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Q: All my friend has been doing lately is complaining. Not to be stuck up or anything but things are going a little better for me than they are for her lately and shes tryen to bring me down with her so we can share being upset all the time . On the fone she doesnt stop complaining I just want to hang up on her. I dont want to be rude to her about this but im just so sick of listening to her complain. PLEASE help!
ok well i used to have a friend that did that.. all she wanted to do was bitch about everything and try and make me sad too.. all u have to do is tell her to stop... thats what i did.. tell her to try and be positive sometimes.. and ur not stuck up.. ur just annoyed..and when ur on the fone, hang up and if she kalls back tell her sorry the fone cut out.. if she doesnt.. dont worry about it. whos gives a shit?

Q: I wasn't sure what category to put this under by recently my girlfriend / best friend and I just lost our virginity to each other. It was amazing. But then the next night, I get a phone call from her brother saying to go the hospital because my girlfriend's just been her father. I didn't know what to do, so i just froze and went after her father. I beat the crap out of him and broke my hand. I know that wasn't smart but what he did to her was less smart. He's been abusing her since about the age of 4, I was one of the few people who knew this. She didn't want ANYONE telling the police because her father threatened her. And she didn't want to run away and leave her little sister with her father for fear he might hurt her too.

Well anyway, back on topic, her father went to jail and everyone testified against him. So he'll be in there for a LONG time. My problem is, my girlfriend is still in shock over this. We tried to have sex a few weeks later but she was so scared and still thinks about the rape. I'm not frustrated about the no-sex part AT ALL believe me. But what I'm wondering is if there's anything I can do for her to make her get over this. I want her to be happy again. I love her with all my heart and hate seeing her like this.

Any girls who have been raped, you could probably help me most on this. How did you get over it? Thanks SO much!
wow... this is the saddest story i have ever heard. dont feel like its ur fault for her being raped.. its NOT ur fault. her dad needs to be in jail for the rest of his fucking life.. thats sick shit. it will take her a while to get over it so dont pressure her into having sex anytime soon. when shes ready, she'll tell you.

Q: i have this friend, who i talk to and im pretty good friends with. All of a sudden out of the blue she hates me and she said shes sad and she dosnt want to talk to me anymore because shes sad. Well she wont tell me why she is sad and because of this im not aloud to talk to my friend. More the less i respect her and dont want to cause her anymore tears. Y cant i b her friend? or how can i still b her friend?
well, mabey she likes u and doesnt think u like her back..sounds to me like she just needs a break.. i dont think she wants ur presents because everytime she sees u she falls for u again.. if it were me, i would try n be friends but i dont think shes ready for a friendship right now.. if she never wants to talk to u ne more then i dont know how u can still be her friend. just accept what shes asking for a lil while and see how things go. i think she thinks u dont care about her.. act like u do.. but not in a fashionable way.. just smile at her once in a while and when u see her, dont say hey cuz she'll feel sad agian but just smile. she'll like it if she sees that u care.

Q: theres this new girl goin to my school, and she told me that she's had sex before but she has a bf where she used to live. if she will mess around with me, should i let her?
well it all depends... i need details like where she used to live, if she REALLY likes her b/f, and if ur comfterble with doin it. w/b n tell em more

Q: There's this girl that I used to be good friends with, and we got in this stupid pointless usual...and it feels weird seeing her around the halls and not saying hi. I want us to still talk and be some what friends but I dont think I can trust her enough to be "best friends" again. What should i do?
well i have the same problem.. i feel wierd not saying ne thing to my friends too.. i even forgot we were in a fight and smiled at one of them and did this gay arm thing... i felt stupid. it is weird, i have to admitt but u just have to get over the fight. if u cant trust her to be "best frends" then just be friends. if this argument was so pointless, and this girl was ur best friend, dont u think the whole fight is pointless?

Q: What should I do if my penis is smaller than my big toe and I want to have sex?

hahahahahahahaha lmao. ok well tiny, i have had to deal with this problem b4... its not kool for the gurl so dont torture her. go to a doctor and get that shit fiiiiixed.

Q: im sleeping with my babysitter, and she's getting a little too clingy and so i'm trying to break it off easy enough so she will still babysit me, any advice on how to do that?
ur a pimp.... just drop her

Q: well theres this girl and she just wants to fuck all the time.its fun and all but its hard to cum 5 times a day. what should i do?
haha ur funny. well either tell her to ease off, try harder, or just learn how.

Q: what is your wildest sex fantasy, and who is it with.
i would have to say my wildest sex fantasy would be having sex on a pool table with a towle wrapped around me like a cape with someone famous? brad pitt or johnny depp. with someone at school? cant tell.

Q: well theres this girl i used to hang out w/ but she just got so damn fat and i dont know how to tell her! should i put her on weightwatchers or something?! and how the hell did she get this fat in the first place??
u shouldnt judge her by the way she looks. thats pretty gay.

Q: Well you see me and my boyfriend have been going out for a little over a month now and we weren't aloud to kiss. I finally found out I was aloud to kiss and I told him. He keeps talking about making-out next time I see him but I don't want to rush into things. I have a feeling its because his brother keeps telling him to kiss me and things like that and he wants to be like his brother and make-out with his girlfriend all the time. I don't know what to do, please write, I'll rate!

dont do it just because he wants to. tell him u dont want to rush. kissing is fun i have to admitt but he can wait if he really likes u.

Q: yeah theres this dumb broad bree that needs to chill the fuck out.. talkin shit bout my girlfriend and her best friend, i dont think so! i wanna beat her ass but im a guy.. so what should i do? have my gf and her bff lay tha bitch out or what? let me know if you can heLp!
well this girl bree sounds like a bitch. im sure she knows she is sometimes but i think alot of it she cant help. i dont think u should have ur girlfriend lay her ass out cuz mabey this bree gurl wants to be friends again. i dont know her too well but i have talked to her once or twice

Q: How do you give a guy a blow job? I want to give my boyfriend one.
hahaha. sorry to laugh but im not the one to answer your question. i myself have never given one.

Q: I want to have sex but i was born with both a penis and a vagina. Which sex do i have sex with?

Q: im madly in love with jean carry and i dont kno how to ask her out even tho she saw me type this..what do i do?

-ashlee- :)
well ashlee,

walk up to this jean carry and kiss her. she will get the picture.

Q: guys use me. what should i do?
dont be a slut... play hard to get!

Q: I want to try anal sex. But im 13 years old and I don't know how it will effect my body.
dont do it. u wont be able to shit right for a week.

Q: im 12 years old and im dating a 19 year old and i dont kno how to bring it up to my parents. wat do i say??
well youngin... in my oppinion, hes too old for you. if he really likes you, he will wait for u to get alittle bit older. If ya'll cant wait, then tell your parents that you are seeing someone. if they ask how old he is tell them. if they dont, then dont mention it.

my name is bree, im 15 years old i have long brown hair, and brown eyes. im a foot ball trainer at school and i go to bowie. my best friend is ashlee hill and im the clumsiest person u will probably ever meet.





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