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ok so me and my bf just recently got in a huge fight basically he says i donnt care, but i do valentinesday is coming up and were doing dinner and a moving im also sleeping over. Id like to do something veryy sweet to show i care but i have no idea what to do. what should i do? Also we have been having a few sex problems its hard for him to get up and i just want everything to be perfect how can i get him in the mood and make everything workk.. Thanksss (link)
Oh wow I'm really sorry to hear that. But for Valentine's Day, I'm giving my boyfriend a glass jar filled with red, pink, black, and white pieces of paper folded up and I'm writing different things. Some of them will ne like really cute love quotes, things I love about him, the day we got together, and also amazing memories we have had together. I think this will show any guy that you care. I hope this helped becuase my boyfriend and I just got in a fight too and I was the one who said I don't care and I was wrong so I'm doing it to show him I still do.

Hello! I'm 15 and my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 9 months. We're both really looking forward to Valentine's Day but I have a couple questions. First of all, he's a freshman in college so when he does come home, his parents want to see him which obviously takes away from our time but that's understandable that they would want to see their son. But, the problem is, his Mom wants to cook us Valentine's Day dinner and then wants us to eat with their family. Do I have a reason to be upset at this? I mean, the only thing I asked of him was that we spend the entire day together, just him and myself. Anytime he comes home someone always ends up tagging along. But I don't want to sound bitchy when I tell him that I want to go out to dinner alone with him. Second of all, can anyone give me any ideas of what to do on Valentine's Day? I mean, yeah, I want to do some romantic stuff but I want to have fun. Any ideas? I open for any suggestions. Thanks for the help! (link)
Ha oh boy ok I'm like in the same situation as you. I'm 15 and my bf is 18. Just like talk to him and be as nice as possible about it. I'd probably say like it's really nice of your Mom to want to cook dinner for us and everything but I was kind of just wanting that day to be us two. Or you could always do a belated Valentine's Day Dinner! Or early haha I don't know. Ya, I would be upset if my bf's Mom wanted to do this but I would just try to be nice about it because it is pretty thoughtful. Hmm on Valentine's Day go see a movie or rent a bunch of movies together and cuddle(: or I don't know haha I'm sorry I'm really bad at thinking of ideas! I hope this helped.

(17/f) i wanted to make my boyfriend a cd for valentines day with cute relationship songs but nothing too lovey dovey. any suggestions would be appreciated! (link)
Hmm Battle by Colbie Caillat, Mad by Ne-Yo, Forever by Chirs Brown is always good, Love Story by Taylor Swift, You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift, Found You by The Fray, Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson, Hate This Part by PCD, Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, Halo by Beyonce, Whatever It Takes by Lifehouse, How Do You Sleep by Jesse McCartney, John Mayer is pretty good too. Oh and Jack Johnson. Sorry if this doesn't help you, but I hope it does!

can someone tell me where i can find free movies to download on my ipod nano...thanx alot (link)

just wondering if anyone knows of any websites where i could download songs for free for my new mp3 i got for christmas!!
thanks in advance!!
-cutechick24 (link)

ok to start off me and my ex had been going together for 11 months and in may of 2008 he broke up with me.he said that i was his main chick and that he was sorry and he made a big mistake and the reason he was breaking up with me was because he cheated and he got a girl pregnant.he was staying with her to raise a family 4 his hurt me at the time i wanted him to be with me and only me but i couldnt be selfish if he wanted to be a man & raise his child i should let him do that.we decided to be friends and i thought i would never talk to him again.but we didnt talk for about a month. and then in july of this year he told me that he wanted me to come see him . he said that he had came to my house earlier to see mee but i wasnt there.when i saw him we were acting all cool and everything i was too ashamed to tell him that i still had feelings for him.he told me that the girl he thought he had got pregnant wasnt pregnant i dont kno what happened but i didnt want to get all into his business.but then he kissed me then after he did he looked into my eyes and we were both smiling kind of shy like.he was introducing me to his cousins like i was his girl. and he said that i was his lady.he had his arm around me when we went outside. but basically that day he was acting like i was his girl.then last weekend i got up the nerve to tell him how i feel i sent him a message saying that i love him and i always will no matter what and i told him to let me kno if he got the message.he called me and we started talkin and laughin like old times and he didnt want to get off the phone with me.he told me that he still loves thing i kno he starts sending me txts and stuff everyday.he is always texting me wanting me to come see him.he even offered to pick me up.i really love him and 11 months is a long time to just throw what we had away and i kno he still loves me so what should i do?just move on and be friends with him? wait for him to ask me back out?or give him a second chance and ask him back out and if i ask him bac out how should i say it?by the way i am 16 years old and i am a female (link)
Um well I went through a similar situation (but not that "intense") I gave the guy a second/third chance, and he basically blew it. We were on/off for 7 months, and he came to me again and I gave him that chance. Just don't make a commitment right now because we're young still and there's 3 billion more guys. Obviously if he cheated once, chance are, he'll do it again. History repeats itself, and if I were you, I wouldn't give him another chance :/
Be careful if you do, though!

ok so i just got a boyfriend and he my first boyfrined.i was wondering how long do you wait to say "i love you"? we have gone out on 3 dates and hung out lots.

he has held me for awhile and i really do love do i tell him?

