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My name is Samantha and I'm 18. My friends usually come to me with their problems and I help them sort their problems out. I've been dating my boyfriend for three years, so I know a little something about relationships.
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o.k. so i sometimes get razor burn a lot and a few weeks ago i got razor burn kind of on the outside of my vagina lips kind of in the crease of my leg. it started bothering me, as any razor burn does, and i scratched it so bad that it kind of scabbed up and turned into a sore. do you think it'll go away or should i go get tested or something cause its' really irritating me. i wouldn't think an std would be in the crease of my leg/vagina but who knows, right!

also..any ways to prevent razor burn or help it in my shaving technique..thank you so much. (link)
I would say it's from shaving, but it can't hurt to get it checked out.
For future reference, look into getting the Venus Bikini Razor Kit...specifically the Olay bikini lotion. I used to get razor burn all the time, even in my arm pits. But since I started using this lotion right after shaving, my razor burn/ingrown hairs have pretty much stopped.

Hi. I have an enV Touch and I'm due for an upgrade. I'd like to buy the Samsung Reality™ in City Red but the Verizon website doesn't say it has removeable memory. When I googled, a website said it does.

So anyone who has this phone or has a friend with it, does it have removeable memmory? (link)
I don't know anyone that has it, but I would advise you call your local verizon store and talk to someone there who can look at the phone and tell you for sure.

how do i shave my pubes? (link)
Invest in a Venus and Olay Bikini kit. It has a trimmer, razor and olay lotion that soothes the skin. It's pretty amazing, and relatively cheap.

Hello im 19/f and i'm 5'6 and weigh about 145 pounds. I'm not fat but not really skinny. I hate a little bit of extra weight on my thighs and a little on my tummy. I want to start exercising but i find it hard to find motivation to do so. I also want to start eating healthier. What foods besides junk should i stay away from? Is there any motivational tips you could give me? I feel like i never have time and i'm always tired when i come home from work. Any help is greatly appreciated! (link)
You should look into classes at your local gym. Being in the class makes you push yourself harder than you would on your own. You should definitely see if there is a Zumba class around you. It is a great, fun way to exercise.
As for foods, cut down on sugar and lay off the processed stuff. Eat more whole grains and balanced meals. Also, you should probably be eating around 1200-1500 calories a day, possibly more if you're more active. Good luck!

what is the nicest way to breakup with someone?
he lives nearly an hour away and he cant drive so his house or my house or go somewhere or over the phone orr? and what all could i say?
i still care about him i dont want to hurt him but i cant stay with him its horrible (link)
I think with your circumstances, you should call him and simply tell him what you're feeling. If it's the distance, just tell him that. If he truly cares for you, then he'll understand that you just don't feel the way he does and it'd be wrong to keep you in the relationship. If you feel the need to talk with him in person as well, ask if he could somehow meet you halfway.
Good luck dear.

well i really like this boy and i dont know how to show it he means the world to me and we broke up yesturday and i really love him. i never felt like this.he tells me time but i want him so badly. he says he loves me and i dont know what to do to get his attention to get him back? we been together for four months and i dont want that down the drain. he met my family and everything and i dont want to lose him i cry alot now. (link)
You should have a heart-to-heart conversation with him. You don't want to be with him if he doesn't want to be with you (meaning: don't try to force him to have a relationship with you). If you did something to make him break up with you, show him you are truly sorry and can make it up to him. It's not worth trying to buy things to make it up. You gotta talk it out.

Okay is the 2468 diet bad? I was thinkin about doing it.


Cody (link)
It's pretty useless. You may feel better about what you're doing, and you may lose a pound or two, but as soon as you start eating normally again, you'll gain the weight back, and maybe more.
Just eat in smaller portions and watch what you eat.

Whats the name of the song that goes "cause when she dances, she goes & goes..."? (link)
White Houses - Vanessa Carlton

boyfriend & i are making a year
& we've yet to have " a song "
we both want one !
but cant seem to find anything
we both like country & rockish/indie

any help? :] (link)
"only one" by yellowcard
"chasing cars" by snow patrol

i straighten my hair, so it tends to be kind of flat a lot. how can i add volume to my hair without using hair products? and if theres no way without hair products, what are some inexpensive products that really work?

thanks! (link)
Instead of using a straightener to straighten your hair, use a blowdryer and a round hair brush.

