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Cell Phones
Advice about cellular / mobile phones Ask your question here.

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My sound quit

Posted Saturday April 4 2015, 2:31 pm

I have a android tablet. I always play my volume very low. So I know my speaker isn't blown. My sound quit the other day. I don't want to send it away to be fixed until
I'm sure it is broken. Is there any way I can fix it?

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Is there any way to sync 2 different itunes libraries to my iphone?

Posted Tuesday February 3 2015, 3:14 pm

Okay so I am wondering if there is any way to sync 2 different itunes libraries to my iphone.
I have a laptop at home with most of my music on it. However, I wanted to be able to sync music from my work computer as well. I know I can log in to my itunes account on both computers, the problem with that is that itunes is not the source of my music. I am trying to find out if there is any way I can go home, and sync to my iphone as well as go to work and when i want a song to be put on, I can put it on there as well without affecting any of the existing data.
Please help, I'm new to the apple world and its a little overwhelming.

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random phone calls at weird times please help!!!!

Posted Wednesday December 31 2014, 4:05 pm

A couple days ago I got a call from an unfamiliar number. It was a guy who said hi and when I asked who he was, he said I was supposed to be the girl he was talking to on facebook. I said I wasn't he said sorry and hung up. This happened again but he phoned with a different number. Now every morning when I look at my phone, I have some missed calls always from different numbers. The numbers are definitely from my country and they don't seem like scam numbers. Should I call them back and say they have the wrong number???? Or should I just block all the numbers?

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websites to track old text messages ?

Posted Sunday November 30 2014, 1:11 am

Hi, I was just wondering does anybody know any websites that I could go on to look at text messages from an old cell phone number even though the phone is not being used anymore ? A few suggestions would be very helpful, thank you!

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can someone gain your cellphone number from an ip address??

Posted Monday September 22 2014, 8:48 pm

Long story short, I have recently recieved word on kik messenger that someone had gotten my ip adress and knows what city I live in. Ive been so paranoid about it for the last week or so, but felt better when he stoped messaging me after informing me he knew my city. Just today, I received an unknown text message with a link to a picture and the words "It Exists" with a happy face, a fucking happy face. Is it possible that my ip address gave him my cell phone number?? I didnt click on the link, nor open the text, as Ive been told that people can send you a link that will give them your personal inormation. Im teriffied to open it. Should I open it, and what are the possibilities of it being the same man?

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My phone will not connect to my wifi

Posted Sunday September 21 2014, 5:22 pm

recently I was informed by someone on "Kik Messenger" that he had somehow gotten my ip address and gained access to certain information about me, sending a screenshot of the info he found by plugging my ip adress into a website. about a week later, I noticed my phone would refuse to connect to my wifi, whereas my parents and siblings mobile devices and laptops connected just fine. the man had mentioned something about being able to get into my phone, so I blocked him and deleted kik. I just find it a little ironic that my phone is the only one with problems "obtaining an ip adress" it might be just me being paranoid over nothing, but if you have any idea if him getting into my phone is at all possible, or what is going o...

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Can someone find my ip adress through kik??

Posted Monday September 15 2014, 3:28 pm

Hello, you answered "Can You Track A Kik Account" earlier in May this year, and it is to my undersranding, your husband is an exhacker? The only social media I have is kik messenger, aswell as instagram. I have no personal information on my instagram, nor have I ever given any out via internet. I received a messgae on Kik, a man had plugged my ip adress into a website in which had given him where I live in return. (Not my exact adress, but my hometown) He had then sent me a screenshot of the information he had received. This happened just yesterday, and I havent been able to stoo worrying. Is there any way you would know how he got my ip adress (ive been told its fairly easy) and is there any information that my ip adress gives aw...

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iphone save on battery

Posted Saturday August 16 2014, 8:58 am

Is it better to delete old messages to save on battery

[ Answer Question | View Answers (1) ]

instagram videos won't upload

Posted Thursday August 14 2014, 9:56 am

My wifi is fine, I've uptaded the app, and I've restarted my phone (I have the samsung 5) and it still won't upload my videos. When I try to do it it try to upload it for a mila second and says it failed again. Another issue is it won't say I have 16 followers. If I click the followers thingie and count it I have 16 but it still says I have 15. I tried emailing instagram but they won't answer. What should I do?

