ok so you kinda answered the alst question but should i send it anonymous or from me and what should i write on the card thing???

yes, you should let him know that it is from you, otherwise he would only guess, and might possibly get it wrong; and that'll suck :)

i think that you can write anything that you would like to on the card. just remember that anything physically written carries with it the possiblity of embarrassment. in other words, he might and probably will pass the card around to his friends, so keep it nonchalant, and friendly; don't spill your heart. just say something like:
"hey, i just wanted to make sure that i wished you a very Happy Valentine's Day!"

good luck!


Ok so it's almost valentines day and we have one of those things at our school where you can send like a little card thing like you know for like christmas you can send a candy cane or something well should i send one for matt the guy i like or not and if you say yes should i send it anonymous or not??? .


well, how has things developed with Matt? is he still showing signs of likeing you?

If nothing has changed then i don't see any reason why you could/should not send something to your crush.

just make sure that you not only send something to him, but to a few others, your friends, other classmates, etc. that way you won't look too stalkerish, and more like you are just enjoying the spirit of the holiday. if you decide to send him something, keep it small and friendly. and also make sure that you look your best, go with what you know works for you; now is not the time to be trying out a new hairstyle, make-up, etc. just make sure that you are very approachable in case he comes up to you personally to thank you for the gift.. and that is another thing, you should be thinking of topics to discuss with him in case he comes over to say 'thank you'; you don't want to seem desperate, but you don't want to seem too cold either.. somewhere in between would be best; so say something to the tune of "your welcome for the candy cane, i hope that you like it, and by the way; happy valentine's day!". make sure to smile a lot, be pleasant, and very approachable.

i hope you have good luck, and remember to enjoy the holiday no matter what happens!


ok this guy that i really really like his name is matt ok and his friend nolan asked me out for matt i said no thinking he was joking then a few days ago these 2 kids corey and jeremy asked me out for matt again and i didnt even answer them so my friends thought that matt actualy liked me and also i got sent to ISS which is in school detention for something really stupid but while i was gone my friends said that matt was like wheres julie wheres julie and looking around for me and then i was sitting there laughing and he looked over at me and smiled it was really cute hehe yeah anyway so my friends really think he likes me i dont though but my friend liz said that corey one of the guys that asked me out for matt was like i asked julie out for dont tell him or something so i was just wondering liek does anyone know if this guy matt likes me or not and if you have any suggestiong that would be great too btu i'm a really shy person when it comes to guys so just remember that please and thank you

i answered a similar question a while back, it does seem to me that he likes you, and if you like him also then you need to let that be known.

realize that no one is born with experience when it comes to the opposite sex. others might be more naturally relaxed with the opposite sex, but what doesn't come natural can always be learned.

and right now is the best time for you to develop yourself socially, and learn how to be more relaxed, how to take a compliement, how to hold your own in a conversation with a guy you like, and how to interact with the opposite sex.

believe me it will be a life saver later on in your life if you conquer this scary, but easy thing.

if his friends ask you again, then you should be very polite, and well mannered and ask them why he doesn't ask you himself, after all you don't bite.

give him a smile when you see him...

not to scare you or anything but i have seen it happen so many times where a guy will like a girl and vice versa but they never talk and eventually they give up all together.

if you want to have a chance with him then say "hello" or "good morning" followed by your best smile. if he smiles back and responds with a "hello" or a "good morning" then you are on the right track, if he engages you in conversation, and you aren't confident then all you need to do is ask him a few questions, "Hey, do you know what the cafeteria is serving for lunch tody?", or "i am having a hard time in math/science/etc. are you good at math/science/etc.?", or "so-an-so, gave me this really nasty candy and i can't get the taste out of my mouth, you don't by chance happen to have a peice of gum or something do you?"

or you know whatever you can think of... truely listen to what he says, and while he is talking think of something that you can ask him about what he just talked about, that way you can keep him going in a conversation, and learn alot more about him... later on when you can hold a conversation a little better then you can talk about something about you so he can learn more about you too...

but for right now, you need to make yourself seem approachable, you need to allow him to see that you are a sweet and polite person, and that alone might coax him out from his shy shell long enough for him to come over and say "hi".

good luck.


Ok so i have kinda sked this question beofre but asically theres this guy i really really really like and a while ago his friend Nolan asked me if i would go out with this guys i like and i said no thinking they were joking but then last week 2 of his friends asked me if i would go to the valentines dance with the guy i like and i didnt even answer them thinking they were joking again too so basically i have no clue whether they are joking or not and whether or not this guy like me and my friend said this one day i had to leave my class that the guy i like was looking for me saying where julie wheres julie(my name)and stuff like that so now she think he likes me and so do a bunch of my other friends and they also think that if they were joking why would they be asking twice so i really have no lcue what to do other then talk to the guy i like but i cant even talk to him cause like everytime i do it's like i go to say something but the words dont come out or like i freeze so Anyone PLEASE HELP ME i dont know what to do and also my friend asked the guy i like if he liked me and he said no but my friends still think he likes me so yeah PLEASE HELP i really like this guy so i cant just forget him and well yeah just help please and thankyou

if there is a next time that his friends ask you to go out with him simple say "why can't he ask me himself, i don't bite" say that in a really sweet way, not a mean irritated way... maybe this will coax him out of his shy shell... also if you think that they are just messing with you then you won't look like a fool when he never shows up to ask you himself...

don't agree to anything through his friends... it might possibly be a trick... but just in case it isn't a trick make sure to just smile at him when you see him, nothing flirty, nothing mean or rude, just a simple friendly smile is all that you need to give... you need to seem approachable... but also you need to seem too nice to have a joke played on you...

so in the end, if you smile in a polite, friendly way, and dodge the intrusive questions with "why doesn't he ask me himself" then one of two things will happen..

1. he will get the courage, or confirmation that he is looking for to ask you out himself..


2. you being nice and polite will make them less interested in playing a trick on you...

you are young and have your whole life ahead of you, and though it may not seem like it right now, 15 years from now this issue you are having will seem like nothing to you... wait until you have to start paying bills...

take this opprotunity to develop your social skills. i was painfully shy as a child and after college i developed so much confidence that i can hold my own in a conversation with strangers.

just ask questions, keep the conversation going with questions about their hobbies, etc... and if you have something in common the say it out loud...

my best advice for you right now, is to focus on your grades, and your education... boys will come and they will go, and this boy might not be around in the long run, but your education will last you your whole life...


14/f. i hang out with guys alot and now girls think im a slut. does that seem slutty to hangout with mostly guy? im just friends with them, and i still hang out with girls too. this is really bothering mee.

well, i would like to tell you that what you are going through is nothing then your peers being immature and unable to accept your choice of friendship, possibly due to their jealousy and feelings of inadquaces. but, sadly what you are going through may very well be an obstacle that you will have to overcome for the rest of your life.

i am sorry that some girls think less of you, but girls are going to do that. all you can do is develop a tough skin, and make sure that you are conducting yourself in a friendly manner, not a flirty manner.


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