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What does it mean if someone told you that you were going to die in a dream

Question Posted Wednesday January 5 2011, 4:02 pm

So sometime in october or september, i had a crush on this guy. i thought about him a lot but my sister liked him so i had to sto thinking about him. i wanted to change the topic by designing my new bedroom for this addition getting added onto my house. i fell asleeo while planning it and i had a nightmare that i was thirsty inside of a casket and it creeped me out when i woke up. i thought it was a sign that i shouldn't think about this guy so i ignored him at school and i moved onto another guy i've always kinda secretly liked deep down inside and i absolutely fell in love. we still are and it's been the best months of my life with him. because of that dream, i wouldn't have stopped talking to that boy my sister liked. so i thought that the dream helped me! then, one day after school i was planning my bedroom again (months later because its taking forever for this addition) and i fell asleep texting my bf. it was a dream of me in my theology class room and my theology teacher told me that i was going to die in february. when i woke up, i thought i dreamt that because i was planning my bedroom before i fell asleep until i realized that it was my theology teacher.. would that be a way of god connecting to me through a teacher? anyways, i looked up what death meant in a dream dictionary and it said that there will be change. and something new will happen. iw ill be exposed to something new in general so i kinda forgot about it i was like whatever because i thought february was months away and worrying wasn't going to do anything. until just two days ago, (the dream was about one month ago) my theology teacher got into a car crash and is in stable condition but it was pretty bad i guess. he hasn't been in shcool and nobody knows how he's doing. is that dream i had warning me that i will die in a car crash or something? i'm so confused. oh yeah & then at my new year's party my boyfriend who's 16 (i'm 15) said he wanted to have sex with me on valentine's day and i thought that maybe that dream was a sign that i will exposed to something new as in being sexually active, not being a virgin? idk... i know this is ocnfusing but i just need a straight up answer. what do you guys think

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orphans answered Friday January 7 2011, 8:14 am:
I hate to break it to you, but dreams don't mean anything. I challenge you to look at a few different dream books, the meaning of "death" will probably be different.

Don't get too worked up about dreams, or too worried, because you'll be terrified of doing anything.

Dreams are just sub conscience thoughts, coming active in your mind while you sleep. People dream 20+ times a night, but only remember 1 or 2.

What happened with your teacher is just a coincidence.

So i plead, do not get to worked up about dreams, dont think too much into them, like the answer below says, people dream about tonnes of different things, they dont mean anything. Imagine every other dream you had, which were meaning less?

Hope i helped :)

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hitler_the_goat answered Wednesday January 5 2011, 7:32 pm:
you're writing like you just snorted a line of coke. the worry is bleeding through like a water spill on a "competing brand" paper towel.
you're putting WAY to much into this dream. I had a dream that I did a combat drop with my unit into a carribbean island full of hot genetically engineered nazi chicks and killed all of them with a man-portable gatling gun, by your logic, I should be concerned about having a tragic turkey-hunting accident sometime in the future.
Dreams are what your subconscious brain uses to process things, like pent up sexual energy caused by not seeing any girls for a year while stuck on a combat deployment, or perhaps, as with the dream sequence I like to call "The Passing of The Ferret", my deep-down desire to have children. maybe you're concerned about your own mortality. oh well, people get hurt and die every day. If a dream was a fortune teller, I'd tell the fortune teller to lay off the hallucinogenic mushrooms.
just accept the wierd things your brain throws at you every night, if you don't, trying to interpret them and prevent the bad things they are "Predicting" will drive you mad.
good luck

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