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My Boyfriend Is Addicted To Porn?

Question Posted Thursday June 20 2013, 12:55 pm

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years he has cheated on me last year, since then our affection has went out the door only time we are closed is when we have sex or if we are in bed sleeping other then that no hugs kisses or anything.... my niece recently started staying with us getting on my computer alot while we are at work so my put a parental software on it make sure she is nothing doing anything wrong but turns out that my boyfriend watches porn from the second I walk out the door even if I have sex or get him off before I leave for work and not only that the time stamps say he watches it at his lunch break and when he gets off 30mins before I get home? To top things off my niece has told me that he makes sounds during this time and she said she hears the water running right after it as he cleans up his mess... I knew he looked at it but when I seen just how much and to know he pleasure's himself three times a day and still ask for me just to pleasure him most the time is a little much since I found out about a week ago I have been disgusted because I feel either I am not doing something to keep him happy or he is not interested in me... I am not a big girl I am tall skinny long blk hair but he looks at girls with big Burt's or thick girls... or mostly blk girls (I'm white he's a light skinned blk man) idk what to do I love him so much but this is bothering me alot

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Dragonflymagic answered Thursday June 20 2013, 11:55 pm:
He may be addicted to sex. Aside from that, even if he wasn't he still doesnt sound like a choice guy for a relationship. I'd be concerned about him going after your niece too.

You mention how he is the one seeking pleasure...and it sounds like you pleasuring him all the time, where is the balance? Do you get pleasure from him? Does he make love to you or just have sex for his self gratification.
For a relationship to be successful, both parties need to put in maximum effort to make it happen. Is he putting in any effort to anything beside maturbating and having sex and watching porn? I think you already know this relationship is going nowhere and you just want to hear it from someone else. I understand the heart ties formed when you have sex with someone and have been together a while. But there's a vast difference between loving another human or being in love with.

I love you because you're there for me when I need you" is different from "I love you because being with you brings more joy to me no matter what we do, even mundance chores. And I can't bear to be away from you, for you are the only woman that my heart beats for and my body wants to please. (Thats what my husband says to me) That is true 'being in love'
If your guy may be a male but he doesnt know how to be a man until he understands his real role is to support and uphold a woman and her creative abilities and that which she brings forth. The feminine as a creative force, being the ones who birth children, create a home, etc..need a man who will do whatever she needs him to do...putting her always first before himself.
Is this what you really want? Does the boyfriend even come close? Be brave and face the break of your heart if you're ready to move on. Later when you have found a better guy, you will laugh and wonder what you ever saw in him and how on earth did you even Love him. I say this is true cus I have experienced that very thing.

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