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Gender: Female
Location: France
Occupation: Student
Age: 20
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Basically I was sent a text saying that My best friend didn't want to talk anymore. I was saddened its been about 4-5 months that we have not talked. Funny though because he still wears a shirt i bought him and he is always staring at me. No matter what he looks at me and last semester asked someone how i was doing. Another he told that i did a great job on my project and funny thing i was in his class. i don't know what to do.. he held the door today for me but i used the other door. im confused as to what to do...i wrote him a note but im not sure if i should even bother giving it to him somehow...or sending it via email. whats a girl to do? I miss him and I have frequent panic attacks.

-Lost Apart of My Heart

I would write him a letter. It means he can read it in his own time, read it a few times over and really think on it. It's also a gentle approach so he shouldn't get defensive.

At the very least, you deserve to understand entirely the circumstances that caused him to make the decision and the last thing you need is to come on too heavy.

Best of luck, I really think you should send him the note.


I would like to read the bible, I am christian , is there a place i can read it online?


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