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hay i saw yur do yu make it pretti? (link)
you can go to a layout site and copy the code n then put it in ur look and feel
Hopeing i help'd,

h3y,my parents just split up...and im supposed to choose who to live with full dad is moving waaay over to california and my mom's stayin here in north carolina.what do i do (link)
maybe you should sit your parents down and have a serious conversation with them.tell them how mixed up you feel about leaving all your friends and family if you left the state.maybe you can talk your dad into staying atleast still in your state.and then maybe you can split up your time and live with your mom one month/week and then your dad for a month/week.
hope i helped~!

hay..i recentley broke ^ with my boyfriend and now im thinkiing i made the wrong decision..i miss him and i dont know what to do! (link)
well,if you broke up with him you must have had a reason,if it was like he was cheating on you or something you need to move on and find someone because you deserve better.but if you just broke up with him for no reason at all maybe you should tell him how you feel and tell him that you were wrong for doing it.hope i helped~!

read advice get advice make favorite read feedback advicenators

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