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lately whenever i'm around guys, no matter how old, i'll try to look better; letting my cleavage show a lot more, more sway in my step, smiling, flirting, etc. today we had a substitute and i did the same with him. i have a boyfriend and i'm very happy with him, but why am i trying to get basically ever male i come in contact with to lust over me? i'm really not that self-absorbed. (link)
thats not promiscuity.... although it sounds like you want it to be.
just be happy with yourself and your femininity, its normal to want to flaunt yourself that way.

Are there any kids health and fitness sites like this one or Any help would be much apreciated. (link)
there's its aimed more for teenagers but im sure it'd be helpful for kids too.
try googling kids health and kids fitness and stuff of the sort too, im sure you'll find something!
hope i helped.

My best friend is a guy. He is amazing. I'm confused though because he wants to go to the next step in our "relationship". Sex. I think I want to, but I'm not sure. i've never done that before. What shouldI do. I'm scared. But I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to. (link)
you need to think really hard about this. you dont want to have sex with him unless you love him and you're sure he feels just as strongly about you. and you need to talk to him about it and discuss what you would do if you got pregnant or something.
with sex comes a lot of responsibility as well as pleasure, so be careful!! =)
hope i helped!

whats a purity ring/necklace? (link)
its a ring or necklace that symbolizes that you wont have sex until marriage. and i think my friend said that at your wedding you give your ring to your partner and say something about how you saved yourself for them. im not sure though.
hope i helped.

So basically I have this wonderfully amazing boyfriend! I love everything about him, he's just so perfect. But last night I had a dream about another guy. I hate this guy but in the dream I was in love with him. Does this mean I'm cheating? Or that I don't really love my boyfriend as much as I thought???
I'm so confused. (link)
in no way does that mean you're cheating on him or you dont love him.
but, you might really have to ask yourself if you're as happy as you think you are. dreams arent always showing us exactly what we want, but they can definately lean that way.
hope i helped && good luck

ive been going out with this amazing girl for 4 days but the problem is i dont think she knows i love her /i dont think she loves me,can sum1 tell me a way to tell her i love her,by the way im 12 years old and we hav kissed twice like just a little pek though. (link)
honestly? if you've only been going out for 4 days i doubt you truly love her.
i've had a few boyfriends who claimed they loved me after going out for a short amount of time, and it was a huge turn off and creeped me out.
if i were you i would wait before i tried to tell this girl that i loved her.
but in the meantime, try to think of ways to tell her that you really really like her. =)
hope i helped.
good luck!

Is it a turn-off to guys if a girl has low self-confidence or in other words is shy? (link)
most guys are okay with shy girls as long as they dont act snobby...
but confidence is sexy. so even if you have really low self esteem try not to show it on the outside.
hold your head high and remember you're beautiful.

Ok I was thinking about taking me and my boyfriend's relationship to another level we talked about it and he said he don't want to rush me into it and he wants to do it when I do it so like I'm thinking about it but I want to know like how does it feel does it really hurt and if it does what are some things you can do to make it less painful? (link)
it can hurt at first, and there could be a bit of blood. but if you really love eachother then maybe he'll be careful about going slowly && gently the first time.
just talk to him about it first and tell him you're ready to have sex but you're a bit nervous and would appreciate it if he was careful with you.
hope i helped.

im 15 my bf is also and weve been together for 10 months and weve made out and stuff but not much else hes a bit shy about his penis size only just last week did he show it to me its small not really small and hes really shy i told him i love him and that it didnt really matter not sure what else to say or do what should i do? (link)
you should just keep reminding him that you love him no matter what size he is. =)
just keep coaxing him and see if you can make him feel more comfortable about it.
if that doesnt work then maybe he's just not ready?
hope i helped!
good luck.

well, there's this guy who hasn't really ever shown any reason that he would like me. we generally hang out because my roomate (at my high school) is friends with him. we occasionally talk over msn but it seems to end with us argueing cause he can be a total jackass. but yesterday we were all watching a movie and then later when we were alone, he kissed me. and then my friend came in, she didn't notice and we pretended nothing had hapened. i've avoided him all day today, but even so he hasn't called or anything. i'm not sure he actually like me... does he?
he probably does if he kissed you. you might think he doesnt because he doesnt normally show signs of it, but sometimes guys are just like that. they dont know how to act when they like a girl so they either act like jerks trying to be funny or show off, or they ignore you cuz they're scared of rejection.
hope i helped =)

Alright so this may be an intresting question...

