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During the sex (wether normal or oral sex) I find my penis going soft and ... bendable, this is unpleasant for both me and my girlfriend because we can't go on...

Is this a physical or a psychological problem and what can I do about it? I really am uncomfortable with the fact that it might grow weak before we have sex.

Is it because I'm not horny enough or I don't find my girlfriend attractive? I'm 18, please help me... thanks! (link)
Okay . . What I Suggest is watchinq porno to see what qets youu hot.. If indeed this does qet yu hot than try different types of sex postitions or techniques with your gurlfriend . . Be playful and frisky . . And if this doesn't work maybe your just not physically attracted to her . You should qo out and date new people

two guys like me alot but i cant seem to choose one im wit one but want to be wit both (link)
Usually before people date they talk . . Talke meaning getting to know them chilling with them . . Getting to know them . . What I think you should do is just talk to them . . Text them and which ever one you seem most compatible with most or you develop the most feeling for that's the one you will chOose . . But until then you should keep macking . . Meaning getting boys bcuss you never kno you may not like either of them .

read advice get advice make favorite read feedback advicenators

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