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my name is Kaitlyn my spanish name is Margarita
i'm not like a drunk or anything

most people think that i am a goodie-goodie, but they got me all wrong.

i have great friends
-nikki- veronica- jo- alex- lacie- lindsay- gianna- kimmie- kitty- whitney- sammie- taylor- katie- clare- emilyand many more...

alex colling was here to tinkle.
shawn was here to have chocolate on his face
ronnie was here to lick it off!
Website: Senorita_Margarita
Gender: Female
Location: Ugly Birdie
Occupation: loving life
Age: 13
AIM: SkiclubQT12
Member Since: October 18, 2006
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Last Update: October 31, 2006
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my brest are" saggy" if I sleep with a certain bra would it help me any? (link)
you can't just wear a bra overnight and expect them to be less saggy. you should just wear a push-up bra or a bra that is a size to small. if this does not work my doctor has told me abou wrapping your breasts in saran wrap and see if that works. i hope things work out for you.

ok so i know this girl.and i used to act like her best friend but deep down i really hated her and just needed a friend because i wasnt friends with my old clique anymore.she was being a total bitch and always tries to act emo and punk and sick of it.shes leaves mean comments on myspace.i want to just come out and tell her shes an annoying poser.what should i do? really not a mean person but if you knew this girl you would prolly kick her ass.
ok well i think i know this person. and i think you should just talk to her and say like that you think she shouldn't leave mean comments on your myspace. if that doesn't work just ignore her and if she asks you why you aren't talking to her just say that it's her fault or something like that and don't give in if she apologizes because tthe longer you wait the more you know that the more sincere the apology will be.

How do I get pictures that move for like 3 seconds (look like videos)?

And how do I get pictures that flash like 3 pictures in one, like a really fast slideshow?

Thanks (link)
i don't know that much about pic.'s and everything but there is this website that can tell u about it it's called it will tell u everything

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