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Cell Phones
Advice about cellular / mobile phones Ask your question here.

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Switch iCloud

Posted Friday July 25 2014, 12:20 am

I want to update my phone. I have a iPhone 4, but I'm not sure what iOS it has. But I do know I want to update my phone to iOS 7. I have a lot of notes and pictures that I really need and want to keep. I've did some research that says everything will be saved if I have iCloud. Well, I have iCloud but it's my dads and I want my own, so is there a way I can transfer the stuff from my dads iCloud to my new own? Please help and thanks to the ones that do :)

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Trying to update iPhone 4

Posted Saturday July 19 2014, 3:27 am

I want to update my phone. I have a iPhone 4, but I'm not sure what iOS it has. But I do know I want to update my phone to iOS 7. I have a lot of notes and pictures that I really need and want to keep. I've did some research that says everything will be saved if I have iCloud. Well, I have iCloud but it's my dads and I want my own, so is there a way I can transfer the stuff from my dads iCloud to my new own? Please help and thanks to the ones that do help :)

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Posted Wednesday June 25 2014, 3:31 am

Facebook says "no displayable content"

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Help ASAP: Getting random calls?

Posted Tuesday June 24 2014, 10:05 pm

I have a Textfree number. Well the numbers get recycled, so they go to new people if they're unused.

Well I kept getting "Incoming call from _____" so then I blocked the number. However, I got a voicemail that sounded like an older man and he was like "Stop denying my calls bi**h". So then I just quickly logged out of my Textfree account. Could he have possibly just had the wrong number or it was to the person who had the number last? I'm extremely scared. Only ONE person has my number. I'm going to change my number for now because I'm so freaked out. But what do you guys think it was??? :(

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sent pics being blackmailed now :/

Posted Wednesday June 18 2014, 2:08 am

Im a guy, i sent a fake picture of a **** to a girl to try and get pics back:/ im a bad person i know. but she saved the picture and is threatening to send those pics to all of my friends. now if i dont do what she says. she'll sned them to everyone. help me please

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My phone won't react to touch.

Posted Tuesday May 13 2014, 5:50 pm

I lost my phone at college and after I found it at the doorman's desk,I found that he has been fiddling with it. I had pattern lock on and I think my phone may have locked itself because he entered the wrong pattern too many times. But then I tried calling my phone and I couldn't answer the call. Could it be that my phone is really locked,or that the screen is broken? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Is there is any Iphone repair center in Hastings?

Posted Thursday May 1 2014, 11:24 am

From last few days my Iphone is getting switch off automatically. I have searched a site: does anybody has experienced it?

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gmail app for iphone

Posted Tuesday March 25 2014, 2:24 pm

I know google makes android phones so I don't know if there is even a chance, but is there a gmail app for iPhone by any chance?

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HTC Sensation cracked camera lens

Posted Monday March 24 2014, 9:45 pm

I have an HTC sensation. I got it for Christmas so I don't think I can switch phones. Anyway, I dropped it outside on the cement and didn't realize that my camera lens shattered. The lens is shattered all around and there's a hole in the middle. My pictures come out super blurry is there a way I can get it fixed or buy the camera lens?

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Free text messaging?

Posted Monday March 10 2014, 5:46 am

Is there any such thing as free text messaging? I keep seeing ads for it but it always seems to be a scam. Do you know of anyway to sens texts without having to pay?

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Sprint coverage map

Posted Friday March 7 2014, 6:00 pm

Is the sprint coverage map accurate? I want to switch to sprint because of the unlimited data plan but on the map I am close to the edge of the area? I don't want to sign up then find out I have to go 4 blocks away to use my phone! LOL! Any opinions about sprint from people who have used them?

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iphone 6 release date

Posted Thursday March 6 2014, 10:01 pm

Does anyone know when the iPhone 6 is coming out? I need a new phone because I dropped my 5s and I don't want to buy a new 5s if the 6 is coming out soon! :)

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App That Pays You To Take Pictures

Posted Wednesday February 26 2014, 1:18 am

My uncle downloaded an app and he has to set up a paypal to go with it because the app pays you to take pictures of certain displays at certain stores. I was just wondering if any of ya'll knew what app that was. He said the most recent one he had to do was take a picture of the rotisserie chicken display in the front end of walmart. I'm just looking to make a few extra bucks throughout the week as I do work at walmart and a lot of the pictures are from walmart.

If any of ya'll know what app it is and want to tell me how you like it, I'd appreciate it!

[ Answer Question | View Answers (1) ]

Which phone to buy??

Posted Friday January 24 2014, 9:04 am

Haye.. i,m bit confused in choosing to buy phone... so i want ur suggestion for it.. as u all know that the iphone 5 price basically i just want to figure it out rather i spent Rs45000.0 on i5 or i choose another cheap option...??

[ Answer Question | View Answers (1) ]

Is BBM for Nokia or is it just for iPhone and Android? (Blackberry Messenger)

Posted Sunday October 27 2013, 12:50 pm

so BBM came out for iphones and androids, is the nokia lumia considered an android and is it possible for me to get BBM on the nokia lumia 520??

[ Answer Question ]

What is the most important factor when choosing a mobile?

Posted Wednesday September 4 2013, 11:32 am

So when people choose a new phone on here, which is the most important factor they pick from.
Please note this is not for commercial purposes, just research I am doing for a piece of writing.
Thanks, and if possible please only give one reason!

[ Answer Question | View Answers (1) ]

Whats the app called on the phone?

Posted Friday August 16 2013, 2:56 pm

I want this on my phone and was wondeing the name of the app!!!!

[ Answer Question | View Answers (3) ]

Seeing if I read the text?

Posted Saturday August 3 2013, 11:06 pm

I have a basic phone, meanwhile most of my friends have a smartphone. I know if you have an iPhone or use an app like kik, it tells you if the person you're texting has read your message or not. I wanna know if since I have a basic phone, does that still work?

Example, I have a friend getting on my nerves and I've been ignoring his texts all day, and he has a smartphone (not sure which kind or brand) I have a basic phone with the most minimal data plan possible. Does his smartphone still tell him that I've read his texts?

[ Answer Question | View Answers (1) ]

Phone Clutching Out

Posted Tuesday July 30 2013, 12:51 am

So, the Samsung brightside I have had for about 6 months is really glitched out right now. I turn it on and it spazzes out and opens up applications I didn't hit. The back button shuts th Phone off and changes the master volume (wtf) whenever I send a text it types in 4678 and sends it to the person. It won't let me type, and when I try to view pictures it immediately goes to camera mode and freezes until I try to remove the battery. Any help or explanation to this would be great! Thanks in advance!

[ Answer Question | View Answers (2) ]

Can I receive calls on my iPad 1 using the TextFree app?

Posted Wednesday July 24 2013, 9:42 am

Can I receive calls on my iPad 1 using the TextFree app? Twice I've had people try and call me. I get a text/notification from the number saying "- just called you at your Pinger number." I didn't think I'd be allowed to use the call feature with my iPad 1 and that was good because I didn't want it. But was I wrong? I didn't see an option to answer anything though.

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