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getting paid to give advice?

Question Posted Sunday May 29 2011, 7:08 pm

Hello. This summer I'm going to be traveling a lot with my family. Mostly around europe. I'm looking to make some money before school starts so that way I can buy a new wardrobe and some other things I need. Getting a job isn't going to be helpful considering I'll be traveling the whole summer. I won't know anyone (except my family) in europe so there's no way I could babysit or anything. I was thinking.. is it possible to get paid by giving out advice to people online? It doesn't have to be advicenators. But perhaps I could make my own website (which I can already do) and have a PayPal option where they pay me (not expensive) maybe a dollar each time they ask a question? or maybe even less like .50 cents?

I give out advice on this website and majority of the time I get 5 ratings. My friends also say I give out great advice to them when they need help, so since giving out advice and helping others is my passion and hobby, would it be wise to get paid while giving out advice?

please voice your opinions and thoughts. How much money do you think I should ask for each question? should I make it a donation type of thing? (so its not mandatory to pay, only volunteer pay)

Oh and I'm also really into photography. I just bought a really nice camera for 300 dollars and taking photography classes. Since i'll be in europe, I'm going to bring my camera with me and take many pictures. Perhaps I could sell some of my pictures too? Any opinions on this? Thank you!

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Rumely answered Monday May 30 2011, 8:58 pm:
Just something to consider: if people are paying you for your advice, there may be legal implications including liability and licensure.

[ Rumely's advice column | Ask Rumely A Question

XxIzabellersxX answered Sunday May 29 2011, 11:53 pm:
I'm pretty sure that people who give advice/answer questions on ChaCha already get paid around 25-75 cents per questions. Worth checking it out. I doubt anyone will want to buy your pictures unless they're for a magazine since everyone will have their cameras and people in Europe won't need photos of Europe.. I suggest you look for a job before you go to Europe in your hometown first because that is most likely where you will get the money from. Just little errands around, thats how I made my money for my Eurotrip. If you can't find anything check out Chacha. Lots of people use it and the more questions you answer the more you get paid so really your salary depends on you.

[ XxIzabellersxX's advice column | Ask XxIzabellersxX A Question

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