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I'm curious about the written part of the driver's test. The one when you get your permit and study the book, and when passing it you can legally drive with a parent or whatever.

Soo.. about the test. Here are the questions..

1) How long is it? (Approximate number would be excellent)
2)[From your opinion] Is it Easy, Moderate, or Hard?
3) How long did it take you?
4) What kind of questions were on the test? Were there any tricky unexpected ones, or purely common sense?

I'm curious because I am about to take it soon and I want to be prepared. Any response would be greatly appreciated. But write back ASAP -- I'm planning on taking the test this weekend (most likely.)

Thank you!!

P.S. - This probably applies to some [maybe all] states, so if you have noo idea what I am talking about don't bother giving advice.

And it would be GREAT if people from Ohio (where I live) answered since tests are different from different states. Other states are acceptable (Points won't be deducted from that) but I much prefer people who live in Ohio. (link)
The written driving test is riduculously easy. 30 questions, 10 min. tops. Personally, I wouldn't even bother studying for it. I didn't, and I only missed 1- something stupid about how many feet a car took to stop. It would be a waste of your time and energy to stress over this. Just use your common sense- I promise, a 3rd grader could pass.

:) Happy Driving! :)

14/f. my mom always told me that it is better for your skin if you don't wear foundation, or any makeup on your skin. so in the summer i dont wear foundation. but normally for school i would wear foundation everyday because i have oily skin, i get a few pimples, and my skintone is uneven (my cheecks are redder then the rest of my face).

is there any foundation out there that you have PERSONALY used and like that won't make me break out, and isn't bad for your skin, and won't clog my pores. i want something that i can buy at CVS, that isn't too expensice, like around $5.

oh and don't tell me to buy the maybelline matte mousse foundation, because i don't like that stuff, i feel like it is too heavy.

THANKS SO MUCH [= (link)
I use I.D Bare Esentuals. It's a powder foundation, blush and concealer line, but it's a bit pricy. But the other day I was at the store and noticed that serveral generic brands (Neutrogena, Almay and Maybelliene) have their own, way less expensive variations on this. They won't clog your pores or make you break out at all. If you go this route, I would suggest investing in some nice makeup brushes for a super-smooth application. :)

I am 13 and I still don't have a boyfriend. All my friends have boyfriends and I sometimes feel left out. I also go to and all girls' school so I don't really know alot of guys. But I go to dances and dance with guys. Please help me be flirty and likeable.

Hey, you know what? I'm 16 and I'm on my first boyfriend! And you know what else? I didn't let it bother me that other people had boyfriends and I did. It's not something that should define you. You shouldn't go out and have that as a goal. If a guy comes along that you truly care about, then go for him (responsibly), but for now, don't worry about it. It's not worth the stress. Just be yourself. When I was single, and my friends went out with thier boyfriends, there were usually 2 or 3 people like me out with them. Ask your friends to try that. But remember that it's ok if they want to go out alone sometimes. And of course, a girl's night out every other friday night or so is a must. Anyway, the bottom line is that a boyfriend will come in time, but whether or not you have one should never be a signifigant part of the way you define yourself. :)

Hey all. I was just wondering if you could inform me about which park is better between the theme parks and between the water parks, in Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I am a thrill-seeker, meaning I like to go on great adventures and ride really scary roller-coasters, and I also like fun water rides and swimming (especially in wave pools!). Thank-you for your time. (link)
The best "big thrill" park is Universal Islands of Adventure. That's where you find Hulk, Dueling Dragons, Jurassic Park, ect. The Disney parks are more kid oriented, although they all have two or three really big rides. I think the best of the Disney parks thrill wise is either Magic Kingdom or EPCOT. But I've never been to any water parks in Orlando, so I can't really help much there. Anyway, I would go to the Universal parks if you're seeking the biggest thrills. But Disney is still worth going to, just because it's DISNEY!!!! :)

what are some things that i could do to flatten my lower stomach? (link)
situps, swingups, PILATES!!

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