Hey,i really don't know what to say but im here to help...any questions any problems I can help believe me i've had my share of problems and I've learned alot of lessons by just listening and letting my feelings out...at the end of the day love yourself and help me help you :-)!!!!!!


Okay, so this is a little embarrassing. I think I may have chafing in my vaginal area, but now I am freaking out about herpes because I searched it online and found that what I'm experiencing is one symptom of herpes. I don't think I have herpes though.

I believe my problem is masturbation. I tend to do this everyday or every other day, sometimes rather rough. Not vaginal penetration, just clitoral stimulation. But I read online that the friction and lack of lubrication can cause vaginal chafing.

Two months ago, I had a UTI that was cleared up with medicine but it was followed by a mild yeast infection which cleared up on it's own. Right after, the skin on the inner part of my labia started to peel which I learned sometimes happened after a yeast infection. So naturally, after the old skin was gone, there was a new layer which was more sensitive and vulnerable. This is when my problem began to start.

If I masturbate for a few days in a row, I develop a sore crack on the area above my clitoris that only hurts if I touch it. When this happens, I stop masturbating for a couple of days and it goes away. That's my only symptom. I have no abnormal discharge, no abnormal smell, no painful urination, no hard and sore bumps all around my genital area. All I have is just that one area of sore cracked skin. I believe it is caused by the friction of masturbating.

Does anyone have experience with this problem or is there someone who has an idea of what might cause this if it's not the friction? I don't think I have herpes, but I might get tested for STDs just to put my mind at ease.

Thank you.

well i don't have any experience in this but i think its best you go see a doctor and get tested:-)


ok so... a guy really likes me. he never said anything but i can just tell cuz he keeps wanting to talk to me online and he's being really clingy. honestly i'm not that into him. now i've got rehearsals of a guitar show and he's going to be there but a guy i really like will also be there. i was hoping i can finally talk to this guy but what should i do so he wouldn't interfere and ruin my chance? i can tell him to stop liking me cuz he probably doesn't even know that i know. any ideas please?

well first of all if your doing anything to lead this guy on stop it!when he tries to talk to you you need to tell him how you feel not in a harsh way but just let him down easy and tell him your not that into him...:-)

P.S.you can tell him to stop liking you because if you dont want him to ruin your chances with the other guy you have to tell him...it will be very funny if he doesnt like you but embarassing:-)


The other day this guy ask if he can eat my waffle of if i can suck his pickle but we werent eatin waffles or pickles?! can someone help me please!?
What does Waffle and pickle mean?

pickle-his penis...waffle-your vagina


Ok... I have a boyfriend and things are great except I really also like my best friend in so confused and need advice who do I pick I'm 14

First you really shouldn't be in a serious relationship because your still young you want should want to play the field and have fun...but you should tell your bestfriend and see what he says and then try it out good luck:-)


of the two methods used to determine the volume of a solid, which is more accurate?



I am a 21 year old girl and I work with a gay man that is about 4 years older than me and is much higher up in the company (I work part time just for money on the side until I graduate in May). Before I begin I want to say that he hasn't done anything wrong--I am leaving the company in a week because I won't be able to work next semester so there's no issues with that.

We have met and talked several times. He has told me about his long term boyfriend (he calls his husband)every time we spoke. They recently broke up and we went out for a drink last night (started out friendly)--neither one of us was drunk the least bit. Long story short, we ended up sleeping together. Afterwards, he stayed over and we just talked and such.

The whole thing was so weird but I've always been attracted to him but I always knew he was gay. But now I know he's attracted to me in atleast some way. I've never had a "one night stand" before but for some I know he wasn't just using me. After everything happened, he had his arms around me, he kissed me on his way out, and we just had a great time together.

Also, HE IS THE ONLY MAN TO EVER GIVE ME AN ORGASM!! He finished pretty quickly (which is another reason I know he was really attracted to me--or atleast really enjoyed himself) but he did amaazzzing things afterwards which I was surprised about because he once said that he has never slept with a woman.

Anyhow, I really want to pursue this man but I'm not sure how and I have many fears. I feel as if he does have feelings for me but I also know he doesn't believe in being bi (so he has told me). So, I am very confused about last night. And if we do end up dating, I'm afraid that I will just be his crash test dummy to test if he is straight or gay. I don't even know how to bring it up to him. Please help!!

