I have a pretty normal life, but I'm kinda diffrent I geuss...I love my life and my friends and family and God of coarse. I go to a small high school and I go to church regularly. I just really love life thou lol :)
-I love sports
-& boys
-& the Pistons
-& the Tigers
-& people, I really like people, they facinate me lol!



hi, i just turned 15 and i STILL havn't had a boyfriend, a kiss, or even a hug from a guy. I am shy around guys that i have a crush on, i'm not a mute, but i get kind of nervous. I have a lot of guy friends (who i like), but none of whom want to/will ask me out. I think i'm pretty, i have a good body, i'm nice, smart, have a sense of humor, and i am pretty easy going. Why don't i have a boyfriend?? it doesn't make sense to me. Can you explain it to me please?? (also, can u give me a few pointers on how to get a guy, that i like, to fall for me??)


wow, you sound pretty much just like how i used to sound i didnt have a bf or kiss from a boy till i was just a lil bit after 15...just what i learned is keep being yourself, dont try to act like your someone your not because a lot of the time boys like girls that are unique. my advice... everytime you talk to one them try saying one thing you normally wouldnt say.


I can't figure out some of these log problems. I asked my teacher for help yesterday and she gave me some quick, vague information and i still don't how to do some of them. Oh, and don't tell me to go read my text book, because we don't have one. Does anyone know how to do these?

log9(x + 2)= 0 X=?
oh, and the 9 is actually base 9.

logbase6(x+9) + logbase6 x=2 x=?

anyone know??

i think the first one goes like this

9^0=x+2 nine to the power of 0 equals x plus 2
1=x+2 nine to the power of 0 is one
x=-1 one minus two equals negative one

i dont remember how to do the second one, but im pretty sure the first one is right.


Hey guys, my name is Levi,Im 16, male, 5'11-6' about 155 lbs. I posted here last summer about a girl and i tried to follow what some you people said, and well let's just say, it didn't work...Yeahhh anyways, I met this girl beggining of my sophomore year, "this year", and she is a freshman, completely gorgeous, she plays softball and from what I know we have a lot in common. I talked to her the other day driving home from school on my cell and she said she likes guys who where athletic and confident blah blah, and I can say im both, I lift weights and I play two sports, the only problem is that im afraid to ask her out sometime, she's really intimidating because I've never met a girl like this before and wow, I really wanna get something going. I always here her talking to her friends about how she wants to find the right guy, with a low drama relationship, and im pretty much looking for the same thing. I mean I want it to be fairly serious but I don't want everyone and thier mom involved. How should I approach asking her out, "should it be on a date? A trip to block buster then to my house? With friends out to eat somewhere casual? She seems to be really easy going, and she isn't stuck up and self centered like most girls I know, please help me out...


I'm pretty much in the same situation as you, like i really want to get things going with a guy (cuz im a girl) and your ideas sound really good like the movies and dinner, those are always the cutest dates but just act casual about it and be yourself, dont try to over impress her
i hope i help...at least this is what i would like a guy to do for me


hey guys thanxs for the answers yall left me...so I have another one..okay so wat if I'm reely scard to make the first move..because like what if I tell him how I feel ...then like I'm just left there..with nothin but what I said and what I wished he said? like if he's just like " wow umm " and then like I run him off or something..but I've known him forever and I dont think he would do that but people change ya know?....I know this is reely stupid..but I'm just scared...please help..I need some confidence boosting help ya know? lol...thanxs yall!

okay, ive put my self out there twice in my life (im in 8th grade) the first guy i just told him that i liked him (it was obvious cuz i never left his side) on aim one day, he didnt like me back (i also knew him forever) but we were still friends until he recently took up the habit of drinking, i quit talking to him now........the second one went much better i asked him if there was a possibility that he might like me..then he asked me if i liked him...so i said yes and now its all good were not going out (cuz at that moment he was still in love with one of my best friends, but were like as close as it gets w/o actually going out.
hope i helped


hi, i'm chloe

This boy asked me to go out with him as in be in a girlfriend, boyfriend thing. I wanted to say yes but said no instead because, I wasn't sure I knew how to be someones girlfriend and would like more to go out on a couple of dates with him than start a relationship. But my friend had set the whole "asking me out thing" up, so I'd have a boyfriend and is now saying "he's probably the only boy who'll ever like you" which is making me regret doing it.But I'll look stupid if I ask him out now plus he's being a bit out of order to me at the moment. What should I do?

#1)tell her this: that you dont know how and would rather experiment going on a few dates before becoming his girlfriend/him being you boyfriend.
#2)Tell him the same thing you told your friend who set you up.
#3) if your notinto him then just tell him and her. the truth is always best. trust me i know.
hope i helped


Hey there! Im 13 and i kno i have a HUGE weight problem and i admit it!!! I live in such a small town with nothing to do!!! I skate to skool and bak (And becuz my house is out of my skool boundarie it is pretty far, i skate pretty far) but im still over weight and i try to watch what i eat and only drink diet soda and water but i sit on the computer alot and i need help!!!
Thanx in advance!!!

I used to have this same problem, when i was in 5th grade i weighed like 150+, now Im in 8th and i weigh 125, I'm 5'6.75" tall. i also live in a small town with nothing to do...but how i lost weight was because my parents noticed how lazy i was and like how i got easily distracted (computer tv etc), they took me to the doctor to check me out for ADD i had it (still do)...and the medicine they put me on + playing bball made me loose tons because i quit playing all the time on the computer and stoped watching tv. sorry if none of this really applies to you, im just saying its a posibility that its not e your fault.
hope i helped


Ok, I'm a really bad procrastinator if I'm really not interested in doing something.

Tips to help? I know it's bad...how did you overcome it?


Me too. I basically found out that i have ADD = attention deficit disorder... now im not quite as bad as i was before...
maby make like a schedual of what you have to do, like i always do this as if i was planning a party (yea i know it sounds weird but it works)
hope i helped-



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