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ok when ppl say i got my cherry popped .. does that mean they just had sex or ?? (link)
yes it means that they jsut had sex for the first time

im fourteen and going into the 9th grade. i dont think im ugly, not georgeous or anything, but not ugly. im not fat, but i could tone up a little. for some reason im always feeling insecure though. in school, i dont talk much in class && everyone says im really shy. now once i get to know people they'll tell you im the loudest person they know. i love to talk && gossip. but it takes me awhile to get to know people, i want to know how people act and what they like before i start talking about random things to avoid making them mad if they dont agree with me on something. well anyway, i just moved almost two years ago and i havent quite adjusted yet. ive made new friends but it seems people still see me as the new girl, and me being shy doesnt help at all. once in our developemental guidance class they asked my friend amy who she usually hangs out with, and she said me. than this kid matt says something about how we both never talk, than our friend kristen starts laughing and says we never shut up. i wish i could be more social with people i dont normally hang out with, and that way i could also make more friends. also, everyone thinks im a goody-good. which theres not anything wrong with, but im far from it and i dont want people to look at me like that. how can i learn to be comfortable around everyone? (link)
Omg, you sound extactly like they way i used to be. This just wont happen in one day. It just takes time to come out of your shell, i am 20 and i am still kind of shy but i have grown alot less shy since i was younger, once i got a job i found it a lot easier to talk to people i dont know and stuff. Beacuse being around alot of people like in a work place really does help. Now if you dont have a job maybe you should just start going places, being more social, you know, i know its not easy, it was hard for me, but it will get better i promise you.

It has been 2 weeks and 2 days and I still have my period. Is there something wrong with me? Do I need to go to a doctor? I am kinda sexually active, I have done it with my boyfriend only 3 times, only him, did he give me something, but we use protection can you please help me? Rate 5 for all good useful answers. (link)
I really think that you should go see a doctor. If you are having sex you should see a doctor yearly anyway. But sometimes when you have sex or just start puberty, your periods get eregular. I dont know how old you are so i dont know, but you should go to a doctor.

anyone have any quotes about love and friendship they can give me? thx


all of those are awsome and i stay looking at them for hours, i hope you like and i hope i helped

Does anyone knoe a site that has song lyrics for free?

is ther a website where u can listen to a whole song for free? i dont need to download anything, i just need to hear it!..thx (link)
here is a site i go to for my webpages for music but you dont have download or anything you can just listen and if you want any video sites i have that too

Just as a poll what do you guys think about a 7th grader waering thongs, not me just thta my bff just starting wearing thme nad ithink there disgusting, so a qucik answer is all i ask of yes i think ther gross or no i love em and there approprate 4 13 year olds

Thnaks (link)
I been wearing thongs since iv been 13, not because because they were sexy or guys may like them, just because i like to not have a panty line. Nothing is wrong with wearing them.I love thongs, and im 20.

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