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Get tips on raising the little ones. Ask your question here.

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I do not want to live

Posted Sunday June 7 2015, 7:56 pm

How do i do it. I cannot live on this earth anymore. My family hates me and I only have my friends and coaches to love. I got home today and I came home to drying my lacrosse gear and my dad told me I was a mistake. My mom is in drugs and I can't do this anymore. What is a less painful way to end this. I'm sorry

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I'd like to buy some toys for my two little kids

Posted Thursday May 21 2015, 2:39 pm

I'd like to buy online some toys for my two little kids on using because their conditions are good for me since I live in Germany.
But I dunno if this company isn't a scam.
Has anybody tried this one?

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My father's a psychopath

Posted Saturday May 2 2015, 12:16 pm

My sister and I, as siblings, we normally fight, then earlier I joked around with my sis by squeezing her cheeks then running away, then she chased after me and she hit me with her book. My mom caught us and she scolded us, telling us not to fight. Then my dad came in and suddenly shouted at us. It was a series of insults from bad to horrible. He called us stupid and shouted at us. He asked me if what i did was on purpose and I nervously replied yes, then he hit me with a wooden plank over and over again, and my sister. It's not the physical pain that really laid an impact, it was the fact that he was capable of doing such things caused by such a small reason. Im only 14, my sis is 10.

The statement that most struck me was t...

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My parents are overacting (hear me out)

Posted Saturday April 25 2015, 1:45 pm

I'm beggining to hate them...
Here's the story

My bestfriend and I had this project in electronics, we spent four whole weeks graphing it, and buying all the parts needed in order to make it, and another 5 weeks assembling it. I promise, we did our best, but by the time we were going to pass it, one of the circuits broke down and the transformer burned down. So he bought a new one and he said he'll try to do it at his house. In the afternoon, he had this huge problem, the circuits of the new transformer was different from the one on our design, so there was no choice but to spend the night with him, and so it all began.

I asked my parents if I could spend the night at his house. They said no. So I cant d...

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Am I a Terrible Mother

Posted Saturday April 4 2015, 2:36 am

Try to imagine a woman like this and tell me if you think she's an absolutely abysmal mother. She has a whole mess of children including eight sons and a daughter. She was prone to multiple births and was going to quit after she finally had a girl, but was surprised with triplet sons.

She loves all of her so, so very much that she can hardly stand it. She loves EACH of them so much that she would die for any one of them without thinking about it. She loves them equally, but she's having trouble understanding a particular emotion she's having.

Not all of the kids have the same father. Her third son, Luke had a father who was murdered 17 years ago. Because of this, Luke's mother has always been terribly protectiv...

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Just wondering what most people have to say about this

Posted Friday January 23 2015, 11:06 pm

I'm not here to judge anyone by their response but how many parents believe in smacking their children on the butt with a belt or paddle when they're bad? Growing up I had this done to me and always wondered if it's right or not and where other people stand on this issue.

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I am not sure who is the baby's father... I need advice!

Posted Friday January 16 2015, 11:35 pm

I'm pregnant and not sure who is the baby's father?
My last period was on 28th November 2014. I had anal sex with my fiance on 2nd December 2014, and he left his cum inside my ass. I had a big fight with my fiance on 3rd December 2014. I let out the stressed when clubbing end up slept with my best friend on 5th December 2014. My best friend using condom. On the 7th December I had another sex with my best friend. And our sex become regularly till end of December. All the time he is using condom. But twice his condom broke but he let his cum outside. I make up with my fiance and had sex with him on 5th January as usual he always left his cum inside my ass. I'm confused who is the baby's father? :'(

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Can I feed this to my baby?

Posted Friday January 9 2015, 7:35 am

Can I give almond and dates paste to my 2 month old baby?

I am from India but I live in London

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living with your adult kids.. how to make it work

Posted Saturday December 27 2014, 7:11 pm

Im a single mom raising 2 grown kids.. my 22 yr old son is very difficult to live with..i feel you live under my roof you need to follow a few simple house rules, my house rules are very few and basic... at his age how do you "punish" he does work full time.. but we clash often because he seems to always want to do what he wants.. house rules or at my wits end .. how do we make living under one roof work? i hate to give an ultimatum (to move out) because i dont want my child to feel he is not wanted.. his dad is not in the picture...any suggestions??

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What should I do about potty training a girl who pees on the floor?

Posted Monday October 13 2014, 12:27 am

My older sister and her boyfriend have moved into my house so they can save move and get their own place. They have a little girl. She's 2 yr. and very troublesome. Lately, my bedroom started smelling like pee. I thought it was my 6 month dog who I have been trying to potty train with pee pads. I tied him outside in the mornings so he could use the bathroom but it still smells. I kept wondering when he's peeing since I have tied him all the time now. One morning I woke up to a watering sound. I look to find that it was my niece. She has been coming into my bedroom without a diaper and peeing on my carpet. I screamed for my sister. She yelled at me for overreacting while cleaning up the mess. It makes me think she knew about it the whole tim...