[ Answer Question | View Answers (1) ]

Water under my cell phone screen

Posted Sunday July 27 2014, 12:43 am

I left my cell phone out in the rain and has water under the screen and pad of my blackberry and I have been reading that you put it in a bowl of rice but for how long? Please reply soon.

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Switch iCloud

Posted Thursday July 24 2014, 3:20 pm

I want to update my phone. I have a iPhone 4, but I'm not sure what iOS it has. But I do know I want to update my phone to iOS 7. I have a lot of notes and pictures that I really need and want to keep. I've did some research that says everything will be saved if I have iCloud. Well, I have iCloud but it's my dads and I want my own, so is there a way I can transfer the stuff from my dads iCloud to my new own? Please help and thanks to the ones that do :)

[ Answer Question | View Answers (1) ]

Trying to update iPhone 4

Posted Friday July 18 2014, 6:27 pm

I want to update my phone. I have a iPhone 4, but I'm not sure what iOS it has. But I do know I want to update my phone to iOS 7. I have a lot of notes and pictures that I really need and want to keep. I've did some research that says everything will be saved if I have iCloud. Well, I have iCloud but it's my dads and I want my own, so is there a way I can transfer the stuff from my dads iCloud to my new own? Please help and thanks to the ones that do help :)

[ Answer Question | View Answers (1) ]


Posted Tuesday June 24 2014, 6:31 pm

Facebook says "no displayable content"

[ Answer Question | View Answers (1) ]

sent pics being blackmailed now :/

Posted Tuesday June 17 2014, 5:08 pm

Im a guy, i sent a fake picture of a **** to a girl to try and get pics back:/ im a bad person i know. but she saved the picture and is threatening to send those pics to all of my friends. now if i dont do what she says. she'll sned them to everyone. help me please

[ Answer Question | View Answers (2) ]

My phone won't react to touch.

Posted Tuesday May 13 2014, 1:50 pm

I lost my phone at college and after I found it at the doorman's desk,I found that he has been fiddling with it. I had pattern lock on and I think my phone may have locked itself because he entered the wrong pattern too many times. But then I tried calling my phone and I couldn't answer the call. Could it be that my phone is really locked,or that the screen is broken? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4.

[ Answer Question | View Answers (3) ]

gmail app for iphone

Posted Tuesday March 25 2014, 10:24 am

I know google makes android phones so I don't know if there is even a chance, but is there a gmail app for iPhone by any chance?

[ Answer Question | View Answers (2) ]

HTC Sensation cracked camera lens

Posted Monday March 24 2014, 5:45 pm

I have an HTC sensation. I got it for Christmas so I don't think I can switch phones. Anyway, I dropped it outside on the cement and didn't realize that my camera lens shattered. The lens is shattered all around and there's a hole in the middle. My pictures come out super blurry is there a way I can get it fixed or buy the camera lens?

[ Answer Question | View Answers (2) ]

Free text messaging?

Posted Monday March 10 2014, 1:46 am

Is there any such thing as free text messaging? I keep seeing ads for it but it always seems to be a scam. Do you know of anyway to sens texts without having to pay?

[ Answer Question | View Answers (5) ]

Sprint coverage map

Posted Friday March 7 2014, 1:00 pm

Is the sprint coverage map accurate? I want to switch to sprint because of the unlimited data plan but on the map I am close to the edge of the area? I don't want to sign up then find out I have to go 4 blocks away to use my phone! LOL! Any opinions about sprint from people who have used them?

[ Answer Question | View Answers (1) ]

iphone 6 release date

Posted Thursday March 6 2014, 5:01 pm

Does anyone know when the iPhone 6 is coming out? I need a new phone because I dropped my 5s and I don't want to buy a new 5s if the 6 is coming out soon! :)

[ Answer Question | View Answers (2) ]
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