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When I was about 13, I decided that I never want to get married and I still feel this way and believe that I will always feel this way. I guess it does kind of reflect on my family because both my parents have been married multiple times but it isn't just because of that. It seems as if married means nothing anymore to most people (not all people, I know). So I don't know, people are always telling me that not all marriages end and that mine doesn't have to be all bad like my parents and I know that but I just dont see myself getting married. Does anyone else feel this is way or am I alone? Please don't tell me reason why marriage is so great and how if it's the right person it'll work because I've heard it all before. 17/f

marriage is hardly like what it was years years ago. vows, commitment, people dont give much thought about that crap. but "love" isnt always permanet and people are allowed to feel differently every now and then. it hurts, and yea it affects their kids. but for both parties its a matter of going through a challenge and experience. if it works out then yay for you but if it doesnt, so what, we all move on right?

i have been dating my bf for 5 months and just recently we were at his friends house walking down the road and he had his arm around me and when his aunt picked him up he told me she was freaking out about there not being a chaperone there (but there was) and about his arm being around me (which is soooo stupid!) his aunt told his mom. and now im getting the hint that his mom and stepdad basically hate me bcuz they wont let us just sit and watch tv in his room anymore we cant even go in his room at all really, also today when he asked if he could go to the beach with all our friends his stepdad asked him if i was going to be there and he said yea and his stepdad told him to make good judgement. what does that mean?? i think they basically dont want me around him. they say they like me but they are probly just being nice. how do i get them to let me be with him? (link)
ok ignoring the parents would probably be a great way of heading for the road of "screwing up your relationship" you dont want that. they probably dont hate you either, they've got no reason to, there just worried if you and your bf are gunna have sex or something and no parent wants that. so how to get them to see you guys differently? just hang out with the family more, grow your relationship with them to so they can trust you AND your bf. eventually there gunna be more comfortable with you 2. gd luck xx

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