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There is this guy that I REALLY like a lot, he's my friend and all and he said that he would hook up with me and he's hooked up with my other friend before and it meant nothing to him, I'm afraid of hooking up with him in case I get my hopes too high just to have them crash and burn. I really like this guy but I am afraid of getting hurt because it will mean nothing to him if I hook up with him and I really don't like that fact. PLEASE HELP! (link)
yea um ill awnser this quick and easy dont hook up not yet any ways give it time if it feels right hey what the hell go for it but take your time make sure its right patience is the key to many things and your case it jsut might unluck the door

that last quote was quite the quote i must say haha srry

good luck

OK, I met this guy at the mall and we got to know eachother. He calls me almost everyday and we flirt ALL the time. The thing is, he already has a girlfriend. I think he likes me and all but i don't want him to break up with her for me but i REALLY like him. What should i do?!?! PLease help me!!! (link)
well of course if hes making enough effort to call u everyday he likes u i think its a matter of time just a matter of time.........

read advice get advice make favorite read feedback advicenators

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