15/f (link)
Wait for him to say he loves you first. It will probably be around 2-3 months depending on how comfortable you guys are around each other.

1) Can you send pictures on them in a text msg?
2) Any way to get free ringtones?
3) Softwares that actually work to spice up your iphone?

1)no it has to be a multimedia message
2)not that i know of
3) "new iphone software"

who sings that song i lean like a troll up, elbows up, side to side...........

PS.Its a rap song and the person who sings it has a really deep voice. (link)
its i lean like a cholo
and its by Down

I have a pretty old phone right now. Heres the situation. i am going to costa rica in January for 6 months. I want to have a phone there but I also want one to bring back here, so that means I would need a quad band m-4 whatever... I cant remember what its called but basically just a world phone that can be unlocked and switch sim cards. Problem is, I am currently with Verizon. They dont have any world phones. Does anyone know the easiest and cheapest way to do this? (link)
uh im not sure with verizon because im with at&t, but i know that you can switch to a world phone thing with at&t, i did that because i go to mexico and europe and spain a lot, but idk what your price range is. AT&T can be a little expensive for six months or whatever...but T-Mobile does it fer sherr because my friend did that and they're pretty cheap. so yeahh

if i am 15 and i date a 17 year old, is that illegal? (link)

How do you block a number from calling your cell phone? What happens when they call if they are blocked? Do they get sent to voicemail? -- If so, how do you block them from leaving you a voicemail?

My unofficial boyfriends(UOBF for short lets say) ex IM's me like everytime I get online, and its annoying. She asks if I'm going out with this guy and makes up stuff saying he kissed her and what not. I finally just blocked her. I also blocked her on myspace. But apparently shes got my cell number now, I dont know how, but she calls me saying that my UOBF was with her at that moment saying he kissed her and asked her out and then she reads the text that I just sent him, so I was like holy crap. So I dont know what to do about her. My UOBF said that his friend who likes her had his phone. Do you think thats BS? I am not sure if it is true or not ,but I also know this girl lies like 24/7. She did however read the text to me so what's going on? Is he trying to cheat on me? He did once in the past.. Not on me, though.

But she starts a lot of shit and she could ruin my reputation so easily so I dont want her to have any way of contacting me, the only way could be in school but I've like never seen her in school except for once in the halls and I was with my "UOBF" and he pointed her out to me because I had never met her before, she just got my screen name off my myspace.

So how do I block her from calling and/or leaving voicemailss? And what should I do about her? I'm worried. Very worried. (link)
you need to call your service and ask them to block her number if you have it soo yeahh.

does anyone know a good website
to look up where i can get tickets to see ryan sheckler skate??

anything please give me it thankkks (link)
i know him. he goes to my neighbor's house all the time because my neighbor used to be his prinicpal and they're friends and so yeahh. i know him he's chill

does anyone know a good website
to look up where i can get tickets to see ryan sheckler skate??

anything please give me it thankkks (link)
i know him. he goes to my neighbor's house all the time because my neighbor used to be his prinicpal and they're friends and so yeahh. i know him he's chill

uh yeah i am being real because yeah i dont lie. so uh what did u want to know? idk where to get tix but maybe if he comes tomorrow i'll just be like where's the best place to see you and to get tix to your demos or shows

in the new epipode of the hills, there was 3 songs i rlly liked. but i dont know who sang them, or what they were called. any helpp??

one went like..
"baby your so good to me, baby your so good to me"
it was when lauren was saying hi to brody.

the other one went..
"fight before my eyes, i can see tommarow"
and it was when brody was showing lauren and lo hi xryas and they were laughing.

and the last one was like..
" and i try to get away". then it said something about tommarow

it was after lauren kisses brodys castt.

so anyone know their names and who sings them??
the first one is hot by avril lavigne.