I'm 15/m
I'm going to grade 10 and I want a new style for highschool.
I used to wear hoodies and recently began weraing long sleeved shirts a lot.
Neither of which I want to wear to much of cause I'm not like a stupid prep/poser.
I am fat and tallish.
P.s I dont want really bright colors, and preppy cloths either
Gadzooks or Forever 21 is a really good store for you. They make more ecclectic clothing. And they fit bigger girls. Also, they aren't very expensive.

i burn my face realy bad like i cooked off 4 layers of skin out of 7 it kills and i put stuff on it to make it better but it makes it hurt worce my skin is realy gross so i was wondering will it get back to normal befor school and thats in a little over a month. is there anyway to make it heal faster because im always crying because it hurts soOOooOOO bad (link)
You might want to go the doctor to figure out what he recommends for you whether it being a medication or lotion or w/e.
Good luck hun!

OK first off i've never been on a date before. Tomarrow, I will be going on my first date and I'm extreamly nervous. I have no idea what to do. We're going to a movie and than out to eat. I hate eating in front of people, so I'm horrified. Please tell me what you do on these types of dates. For example, during the movie do you just sit there and watch it? Or what? I'm so confused, and nervous it's crazy. So please help! Also, what are some things I can do to be less nervous? I need to know before later Sunday night! PLEASE HELP!

♥ Lisa (link)
Aw, well I can understand your nervousness but you have to remember, he's just a guy. He's probably just as nervous as you, or once was. So just try to be yourself and if you feel confident enough, just tell him this is your first date and you are nervous and hopefully he'll try to calm you and tell you not to worry. And during the movie, if it's a scary movie, you can act scared and grabbed his hand or you can wait for him to make a move.
Good luck hun!

this is a serious question. it may be sort of sick, so don't read on if you don't like things related to.. vomit, sort of.

so sometimes i wake up or whatever and feel like there is this thing stuck in my throat. i put my finger down it to see what might be there. sometimes i can take these little cube thingies out. i can sometimes just cough it out too. the cubes are usually umm pinkish, maybe flesh or yellow colored. what are they and why are they there? they are smelly, of course. and my breath is a lot better when they get taken out, i think. thanks people. (link)
You should go see a doctor.

One of my classes is really hard. I see a councelor about it outside of school because I cry all the time and stuff. I asked the SCHOOL councelor today if I could get out of the class because it is just to stressful for me (I'm in high school) and she said this: "Well it's too late. You've been in school for 6 weeks already. However, you can drop the class and receive a grade of a 10%, or if you see a therapist/psycologist outside of school and they say that you can't handle it mentally, then we take that into consideration." Should I ask the outside-of-school councelor to do that?

*I won't be behind in the other class. My teacher said that they're just starting what we just finished. (link)
I think you should ask the outside of school counselor to do that for you. If it's that much stress I'm sure they'll understand.

I'm 13 and in seventh grade. one of my best friend has a boyfriend. her boyfriend told me that his friend liked me. i didnt even no who he was but then i got to no him and he is so cute and nice and always is making me laugh. i really like him a lot. just last friday we had a dance. and before i got there 2 of my friends went up to him and was like "do you like lor?"(me) And hes said "yeah but.." and then just walked away. when i got there they go up to him again (when im not with them) and was like "are you going to ask her to slow dance or something?" and he goes "i can't i have a girlfriend.." there just like "what? i thought you liked her" and hes like "i do i just have a girlfriend" so my friends tell me what happened and i got pretty upset but of course i didn't show it. i am so confused. but instead of dancing i was just with him the whole night. i like him so much and one of my friends was with me and there like "omg he is so going to brake up with his girlfriend for you he keeps flirting with you" and i wanted it to be true but i dont no what to believe. i saw his girlfriend.. but the only commmunacation they did all night was say hi.. they didnt even slow dance together. im so confused and i dont no what to do =[ please help. (link)
It sounds like he just needs to know you like him. He obviously likes you, and maybe he just needs confirmation from you to know that you like him. SO TELL HIM! =] Good luck.

i live in tampa florida and i am getting a limo for my birthday which is this coming weekend. my question is what are some fun places it could take us or some fun things to do? thanks! (link)
Hm, maybe head to the mall to walk around and do a little shopping...Go see a movie...Go to an amusement park or like a golfing/putt-putt/laser tag/go-cart/arcade place...Go out to a club **if you're legal ;)**...Go out to eat...That's all i got right now!

hello everyone! what is requiem for a dream? is that a song? or movie? i dont know (link)
It's a movie you can look it up on google or check the cast and crew out on

oh i just got a new top that is white and i have baby black jeans. will it look nice together? (link)
IT should. Black and white usually always look good together. Try it on and see!!

omg dare is this nice song and i dont know what its called but it goes i gotta shake it off or something? help who sings it and where can i get it? (link)
Shake it off by mariah carey
Hope I helped!

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