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Shaving my legs

Posted Monday September 22 2014, 9:39 pm

Last year I asked my mom if I could shave my legs, but she said no because it "blends in with my skin". But now I'm in 8th grade, where I do gym and a sport which I wear shorts 24/7. I'm really insecure about it sometimes because they are so hairy. I don't understand why, expecially when I'm allowed to shave my arms( what's the big difference?). What should I do? Thanks!

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We cant agree on a name!!

Posted Saturday September 20 2014, 4:54 pm

So I'm in a lesbian relationship. Me and my girlfriend have been talking about having children. She wants me to carry the child but wants it to be her egg which is totally acceptable. However, I really really hate the name she wants if its a boy. The name is Ta'Ziyah and I HATE it! But she said she had that name picked out since she was a teen. And she won't give it up. I've had the name Christopher picked out since I was 8 but she doesn't like that. So now I feel like I don't want to have a child with her and I have no say in the name because it won't be my egg. What can I do to make her change her mind and change that hideous name?

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child support and custody

Posted Monday July 14 2014, 5:37 pm

My husband and i have been married 2 1/2 years now and he has a daughter from a previous relationship. Love her to death. Her mother has never been reasonable and lately has made things difficult. Well, firstly she decided to quit her job and live off just her child support and wants to get it increased. Can she legally do this since she willingly quit her job? My husband just got promoted to a manager and got a 10,000$ pay increase I am worried she will try and take all she can so she can remain unemployed. We only have his daughter 8 days a month. It is hard to keep her more since we both work 2-11 jobs. I did work a job that allowed me to have 3 days off and watch her for part of the day by myself while my husband worked and her mother s...

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Intervening in childs relationships

Posted Tuesday May 20 2014, 5:30 pm

Hello, I'm hoping you can give me some advice in regard to my almost 9 year old daughter and her "best friends" tumultuous relationship that has me concerned. . Just recently my daughter came to me crying and very upset because her best friend was mean to her via instant messaging (I went and read the messages to make sure my daughter wasn't lying about what happened and verified that what she said was the truth). The best friend was absent from school so my daughter messaged and her said "Hi, why weren't you in school today" and her best friend replied with "none of your business". My daughter quickly left a reply saying "I hope you aren't mad at me. I'm sorry and please don't be mad at me". I asked ...

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What Age Should I Be Allowed To Do These Things?

Posted Sunday May 11 2014, 8:31 pm

I am 12 yr old girl and want to no wen I should be allowed to do things. First I'm responsible , get good grades, and reasonable. I
Makeup: I have acne so I want to conceal and start putting some on in a yr or two. My mom thinks 15/16
Babysitting / tutu ring: I wanna do it now to prove I'm responsible but my mom thinks 13
Dating: I think dances should be ok in high school and to start real dates jr yr with approval of the boy . Mom thinks 17.
Alone: I want to go shopping and movies with a friend or by myself. With friends I think now and I'll call my mom every hour. Alone I think high school. Mom thinks 15
Shaving legs : I think now . Don't wanna ask mim.
Am I being unreasonable? Is she? What is a...

[ Answer Question | View Answers (10) ]

Monster Truck Birthday Party

Posted Monday May 5 2014, 11:28 am

Hi there!

I need some monster truck themed ideas for my child's birthday party. This kinda got sprung on me at the last minute and I am in a tizzy trying to think of things to go with the theme! Can you help me? Please?

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Affordable Maternity Dresses

Posted Tuesday April 22 2014, 8:50 pm

Where can I find maternity clothing that doesn't cost a fortune? Has anyone else noticed that the same shirt plus just a touch of extra fabric is about double the price when you are pregnant?

My husband says we should just body paint my pregnant belly when I get big enough. ;)

[ Answer Question | View Answers (2) ]

ivf process

Posted Tuesday April 8 2014, 10:35 am

i have been told that i won't be able to get pregnant by the usual way because of PCOS and that i would have to do ivf if i wanted a child. i guess i reacted badly and stormed out of the doctor's office. :( since i am too embarrassed to go back to the doctor could you please help me understand the way ivf works and the whole process of getting pregnant that way? thank you!

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Toddler growth chart

Posted Saturday March 15 2014, 4:54 pm

Hi! I am worried about my toddler seeming to be small for her age. Is there like, an average or something? Any way to compare my baby to other childrens growth? You know, like they have BMI for grownups is there something like that for little ones?

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Advantages & disadvantages of taking trigestrel

Posted Thursday March 13 2014, 7:02 am

I have been using the trigestrel for two months but when im using the red 1s im not mensturating is that possible?

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