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i'm 15 and i've only really had serious relationship, but i have this best guy friend of mine. i love being around him and he is so easy to talk to. i've known since 6th grade so he knows that he can joke with me and i know that i can joke with him. but lately i've begun to have feelings for him. i flirt with him, but i'm a BIG flirt so he doesn't think it means anything. and lately he has been joking about certian things that are like kinda teasing since i like him. and he'll tickle me or hug me and i don't want him to let go.

my problem is that i don't want things to change between us, but i want to go out with him, and i don't know how to let him know without making things werid between us. help?!

Well, things have already become weird for you, so just accept it and tell him. Yes, you could just keep flirting and hope he figures it out, but that might not work.

If he's a really good friend, he hopefully wouldn't avoid you even if he didn't feel the same way.



I am 14 years old, and lets just say my name is S. I am a girl, and a diabetic. I sometimes don't get my periods, its irregular and have went to the doctor about it. They said theres nothing they can do except give me birth control, which my mom did not want me on. I have about 9 or 10 lumps (size of tiny pimples) around my left and right nipples, and soreness around my breast. I really do not know if this is breast cancer related, but I am too afraid to go to the doctor. I am afraid to show anyone my body, so I won't go to a family member, or like I said, a doctor.. can one of you please give me some advice before I go to drastic measures such as my MOM?

I'm gonna make this blunt and short: Doctor. Now.

I've had to go to parents with embarrassing things too, but I'm glad I did. It's for your health, and that's all that should matter.


Alright. This is going to be extremley confusing. I'm in a relationship with this guy named *Tom*. We've been dating for 2 months. We only hold hands and cuddle. We don't make out or anything. Haven't even kissed. I kind of regard him as an older brother now.

Now there's this other guy, *mark*. we've been wanting to date for over 7 months, but couldn't because of different reasons. Now we want to go out together. We are fine to talk, cuddle, make out, and even do some physical stuff together. And I really care for him. Deeply.(BUT I HAVE NOT DONE ANY OF THIS WHILE I HAVE BEEN WITH *TOM*)

Now I recently, as in two days ago, met this guy named *Pat*. He's really sweet and fun to talk to, and he likes to treat me sweetly, kiss my hand, hug me, hold hands...but he knows i have a boyfriend. I feel so helpless. like it's not right to say no. He wants me to break with *tom and go with him, but I don't know...*mark* wants me to break with *tom* to go with him too..

I honestly don't know what to do.

I've gotten into a mess...

Please give me valuable advice....

I will rate high

Okay, first of all, on Miliko's advice: No. I'm sorry, but real life doesn't work like that. You're not going to see fireworks explode when you see the person you'll spend your life with. This isn't a movie.

Now, your relationship with Tom seems to have never started. I mean, if you never kissed, you were more best friends than boyfriend and girlfriend.

Pat, on the other hand, seems to be moving in far too fast. I'm not saying he's a bad guy, but don't jump into a relationship with him without waiting to see if he's really interested in you, or if he's just a "playa".

Mark seems to be the one you like the best, and if he's interested in you, well... there ya go. I hope everything works out for you.


Well there a girl I really like and we have been awsome friends. I want to tell her the way I truly feel about her, but I don't want to make anything more akward then they are, and ruin our friendship. It already came close to being decimated, and so whats the best way to let it out.

Just tell her. And in person. It's hard, it puts your friendship at risk, but do you want to look back in several years and ask, "What could have been?"

And even if she doesn't feel that way about you, that doesn't mean your friendship will suddenly end. Oh, and your ex? She's your ex. Why should she care if you date someone new?


My crotch incessantly itches, wich I know can be a symptom of an STD/STI, but I'm a virgin (no one other than me has touched it since I was a baby). I've had problems with urinary tract infections in the past. So should I really be worried? 14/f

Doctor time. Yes, it's embarrasing to tell a parent and the doctor, but you'll be glad you did.


Ok before this question i've asked another on similar but this question is like the sequeal to it. So the qustion before this was I still like my exboyfriend who now lives in L.A. and i'm practicly inlove with him but i'm only 13 so I finally took the peoples advice who answered this and got his number from his friend that I know. So know I really want to call him but i'm nervouse because after I broke up with him for a really stupid reason we havn't talked for like a year but I know he still remembers me because his friend told me that he would always talk good about me. So what i'm asking is should I call him and say that his friend wanted me to call you and tell you that he can't call you because he got grounded would that be good so then we can just lead on from there or what because I refuse and really don't want to say that I just called him just because I want a good exuse( i'm a shy person somtimes) Thanx will rate for helpfull answers( will rate high!)

If LA is far away from you, you should just give up on trying to have a relationship with him. Maybe a friendship, but long-distance relationships almost never work.

And, as the other person said, you're thirteen. Chances are you just have a crush. You'll meet plenty of other guys that live near you in the future. =)


ok.. theres this boy who i REALLY like named Tony. and yea.. Tony told mi sis that he was gonna ask me out adn to find out if i likehim bak.. and i was looking foward to it. and i was all excited now outta da blue he's not gonna ask me out any more. i'm so upset, and idk how to get over him. or what to do. should i ask our shared friends why he doent like me idk what to do.

thanks soo much
love jackie

Remember, if you ask your shared friends, they may tell him that you're interested in him. Of course, that may not be a bad thing.

Until you find out exactly why he cancelled it, it's tough to give you advice. Hey, you could always make the first move yourself. Maybe he just got cold feet.


theres this guy that i like and he's a freshmen and i'm in 8th. we go to differnt schools [duh]. next year i'll be going to his school. i "met" him at church and all that youth stuff. what are some ways to get his attention. ive like him for a really long time. flirting tips are good too. i rate 5s!! thanks

Well, it's hard, but you might just need to tell him how you feel, assuming he isn't in a relationship already. You can wait until you're in his school, but it's possible he could have found someone by then.

Another problem is that, although you're only a year apart, he's in high school and you aren't. That could be a problem...

In any case, you should try to befriend him. If you still see him at the "youth stuff", talk to him casually. Once he gets to know you, then maybe you can be flirty or just tell him how you feel.

You're still only in Jr. High, though, so don't don't worry if you have trouble with this. You're still young for this sort of thing. =)


Well i have to write this five paragraph essay on John Daltons Atomic theory.. any ideas on that? PLEASE HELP ILL RATE 5 FOR ANY SERIOUS ANSWERS..

Wikipedia is a great resource.

Be careful, thought, as anyone can edit it. Check the sources to be sure it's legit.


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