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well i kinda want to do somting with my boyfirend and i want to shave down there how can i do that with out getting ingrown hairs, rashes and etc. and i dont want to wax just somthing fast at home!!
pls help
aLLtHatJaZZ! (link)
use veet mousse~ hair removing mousse if u have sensitive skin i dont know what to tell ya

okay big health project and the question is what turns a girl on about a guy? (link) my opinion i like a guy with a...:
~ a NICE body (6'ers)
~nice ass & of course how much affection they show towards you

Ok so me and my freinds go too the mall like almost every friday and we go too look for guys same old shuff, , well like 3 weeks ago we met these guys and i talk to them alot and we hang out and they all think im hott and everything and like any grl they like to drink well i like too drink=( but one of the guys (his mom is one of my teachers in school) asked me to sleep over his house after easter? and he said no one well be there cause his parents got a divors and his dad wont be home and i dont no what to do?? HELP?? (link)
:0 haha! i think you should just tell him the truth about his mom being your teacher. He probably will understand were your coming from tell him you want to make sure his parents wont be home or else ill be in s****!!

see i have this friend that is like bulimic & i tell her to stop but she never listens to me. i tell her that she is skinney but she doesn`t believe me. we have known eachother since we were small. she also talks painkillers & i kno its dangerous but she told me not to tell anyone...but i think she might die..she is already in rehab & is very sneaky.. (link)
i also have a friend that is bulimic she wont listen to me either. i try to help her but shes really private and acts like she doesnt do it anymore but i know she does. i would sit down with her and have a serious talk about her situation tell her your genuinley worried about her and want her to stop doing this to herself she cant get mad at you then

i want grow little more, i know its naturel but i feel like there is something help u grown little.. there is i know anybody knows (link)
were you wasted when you wrote this?? haha

my friends always make fun of me and call me a ditz i dont like it but i kinda have to deal. One of my best friends said she thinks shes only friends with me because it makes her feel smart. Should i take that personaly? How can i change i dont liek to be ditsy. (link)
ugh!! thats mean you should talk to your friends about your feelings and see how they react if they blow you off and keep insulting you id go find somenew friendsthat wont diss you! But if your friends always act like that not only with you then i wouldnt take it too personal...

there are 2 guys that like me and one is very outgoing but he can be rude sometimes but he loves me and then the other guy is very sweet but he is quiet. which one should i go for??? (link)
it depends on your personality in a way. can you be entertained for a period of time with the shy one? or will you be able to stand the outgoing ones rudeness? However opposites attract


I dont know if i like a person or if i dont what should i do? (link)
ask yourself all the questions in the book. can u imagine kissing him or doing stuff with him? Does your heart skip beats when you see him walk by in the hall? ...

this guy i like alot is giving me really mixed signals! somedays he flirts w/ me alot. then, the next day he wont even look at me! and i really like him! And, he might like me! but this guy is really confusing!!! What do i do? (link)
OMG!!! i hate that too! dont be shy! if he doesnt talk to you somedays talk to him so he knows u are interested in him!! guys love it you've just gotta have some confidence

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