Ok so i just started my 8th grade year! however last year there was this boy named kevin and me and him were the kind of friends who just waved to eachother between periods..Almost at the end of the year me and him started to talk and we became good friends! At the end of the school year everybody was celebrating and hugging people because it was the last day of school. Kevin came up behind me and asked for a hug so i gave him a hug and i was kinda surprised he wanted to hug me..Later on in the summer i waz at a sleep over at my friend melissa's house and i started talking to Kevin..ALOT..My friend melissa said randomly "WOW you knoe kevin!" and i sayd yea and i asked her how she knew him and she said she went to elementary with him///So we were on myspace for a while and we started calling eachother cute little bf/gf names as a joke...His ex randomly sent me a messege on my myspace and asked me if i liked him and i said yea the i got an instant messege from kevin and he said his ex taylor asked him if he liked me and i asked him what he told her and he said yea...After a few seconds he asked me what i said and i quickly logged off...I texted him and told him i said yea... then we started flirting..he told me to call him and i was around 7 pm and the conversation didnt end untill 4 in the mornin!A few weeks of flirting went by and we became a thing! he asked me out through text messege and i gladly said YES bt after about a month when he asked me out we started arguing over dumb stuff and he has this show on myspace called
"CHANNEl 69 New at 11:oo" i found out he made a new episode and usualy in his "SHow" IT was staring Him and my socalled bro Jonny from skoo..So i looked at he new vid and there waz no Jonny! just sum uther kid and kevin!And all of the sudden i heard him making fun of jonny and saying jonny had herpes! i got mad and tol,d kevin it wasnt right and messeged jonny telling him wat kev said...Then kevin found ouot wut i did and he started giving me attitude so i told him not to talk to me if he was going to act like a few weeks wents by and i finaly messeged him tellin him i didnt wanna be mad nemore and he said he didnt either so i though we were kool...Then that night i got this girl texting my phone saying
"leave my lover kevin Alone! he doesnt like you" so i wuz like wtf! So i asked kevin y he gave away my number and he said it was revenge for tellin jonny wat he had said then i found out the mystery girl was his EX taylor! so me and him started to hate eachother but after all the drama i think i still like him!!!1
WHAT DO I DO!!! (link)
APOLOGIZE. and be really nice to him :)

hey i read that advice you have some girl about acne before school pictures .. does the tooth paste work? and if it does what tooth paste to you reccomnd .. and any other tricks to get rid of them over night (link)
yeah the toothpaste really does work! uh idk about anyother methods except like seeing a dermatolgist before or what really works is just washing you face every morning and night and changing your pillow case EVERY NIGHT. and about the toothpaste is any minty toothpaste. i use crest usually or aquafresh or colgate because those all work. reply back if i didnt answer your question :)

Last September (2006) I got a severe concusion from getting kicked in the back of the head by a horse. The doctors told me that I would be fine to go back to gymnastics 3 months later. I went back and then was put into the hospital for 9 days because of too much blood going into my head. I went through all these tests and things to make sure there wasnt anything wrong. Before this occured I was in the gym for around 30 hours a week. I went back about a month ago and can only do so much tumbling passes or vaults or going upside down before I get dizzy and have to stop. Now I am only in the gym for like 6 hours a week if im lucky. Does it usually take a year to get over a concusion? When will I be able to go back and get my 30 hour weeks in again? What can I do to help me be able to go for longer? Sorry its so long. Im am just getting so frustrated! (link)
well i agree with u. i dirtbike and one day i was on a track and i was trying to clear a double but i landed to short and landed on my head like 6 months ago. so i had a concusion also and i also play softball for a travel team so it was hard to go out and play again. the doctors told me i would be able to go back in 3 months also but i ended up going out within 1 month because of a huge race. well in softball i was running home and a fat catcher fell on top of me and i was knocked unconcious and rushed to the ER. anyways getting to the point, its been about 6-7 months and i havent had anything wrong since but idk how old you are. im only 15 so yeahh. but it will probably take time. i just wouldnt rush anything to soon just take it a little at a time. so maybe next week try 7 hours. and then when comfortable at that 8 hours. just pace yourself and build yourself up because going back to early will cause even more damage. hope this helped!

what is the normal duration during sex,including foreplay and oral sex? i have a friend that said six hours,is that even possible?

and besides the average sex duration,what would be a good time length during sex so it's not too long or too short?asuming the sex is good (link)
yeah i agree with her ^^ you never know :)

i have a cyst/pimple type of thing on my forehead and a pimple on my chin.

i usually dont break out like this, and of course, i have picture day this wednesday..

how do i get rid of these quickly?

and also, does the asprin and lemon juice trick work? (link)
hmm. i've never tried the asprin thingy but i know that toothpaste dries it out overnight so just take a little bit of mint toothpaste and put it over the area overnight. but if you wear makeup, then use foundation first and then put some powder on and then bronzer. that always works for me :) all of those things. and btw-you cant really see it in the picture. i just got my braces on a week before my pictures. trust me that sticks out more :l good luck!

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