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My puppy has a swollen Vulva; how can I soothe her?

Question Posted Monday May 28 2012, 11:53 pm

Hi there.

I have a 8 month old 'Teacup' yorkie, and her vulva is swollen, very badly.

I'm aware that she's starting to go in heat; and after talking with her Vet; I'm going to wait ti'll after her 21 day cycle, to get her fixed (due to complications, excess blood, ect while in heat)

But the question I'm wanting to know, is how can I soothe her? I know how I feel when I'm on my period; and I know they aren't SIMILAR; But I also know she is going to be anxious and stressed; and I would like to know how can I make it easy for her, becasue it'll be her first.

Her vagina is swollen pretty badly; and every time I touch it to make sure she isn't bleeding yet, she freaks out and starts crying; I just feel so bad for her;

Anything I can do to ease the pain and make this experience not terrible for her?

I already got her some puppy panties, and diapers so she doesn't bleed on anythig; and she's an inside dog as well; 'she uses potty pads; and never goes outside'

so I'm good in that department; so any help?

Thanks in advance.

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Rena-Chan answered Thursday May 31 2012, 3:50 pm:
The only thing you can really do for her at the moment is to keep her relaxed. I don't believe female dogs are in pain when they are in heat, it's more of just, they are ready to have puppies. If anything, just play with her like you normally would, and cuddle her often. She may be very anxious, but it'll pass.

Dogs are in heat for 21 days
There are three distinct stages of the heat cycle. The first one is the “Proestrus” and it is during this stage the owner will often notice the bleeding from the vulva. The bleeding itself can be slight or she can leave evidence of her condition everywhere she sits or lays. For those owners who keep their dogs in the house, many pet stores carry dog panties that hold special canine sanitary napkins to eliminate the mess. In addition to bleeding, the vulva will also swell and the dog will usually have an increase in urination. The most obvious sign to most owners are the increase in population of male dogs around their house. This proestrus part of the cycle will last between seven and ten days and the female will make it clear she wants no part of the male during this time. Unfortunately for the owner, the male dogs don’t know how to take no for an answer. They will climb or dig under fences, attempt to breed through the fence if the female strays close enough and often serenade the dog and owner into the wee hours of the night.
The second stage or actual “Estrus” stage of the heat cycle will often begin between the eight and tenth day after the first sign of color (bleeding). During this time the color of the blood has gone from bright red to pink and then to an almost clear discharge. It is during this stage most females will allow a dog, in fact ANY dog to breed her. The estrus stage can last between four and seven days and it must be remembered the female can become pregnant with mixed litters. Just because you bred your purebred collie to another collie doesn’t mean she can’t have puppies with the Doberman next door and the German Shepherd up the street. Your best bet is to keep her confined in the house during the entire estrus cycle or take the easy way out and board her for the necessary time. If you keep her at home, you may want to purchase a crate to keep her in. I had one Blue heeler that attempted to chew the front door down to get to the male outside. When that didn’t work, she leapt through our front window as soon as I went left. After her rendezvous with my male Cane Corso outside, she went over to my brothers because she had taken a liking to his Brittany that had been panting after her for over a week.
If you do decide to breed your dog, she will show her willingness to be bred by “flagging” whenever you scratch the area directly above her tail. By flagging, she will actually stand still and lift her tail up and out of the way. For those breeds that have had their tails docked, you will just have to wing it although a veterinarian can do a vaginal smear. Each stage of the cycle will have different types of cells appear on the slide.
The third stage of the heat cycle is the “Diestrus.” This is when the female is going out of heat. During this time she will still be giving off the heat “scent” and males will still be congregating for her attentions. Once again she will be out of the mood and will snap at the males or sit and lie down when they try to mount her. The diestrus stage will last approximately seven to ten days. Once it is over, the dog will remain out of heat for approximately six to eight months.
The average estrus cycle in a dog is approximately twenty-one days and this cycle usually occurs every six to seven months. The first cycle will often depend on the size of the dog. Small breeds such, as Chihuahuas or Toy Poodles will come into heat between five and seven months. Large breeds like the Collie, Mastiff or Great Dane may have their first heat cycle at six months but it isn’t unusual for them to delay until they are twelve to sixteen months. Larger dogs develop at a much slower rate than small dogs.

I hope this is of some assistance.

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