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Female to Male crossdressing?

Question Posted Saturday September 3 2011, 6:01 am

So I am a 19 year old girl and I'm interested in crossdressing. I'm 5'10 yes I'm pretty tall I suppose. I'm very slim and have shoulder length hair. I've never crossdressed nor do I know anyone that does, at least not female to male. My cousin's friend does male to female and it's very convincing.

As clothes go, I'm pretty much set, the only thing that bothers me is my hair. I don't want to get my hair cut short, since I don't always want to crossdress. So I was wondering. Would a wig work? How would I go about buying a wig and making it look realistic and good. But still look like a pretty man. I say pretty man, as in say a pretty boy. If that makes sense. Price isn't an issue here.

Another thing is, my voice? What do I do about it. I don't want to take hormones or anything, but is there anyway to alter my voice at all. For example those people that can make different voices for cartoon characters like Robin Williams.

This is new and very nerve wrecking for me. All help and tips appreciated. Please be very detailed and if you can provide links it would be even more of great help!

Oh if you were wondering, I'm genderqueer.

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Additional info, added Saturday September 3 2011, 6:04 am:
I almost forgot, make up? Dos and don'ts? Contouring and guyliner? .

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DearAbby92 answered Sunday September 4 2011, 1:17 am:
Hi there,

First off, congratulations on being open with this and taking a step to show off your individuality.

Lets talk about hair. A wig probably won't work, since you are going from long to shorter. Also, wigs can be very expensive. I've seen really unconvincing wigs that are hundreds of dollars. The really nice ones can run into the thousands.

Have you thought about cutting your hair into a faux-hawk?

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

With the length on top, you can style it to look girly or pretty-boy (think Jared Leto).

Or maybe the longer Justin Bieber type hairstyle? It could work for both sexes.

It's hard to alter your voice, but maybe you could take an acting class or vocal lessons. This can help you learn to control and manipulate your voice to it's greatest extent. Also, think about how a guy would talk. Use expressions and mannerisms to make it more convincing.

I wouldn't wear a lot of makeup, because that can make you look more like a girl.

If you really want to do the guy-liner, make it smudgy and a bit messy. Focus on the lower lash line. You can use a black powder eye shadow to smudge it and 'smoke' it out.

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

If you want to contour your face, use a MATTE bronzer. That means no sparkle, shimmer, or shine in it. This is the most natural looking. Pick a shade that is on the brown side, not the orange side.

I use a flat top make up brush (or you can use a fan brush, or a fluffy blending brush) and apply the bronzer under the hollows of my cheeks to define them. I bring some up to my temples and do a small swipe down my nose.

Guys often have defined jawlines, so focus bronzer on there. But make sure you bring the bronzer down your neck a little and blend it, so you don't have an orange line.

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

This youtube makeup artist uses a foundation that is darker then her skin tone to contour. This might help you.

I wouldn't wear foundation all over your face, because looking too perfect will make you look more feminine. If you must have some coverage, go for a tinted moisturizer and some concealer.

You could also experiment with making fake 'stubble' on your face. Get a stippling brush and pick a matte eye shadow power (or brow powder would probably work well) and try to give yourself a five o'clock shadow. Wet the brush for more intense color/texture.

Make your brows a bit thicker then they are with a pencil/brow powder. Make sure the powder is a little smudgy and messy; guys don't have perfect brows.

On eHow it mentions putting a nerf ball in a jock strap to give you a realistic package, maybe you want to try that.

All I can say is, experiment and see what works best, and have fun!

Good luck,


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