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me and my ex had a ruff ending the last time we dated but since then i forgave him and we are quite good friends... My feelings for him never left and recently hes been flirting with me and dropping hints that he wants somthing more than a friendship.
At the same time i have a slight crush on this boy in my grade hes never dated b4 and this worries me.
Whilst i like both these guys i talk to a mate of mine on fb. He goes to my school although we never talk there... we talk on fb for hours on end i im developing a slight crush on him also.... im not sure what to do i cannot have them all. (link)
i say go with what you feel. if your ex has dumped you once, he's most likely gonna do it again. try new things, go out with the crush. if it doesnt turn out well, then u learned something...i would say forget the facebook crush because if he doesnt talk to you at skool then what is the point of going out with him? Hope i helpd? ;)
p.s. my sis has hands on experience...i wuld kno:)

I've had my hamster for three days. The first two days she was really active and then today she buried herself in her little house and didn't come out until I tapped on the cage. Then when she came out, she ate a little bit then fell asleep in a ball in the middle of the cage. And she's choosing to chew the glass rather than her chew sticks.

Am I just over thinking things?
I had a hamster a few years ago that lived a healthy three years and I haven't had this happen. (link)
this is normal. your hamster is always trying to accomplish one thing. to escape. to let you know, hamsters are nocturnal. try letting it roam around on your floor. let it think it has escaped. my hamster will always sleep if she has nothing better to do.

so i had a dream that i was running from a white dog down the block that i live on and i finally got in my gate but half of it was taken off so i kicked the dog in the head and soon blood and mucis and pusss casme out of his head. the he says (in english) "stop there's mucis coming out of my head". but i kept kicking him until he died then i went in my house like nothing happened. then i started donig voodoo with some people...

whats this mean??? (link)
do you hate dogs? i know its hard to control dreams, but did you try any different approach to him? if it was trying to kill you then you shouil dof not kicked him. why didnt you stop. your dream might have been different if you didnt kill him. and idk with the

Can anyone tell me the price range of a hamster?

Hehe, thanks. =] (link)
some hamsters, like regular small sized ones can range about 19.00 to 20.00 dollars. if they are expencive they can be around 30. *wow. i know* go to super pet!

17/f my best friend is anorexic, she has been since last summer it's really bad. She looks like a Skelton and it's really gross. She probably weighs 80 pounds. She is lifeless and boring and always in bad moods. Before this crazy diet she did she was the funnest craziest girl I ever met. I'm considering telling my guidance counselor because I'm really afraid she is going to die. What do you think I should do? I know I can't control her, but I'm not going to watch her die either. People have given me multiple anorexic warning sheets to give her. It's just really bad and I don't know what to do (link)
Stick with her. If you really are saying you think she's going to die, the best thing to do right now is stick with her. The thing she will want most is to have her best friend by her through all of it. No matter what happens, give her confidence. If she isn't this bad, then hang out with her alot. Don't even treat her like she's different.

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