I want to know if each of these things is considered good or bad, ok?

-My b.f has an 8inch penis (hurts me sometimes)
-He doesnt cum for like 2 hours (this is the one that worries me a lil)
-he never gets tired after sex

haha thanks in advance! (link)
1. an 8 inch penis is a pretty normal size. if it hurts then you might just not be used to it yet, or maybe it hasnt broken your hymen yet.
2. thats a little weird. i dont think it's any reason to worry though.
3. some guys can keep going and going and going, haha. you might just want to tell him when you're too tired to go anymore.

hope i helped! =)

I think im getting an orgasm but i really dont know.

when my boyfriend licks my clit or when im in the shower and i put the shower head to a setting and put the water stream running on my clit it feels good to the point where if i kept doing it, i'd probably scream. but when i get to the point where i cant handle it anymore i start getting all squirmy and it feels really good.

but is that an orgasm? (link)
sounds like it is =)
have fun.

whats it mean when a girl is wet?
is it mean dischage or something?

idk... just curios (link)
usually its when girls get horny. then they get wet down there.
hope i helped.

What does it mena when people say get "eaten out"?? (link)
its when someone preforms oral sex on a girl. "eating" her vagina.
hope i helped =)

14f ok so.. well whenever I get the chance I love to make guys nervous or well idk. If they ask me who i like ill say you because I want see their reaction. Or Ill say hey sexy or baby or names that probably seem like it would come from their girlfriend. Or sometimes depending on who ill sit down next to a guy stroke his thigh and say hey. But I let them know that I'm just kidding. I guess I dont have a problem but I just want to know what people think of this. Like should I stop since I dont even like like them or just as long as they know Im playing then its okay? (link)
im sure they love it, haha.
but be careful you aren't leading them on...
just as long as they know you're just kidding around it should be okay.

i need help.. ihave really thick hair and i really want to scrunch it for school! i need help! i tried alot of things but they just dont work! HELP! (link)
you should get some mousse or hair/curl sculpting gel to use when you scrunch.
that site explains how to really well.
hope i helped =)

Alright, so i talk to this one kid in my last period class
And he goofs around wih me all the time like he tickles me, messes with my hair, takes my drink and hides it, you know stuff like that
but, sometimes he'll be like "i dont like you"
out of the blue
or he says im no very smart
so im wondering do you think he likes me or what (link)
I think he probably does && is just nervous/embarrassed.
A lot of the time guys fool around with girls like that when they dont really know how to put their feelings for a girl into words.
but the whole out of the blue "i dont like you." thing is weird.
maybe you should try talking to him?
hope i helped. =)

my boyfriends and their friends always ask me when im on my period and its annoying. they always ask me how it feels and if i like it. and if they can see it. i tell my boyfriend to tell them to stop and him to stop too but he just says im over exageratting and to shutup because im a slut and i like it? which isnt true. i like him alot though and he is very nice when he isnt around his perverted friends. and im not going to break up with him but idk what to do or how to get him to stop. alright thanks. (link)
that's gross.
ask them if they want to know what it feels like then punch them in the balls so that they can bleed. then be all like yep you like that don't you?
haha. no.
just tell them seriously to knock it off or you're done with them.
or go all out and tell them/show them. that should shut them up.

what is oral sex?? (link)
when you suck/lick a guy's penis.

Ok in my friend's (guy) profile is says How do you know when to beat up a midget?
When he says your girlfriend's hair smells good.

I don't get it can someone tell me what it mean or whatever (link)
haha. it means that the midget is smelling a girl's pubic hair... since he's too short to smell her hair on her head. therefore the boyfriend would beat him up cuz.. yeah. lol hope i helped. :]

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