Get him by hisself and tell him you want to know the meaning of what happened and tell him your feelings.It's natural to be afraid of what he's going to say but you have to suck it up and put your feelings on the line.I mean you were going out on a limb even sleeping with him now its time to go out on a limb again...(feel free to inbox hope this helps):-)


So every year me and my guy befriend get each other Christmas present. Normally he just asks me to make him all kinds of sweets and he buys me something funny referring to one of our inside jokes. But this year he wants me to buy him something and idk what to get! Haha I coul get him something referring to an inside joke but I can't think d anything funny... Hes 17, a senior, LOVES football (playing) he doesn't have a favorite team. And hes super mean to me on a joking way. Any ideas???
I'm sixteen, girl

Get him a football with his name ingraved on it or if his school has senior rings put a payment on it and you can get him a customized baseball cap with his name on it.Lastly if you have pictures of you guys together or important times of your life make him a collage or a scrapbook...hopes this helps:-)!!!!


If a biro or finger has entered are you still a virgin

Yes.Because a penis still hasn't entered your vagina

P.S.i dont think its a good idea to let people stick ballpoint pens up you (if thats the biro your talking about)



My ex wants me back. Near enough fact-all the signs are there and he even meets up with me secretly in college and invites me out which I decline.
The thing is-we talk reely deeply about anything, like his exes, our parents, our worries.
The other day he asked me 'is there anyone interesting you?' so i said no. I asked him and he also said 'no', and then kept going on how theres 'no rush' and 'who knows what will happen' and 'i'd rather be with someone who i've known for years'.
So how do I ask him point blank whether he does actuslly wsnt me back-so i'm clear? Because tbh i can't keep meeting up with him and being so close if we're not together. I need any advice please :)

Dear how to ask him,
next time you see him or call him tell him you want dtr(define the relationship)so both of you guys can be on the same page...don't chicken out because your afraid of being rejected. The way I see it it looks like he wants to be back together with you...good luck:-)


which is sexier or better to dance...
coment! :D

twerking is better because it makes you look sexy without looking like your dry humping the person:-)


Every were i go i always get treated like trash, like a dog. at work everyone steps on me and talks crap on me, at home i get treated like a nobody and i cant do anything about it. I still treat the ones with respect but at the same time still standing up for myself and still they treat me like i dont matter. I go to school and teachers dont want to help me because i look like a gangster or troublemaker. (i also droped out of school and went to go to an adult highschool cause of it) at home everyone treats me like a black sheep. my parents wont even help me because i should just defend myself and be a man. i get no attention from them and they act as if i dont exist but when i want to go do somthing like hang out with freinds or go to concerts they say no even though i have the right cause i fend for myself. everyone acts as if they can do this and more. they feel they own me but they don't. so why do i feel this way. P.S.
Im sorry that this message was so long im stressed out and want awnsers. Also im 17 if that helps anything

Okay first i would like to say that i am very sorry that this had to happen to you its horrible and no ne should have to go through this.Im also going to say that there is no easy solution to this problem.But,love has to start with yourself and you should never hate yourself no matter what you have to have confidence for yourself.You can't hate yourself and not have respect for yourself and expect everyone else to.It starts with you so when you get up in the morning look yourself in the mirror and say "im beautiul and just as important as everyone else"it might seem dumb but if you recite everyday you'll start to believe it.Secondly,you'll be 18 very soon(happy future birthday:-))So you'll be able to do whatever you what ( i hope you make the right decisions) so if somebody not treating you right kick them to the curb because the only people that should be around you are the ones that are in your best intrest...Be who you are and say what you feel because those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind-Dr.Seuss:-)


I just have sex, my boyfriend did not ejaculate inside my virgina but i did not know weaher am pregrant

Well first you should google pregnacy syptoms and if you notice you have any of them you need to your parents or a trusted adult that can help you with the sitauton and not mislead you.Second just because he didn't ejaculate inside of you doesn't mean anything there is something called precum that can still get you pregant.Next time be more careful and wear a condom:-)


Few days ago I was at my girl's place.Its the fourth time that I went in to her place.All those days we used to kiss and talk a lot.But last time when I went in she was on her periods.So we started kissing and it felt really strong.And she really wanted to have sex with me.I wanted the same,but still she is 15.So we had some fun,naked.Even though we wanted to have sex,we didn't go there cause her age and all.But the problem is she has always been very cautious about her virginity.But yesterday she wanted it very badly.So I want to know whether those feelings come along with her periods or they are just ordinary feelings of a teenager.I need some good advises about this situation and how I should react.

well when girls are on their period they're hormones start to rage so she was probably just having a reaction to that.tell her that she should tink about very hard before just making these types of decsions and let her know that your not rushing her to do anything.DON'T RUSH HER TO DO ANYTHING!THINK LOGICALLY!


I have a crush on this one kid and we flirt all the time but then sometimes he will act weird like he doesn't like me. I want to act hard to get but I don't know how. I'll be seeing him this weekend and I don't wanna fall into the trap of flirting with him and then him backing away. help please!!

When you see your crush be nice say hi and hold a convo with him for only 5 mins. maxium then say i'll be right back and go talk to your friends for a while.The key to playing hard to get is to still act like you like the person but to not be in their face all the time...give them space.:-)


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