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I have aides. I was born with them and I just wanted to know if a guy would still have sex with me and if so what kind of guy should I be looking for? Please help me, I have had aides since I can remember and I just want to know if I will die being a virgin. And remember I don't have that long to life, the doctor is giving me another two years to life and I don't want to die a virgin. (link)
Uhm. .wow thats tough!* I would say that you really cant have sex =( sorry, but maybe if you found a Aids guy with it, then youll find some luck!* Im sorry you have Aids =(

ok well there is this girl, but she has a boyfriend named who knows what. and yet i am totlly in love with her and i don^t know the right words that will influence her to wanna have second thoughts about this guy. i know it is wierd but i am basiclly in love with her. but i am nbot scared to tell her i have told her and it seems that she just kinda well moves subjects when i talk to her.

so i need a way to sit her down and tell her how strong my feelings are for her. cause when i tr all i get is somthin like. " what do u wanna do know" so it is startin to annoy me in a way but the more i see her or talk to her the more love i have for her.

if anyone can help it would be great.


and thnx

If I Was You, Id Sit Her Down*&*Say No Changing Tha Subject, We Rilli Need To Talk About This!* Tell Her How You Feel*&*Make Her Listen!* Just Tell Her That You Rilli Needed To Get It Out*&*That You Wanna Know Tha Truth About Any Chances If You-n-Her Getting Together!* =) It Should Work!*

\'/--Chelzee* =) (xBaybeexCaykezx)

do you think that it is weird that a 24 year old guy is dating a 16 yr old girl? i do but i need other opinions, the girl is my best friend and i dont like it. I need help on how i can be more open about the situation. please help!!! (link)
Yeah!* Thats Deff Wrong!* Does Yur Frin Know How Much Trouble She Can Get Him Into By Juss Bein Seen W/Him?!* If She Rilli Cares She'll Save Him Tha Charges Untill Shes 18!*

\'/--Chelzee* =) (xBaybeexCaykezx)

all she want it to make love 3 time a day is that normal (link)
*Uhm I Guess So?! Idk If Your A Guy Or A Gurl. .But You Obviously Are With A Horndog?! Do Whatcha Want Only You Know Her Personality I Spose?*

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