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hey my name is Katie!!
heres a lil about me...
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Stats:Single and lookin...shh!!
cheerleading, dating, giving advice, and having fun!!

so if ya need to kno anything just ask!!!

luv ya lotz!!

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hey! my brother burns candles all the time...i mean i dont care or anything but all the candles he burns smell REALLY bad!! wat should i do??


i rate good!! (link)
well maybe when he is about to buy a candle at the store suggest a different one! then try to convince (sp) to get that one!! hope i helped!!


keep in touch

my guy friend likes one of my best friends an he keeps askin me to help him learn to flirt... i told him a few things i know most guys our age (14) do but i was hopin u cud tell me wut to tell him (link)
i thought all boyz knew how to flirt!! I guess not...well then just tell him to talk to her and make her laugh and keep up a conversation! well hope i helped!!


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PS:Keep in touch!!

Next year as me and my best friend (who is a guy) are going to split hes going to move and im scared that nothing happens between us and we never see each other again what should i do?

-Jacky! (link)
ok well you are just friends rite??? hes not your bf??

anywayz have him call you rite when he gets to his new house and ask for his that you guyz can keep in touch!

im 12 and my parents wont let me go out with guys yet cuz im supposedly too young, but i go out with them secretly and now more guys are starting to ask me out, but they want to actually take me somewhere like dinner or a movie and stuff, but my parents wont let me go anywhere unless they kno my "friends" parents!!!!!! (link)
well then maybe you can take him some where instead of him taking you some where! (if your parents dont wanna pay then raise money to take him somewhere) keep in touch!

Hey umm im 15 and im preg. i need to know will i get my period? (link)
no you dont have your period while your pregnant

ok well me and this girl briana are like best friends we go sumwhere together everyday and hang out...but lately she is getting annoying and i dont really wanna hang out with her u think we hang out to much and im just gettin sick of her or what!? plez help me! (link)
i have had this happen to me before too! I just didnt see him/her for about a week or two and then we were like two peas in a pot again!!

i was wondering wat car should i get for my sweet 16...i was thinking about Mustang but then i was also thinking about a Shelby Cobra! I think i want ot blue, black or even red! plz tell me wat you think! thanx!! (link)
i would get probally a black Shelby Cobra! But a red one would be kool too! keep in touch!!

There is this 1 guy that i like but i don't know if he likes me and i flirt and flirt and flirt but how do i know when he is flirting with me? (link)
it is different for every guy some guyz they like tease you and some guyz make really good eye contact, keep a conversation and they are really nice. But i cant really tell you if he likes you cuz i really dont kno how he acts around.


keep in touch!!

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does anyone know like a technique to quit ciggaretes without not legaly old enough to buy anything with nicotine and i really wanna quit but its a bitch..anyone know nething?? thanks for your time (link)
i kno this sounds stupid but dont buy any trow away the ones you have!! and if someone around you smokes then just dont hang out with them!
good luck,

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i met this guy at adventureland (he was REALLY hott!!) in des moines and i got his # but i dont want to call it cuz im afraid that its the wrong number! but then again the area code and the first 3 numbers were from the area that we were located in...what should i do? call him or not?
-confuzzled! (link)
uh...well you can call him and ask if they have a son about___ ( how ever old ya think)!!

i send my best wishes,

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if you call him tell me how it turns out!!

hey i was wondering if you could make me a sign? can i IM you? (link)
a sign?? wat?? i dont have yahoo/msn/aim. srry!
i can maybe help you on here. Srry again!!

luv ya,

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i need to know how to make a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich (link)
get two peices of bread and then take knife and then put it in the jelly and then spread it over one peice of bread then take the knife and wipe it off with a napkin or somethin. (so that you wont get the jelly in the penut butter) then put your knife in the peanut butter and then spread it over the other peice of bread!put the two peices together and you made your self a GOOD peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!


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how do u get a better voice? (link)
you can hire a trainer and you can also PRACTICE!!

Can anybody give me some things or ideas for my profile... it is pretty blah right now and I need to spice it up... I will rate you!!

you can get a background and little pics on it!!
tell me how it goes!!

if ya need help jus ask

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Does anyone know where to get famous quotes over the internet? (link)
i go to! it has cute/famous/sad little qoutes/poems!!

once a cheater, always a cheater?? TRUE OR FALSE? (link)
well in some cases it is true and some just depends on the guy!!
bunches of luv,

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My friend just told me that her and my boyfriend have been dating, and she said that she didnt want to tell me because she didnt want to ruin our friendship. Do I ditch the guy and her, or just the guy and keep my friend (link)
if you and your bf luved each other than he would have not done that!! if your friend was your friend than she would have not done anything with your bf!! So i would say ditch them both!! they are not good enough to be your friend/bf!
keep in touch,

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Im 13 years old- what do guys my age want? (link)
most 13 year old guyz are lookin for looks more than personality!!

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