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okay if someone has a std could you get it by just making out?? or what if they have one on there mouth can you that way? or what if they just have one below can you still?? ill rate fives with acuarte answers...thanks! (link)
YES! THAT IS POSSIBLE! Many people say "hey it's just kissing" but there is a VERY SLIGHTT chance that if you kiss someone with STD's you could get it too! STDS can be transmitted ANY way! Even though kissing, is one of the better ways to interact with someone that has an STD, you can STILL catch it! Hope I helped!

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I need pointers.... Umm
How to finger a girl...
How to give oral sex to a girls...
Where is a good spot to make my woman cum.... hard?
She can't cum from sucking on her boobs can you??
Thanks (link)
To answer all of your questions,

To finger a girl. Just do what you think would feel good if you were a girl. Obviously, fingering a girl is sticking fingers in her vagina.

To give oral sex, just once again, do what you would want done to you if a girl was to give you head.

A good spot. The G-Spot. Every girls G-Spot is in the same place. Just touching it, will most likely make the girl orgasm like THAT. It's located (if your girl is laying down) like two inches inside the vagina, on the upper wall.

Some girls will some girls won't. It just depends how well it's done, and if that turns them on or not.

Ok well I think I have a yeast infection..ok so what do I do should I like go to the family health council? or will it just go away in a matter of time?

First, let's make sure you have a yeast infection. If your really that positive, go to the doctor, and get checked up incase. Some symptoms of yeast infections are

1. Discharge that could look very much like cottage cheese.
2. Excessive itching and burning on the skin around your vagina.
3. A LOT of pain during sex.
4. Swelling of the vulva.

You can treat your yeast infection with a medicine you can get that you put in your vagina. And yes, you should definently go see your doctor everytime you know you have a yeast infection, or think you do. And don't worry, more then half the woman in the world get yeast infections at least once in their life, and many women get them more then once.

Just try not to wear tight clothes as much. If your in a bathing suit (that's wet) take it off as soon as possible. Make sure your vagina is mostly dry before putting on dry clothes. =)~ Hope I helped..

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what's pop a cherry mean? (link)
Popping your cherry. Many girls (like you) have no clue what this means. I had no clue what this means. To put it very, very simple. Let me explain.

First off, a "cherry" is jut another word for a girls hymen, and a hymen is a layer of very thin skin that reaches across the inside of your vagina. "Pop the cherry" usually means the hymen (layer of skin) was teared during sex. (Which means, your not a virgin anymore)

But, some other girls stretch theres open during their life, by doing gymnastics, yoga, or just any activities that require stretching as one of the main basics. Hope I helped =)~..

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ok im sorry if this is going to be long..and this is more like a girl quiestion..
well i have been going to the bathroom..and when i wipe all this stick nasy white stuff comes out..and its like mom says its discharge but i dont think so..and its like chunky and stuff...(sorry for the details)and some times its it comes out in brown chunks..but any ways i told my mom and she said its just left overs from your left over blood..and i said i dont think so because its brown not red..and she said shell take me to a cudor doctor..and i said hell no..and shes like fine...and yes i take a shower everysingle day..morning and night..and i do wash down there..and its not when i plat with my self..i dont think so!!
need help bad..ill rate 5's to all!!!!
Ok, your mom is sort of right! But not fully. YES, it is discharge, when it's regular creamy white. But if it's coming out chunky and brown, thats NOT regular. I personally think a GYN would definently help, and you need to go see one now. If your having un-protected sex, this will happen to you, and/or if your pregnant. It's also a sign of very bad infections and other things. The only REGULAR kind of discharge, is if it's white, yellow, or just colorless. Hope I helped, and for your own good, the GYN is the BEST choice !

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does anyone know how to change your screen name on aim? any real answers and i'll rate high!!! thanx (link)
Ok, it's really simple. herez the step by step how to do it.

1. Open your browser, type in
2. Look on the left hand side of the page once it shows up, scroll down, you'll see "Get Help!"
3. Click, "Starting Out"
4. Then click, "Screenames"
5. Then click the 2nd question on the list, "Can I have More Then One Aim Screename"
6. Click the link.

OR, just click here ->

Hope I helped, if the link doesn't show up, just copy and paste it into the address bar, if it still doesn't work, just follow the simple directions above =)!

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