facts aren't distorted and this is whats happening, she should find out sooner rather than later. If this is how Tom is going to act, its easier coming one month down the line than 5.

my friends are telling me I shouldn't even try to be friends with my ex boyfriend because that never works, but I think it can sometimes. what do you think? (link)
I think you should give it some time before trying to patch things up. I believe it can work but you just have to be careful how you go about it. Just start chatting once in awhile, but don't go overboard.

my favorite question of all time:

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? (link)
3 furlongs. Its that simple.

Is it better to dance and look really stupid or not dance at all? Should I try taking danceing lessons? (link)
Just dance and try to have fun. I think its better to enjoy yourself and maybe look a bit silly than to miss out. I can't tell when other people don't know what they're doing, because I can't really dance myself. But I still do and its worth it.

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