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I have a wealth of life experience, some because I've paid attention to other people's mistakes, and some because I've made the dumb mistakes myself. My dad use to say that experience was not the best teacher but the hardest teacher. Many, many times, I wish someone could have given me the heads up, but it did not happen that way. So without choice, I had to learn the hard way. I am willing to share my wisdom with you.
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wow, you give great advice! I will check this out right away and begin doing what you said. Thank you!

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Thanks, but if anyone should be hurt it should be me! I took her back as a friend when she hurt me the most because i'm just a forgiving person. it's one thing to be teasing somebody and another to be joking which I was doing and she knew it! she took it way to far, it's been 7 months and she's still talking crap about me! I haven't said one word about her, which shows i'm more mature. She makes fun of me and messages me and tells me how i'm way to skinny and how nobody likes me and then she posts a bulliten about it, AFTER I apologized for JOKING with her. so I think if anybody should be hurt it should be me.

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Thanks :) and I do eat ALOOOT. infact i'm suprized i'm not 500 pounds! I guess I just have a fast metabilism when it comes to my weight which runs in my family! but anyways, you give great advice and I will definatly listen and try the things you suggested. Thanks!

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Thanks a lot! (:

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Thank you, that makes sense (:

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That made me sad ): but thanks

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