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Yes, ask me questions. And I will answer.

Ask me anything. Now.

Please ask me. I have no life.

I love you

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Gender: Male
Location: Maryland
Occupation: Porno
Age: 16
AIM: Nyctophobia87
Member Since: August 16, 2004
Answers: 36
Last Update: October 10, 2004
Visitors: 1807

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(Rating: 5) haha
(Rating: 5) haha okay! i'll tell him that we both call him losers! lol
(Rating: 1) you suck! i dont care if you cry yourself to sleep at night! :( time to drown myself in the abyss
(Rating: 1) you suck! you cant give any good advice...i hope ou burn in hell asshole! now how am i going to get that apple out?!?!
(Rating: 1) I really do.
(Rating: 5) wow.. you made me laugh even though your advice sucked lol
(Rating: 1) uhh yeah you are a fagget you like hairy pussy, and your soo dumb it doesnt grow back any different, kinda like how you gotta shave your legs and guys shave their face fagget, and no i dont watch seinfield LOSER!

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