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First of thanks to anyone who tries to help me. Your not waisting your time as I will rate and give feed back for all advice. Here goes. My husband lives in California, I live in North carolina, he flew down here to marry me and I'm going to live with him in a couple weeks (we lived together before but had to return to nc for custody issues with my daughter from a previous marriage) I am having serious trust issues with him and I don't know why. Every little thing he does, I find something wrong with it and want to start an argument and call it quits. I dont know why I do this, as I love him with all my heart. A couple months ago we broke up and I miscarried, he didnt call me the whole time and i think I have alot of anger torwards him for that. Is there any way to get over this? Please help me. I do want to make this marriage work. p.s. I'm 24, he's 26. (link)
hello,i am also 24 years old,so i think we may have more same ideas, i am a Chinese girl, i am now in beijing . i have the same experience like you .i think you had better make yourself more independant and braver, listen to some soft music may help you to adjust your mood,dont let those bad things affect you more.lucky

14/f. i've checked my BMI on many sites and some sites say that i'm underweight and some say that i'm normal. My BMI is around 17. but i still have some fat around my lower stomach. is it still safe to do crunches and exercise to try to lose that fat? i'm 14, 5'3" and i weight about 98 pounds. but my stomach is still buldgie. what can i do? without becoming underweight? (link)
hello im a Chinese girl .i am 1.70m and 75k,
do you think i am fat? but i am happy.because i am my view you are very thin, dont care about your stomach ,as teenagers ,health is the most important wishes~~

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