(Rating: 5) thank youu. no, it was just my bikini line LOL. i'm not planning on shaving the whole thing yet haha.
(Rating: 4) thanks a lot
(Rating: 4) i liked your answer a lot. thanks for the help... waiting for your reply to my question related to previous question once again...
(Rating: 5) thx she also started spreadin rumors bout me to other friends lies like i told her things i never did n also makin my rep bad..how can i make this stop??help lol
(Rating: 5) thank you
(Rating: 5) thanks a lot i really appreciate it
(Rating: 5) thank you. and yes, i'm putting it on hold for a long while
(Rating: 5) Well, I'm not trying to decide if she has a crush, Maria and I have discussed it before and were curious, because it freaks her out a little. And I have other friends. Maria isn't even my only best friend. But I gave you a five because you seemed to put effort into it, so thank you for trying.
(Rating: 5) thanks a lot i really appreciate it and i think your advice will really help thanks a ton

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