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so like, what would you consider the limits while being on a break?

my boyfriend of over 13 months & i are takin a break as of last night bc in a nutshell im startin to like this guy, and i figured it wasnt fair to my bf, so i explained the situation so now were "apart" but we still love each other and kiss and stuff, and i know for a fact we'll end up back together, so its kind of an open relationship i guess. but idk i guess it jus seems to me to be like cheatin if im seein other guys.. although im definitely not committing to anyone else! so does it defeat the purpose to still hug & kiss & love my boyfriend?

its kind of hard for me to understand your situation of why you would even take a break if your in love with your guy but since your taking a break your guy might also be seeing other girls just as your seeing guys so be careful with that, but as far as you still kissing and loving your boyfriend while your on a break its kind of weird because if your trying to take a break why would you still be kissing your boyfriend and everything it kind of sounds to me you and your boyfriend never really needed a break and you both really love eachother. but if you think you need a break you probaly shouldnt do more than hugging your boyfriend because usually when you take a break you actually stay apart for awhile but if you cant stay apart then call the break quits and just get back together

okay, this might be kind of long.

alright- i have a boyfriend. lets call him N. well me and N have been together almost 2 months, but have been dating for about 3 1/2. We've been great, the ideal couple. No fights, my friends and family love him. He's even been on a road trip with me and my family. But these pasts couple of weeks, he's barely called and i haven't even seen him in 2 weeks. I've even almost gotten to the point where i was about to call it quits. But the truth is, i don't want to. and i know he doesn't want it either. he doesn't even really give me a reason why he hasn't really talked to me.. i love this boy he's my rock, my backbone, hes just amazing.

but while he doesnt talk to me, theres this guy at school, H. H is really cute, and way too tempting. i've never cheated on anybody, nor will i ever. but i don't want to screw up things with N. i screw up most of my relationships, and i dont want to lose him. H is always coming up to me and flirtingly pushing and stuff and we have 4th period together. he was sitting in front of me and turned around and about kissed me. even the girl next to us thught he was going to. i know even if i left N for H, H wouldn't be that great of a boyfriend to me..(he's kind of cocky and a player bc hes new to my school this year) but i don't know.. in a wierd way i like it.

anyways, i really like N but my feelings go back and forth.. sometimes i'm just SO mad he doesnt call as much, or i don't see him as often(he goes to our rival school) but when i see him or have a long talk with him, i'm so in love, and i feel it. but when i'm at school with H, i forget completely about N.

please help me, i don't know what to do at all, please. (link)
hmm thats a tough situation and i would try to talk to N about it and try calling him sometimes tell him you miss talking to him and spend more time with him if you feel like you've lost connection things probably wont work out but i wouldnt let H or your tempations mess things up just yet . it could most likely be that H doesnt really like you and hes a big player just looking for a victim but if it seems things are going good for you and H like frindship wise and if you trust him then follow your heart and choose the guy you fell most connected to.

alright so heres the situation.

im 15/f and pretty sure im pregnant.
i havent told anyone yet except my ex boyfriend.(we broke up a couple weeks ago)
if i keep the baby, people will think of me as a slut and whore and my relatives would probably not be supportive at all, but if i got an abortion i might feel guilty and i might regret it later in life.. but im 15 my ex boyfriends almost 18..but hes really calm about it and we would probably get back together if we decided to have it.. but i really dont know. but anyways i want to know other peoples view on abortion. (link)
I think you should keep the baby but being so young at 15 you need to know how to take care of a baby and all the responsibilties it comes with. Your family might be a little hesitant about it at first but they'll still stick by you on whatever you decide. It doesnt matter what people say. If they say your a whore or slut let it be this is none of their buisness and they shouldnt influence your decision in any way. Personally i think abortion is literary killing a live human being. You could always have the baby and raise it yourself with your boyfriend and find some support from someone whos already had kids and could help you or try going to a premother program where they teach you everything you know about having a baby. Or if you dont think you can take up the responsibility of a baby you could adopt it out to a couple who is ready to be parents. Its clearly you and your boyfriends choice on what to do but i dont think abortion is the right method to do.

okay well im 15/f.
my life is awesome.
it seems like a fairytale, big house, all the money and cloths i want, ect. well today my dad told me that him and my mom where going to get a devorce. im devistated. anyone have any good advice? (link)
I understand your situation very much because wen i was very little my parents also divorced. Theres nothing you can really do to keep them together its their choice and their only doing it so all of you can be happy. It doesnt seem like a happy thing but it will get better. All you can do is wait and see what happens and try and deal with it as time goes by.

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