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well thanks for your um concern i guess.. but tell me something what would a federal officer be doing on a website for advice? i did this on day when my father decided not to behind my back while i was doing research and i already checked what i needed to check on my myspace ...what? did you think i was looking up nude people? " fairly innocent" ... jeeeeezzzzz man

I'm the only girl and the middle child of 3. Your advice is good and rational, but it is hard to imagine actually following through on it. But I will keep the things you said in mind; see if i can manage to take your advice. And I know they want me to go to school, and I know why it is important; but my anxiety problems have made it difficult to succeed in school or even attend classes. I have done not-so-well 3 semesters in a row, and I am dissappointed in myself. But going to college is not for me. It causes me too much stress and axiety that i cannot deal with, and it in my particular case, is in effect bad for me. I cant even get a job; because of the way anxiety controls me. I feel that if i move in with this special guy who will take care of me, I will be happy, and i wont have to go to school.... I can get away from my annoying parents... I see this road as my best choice. I simply cannot stay at home and be forced by my parents to attend school which is emotionally destroying my, which is something that I, a Dr., a counselor, and a therapist has explained to them; but they seem to lack the capacity to understand this. In those ways, i am nnot an adult. I cant get a job and make my own money, I feel uncomfortable and apprehensive doing certain things on my own, I cant even deal with going to college. None-the-less, I am still not a child and I need to be able to do my own thing sometimes. Oh my god,... i just want to get away from them. They will never let me move out. Im afraid to even present such an idea to them

It very much does. Thankyou. :)

hahah thanks. i never want to. don't worry :]

thanks for the website :]

thanks. although since i come from a strict south asian family, pregnancy will be the end of the world for me.

I loved your advice! It's pretty great that I got advice from someone who goes through the similiar stuff. I was thinking about asking him to go to counseling, right now we're not talking (as of Wednesday) and it will probably take a couple of weeks for us to start talking again. I think that by my birthday, though, which is only 13 days from now things will be going alot better. He has a problem with counseling, so I'm just going to give him that kind of ultimatum when he feels like he wants to come back into my life.

Thank you. But the problem is that he is also my best friend and honestly a very very kind person. He cares about me so much, but he doesn't really care about himself. But anyways I don't know what to do with myself. Whenever I see him, I just wish it could work but I know deep down that it won't ever work. :/

This little girl is me. I am 16 years old now and I find myself running away from romantic relationships. I have all these ideals about how things should be, and I had a really sweet boyfriend who I broke up with because I kept running away from him. I have never had sex with anyone and I am deathly afraid of it. I want someone to love me but I can't let them because I think that deep down I don't even love myself. And it's all my fault for watching the stupid video.

Thank you so much! It is really a relief to hear this.

its a good suggestion so ill give you a five, but the issue is that i dont havee the painting i just saw it once when we were discussing art in class a few months ago and didnt getthe name and no one rememebers thanks though

Thank You.

Yeah, the weight gain was due to me not being as active as I generally am and snacking on things constantly. Thanks a lot though, much appreciated :)

thanks even though it didnt answer my question. i dont do anything bad on there so i dont need any lectures.

thank you so much! your advice is the only solid clear one I've had, considering all the crap that my friends are throwing left and right!

ah hope! I am not alone! Honestly I was just making my way through a downward spiral.... it sucks!!

That cleared up a lot :) Thank you very much!

Thank you so much!!! =]


Thanks! Although I certainly won't be waiting until marriage...

omg such good advice!!!!

thank you thats a good idea . the whole printing it ouuut thing I never thought of that =]


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