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I've liked this boy for a while and he knows it. I asked him to winter formal and he said yes and he got me a corsage and matched me and everything.
A day before formal, I saw that he had left this girl on myspace a comment on this picture of hers saying she was beautiful and stunning and gorgeous. She left him one back saying thanks and he said no problem took the words out of my heart. That REALLY scared me. That girl is a whore. She has a new BF every week and shes ugly.
So last night at formal me and this boy had a BLAST. We seriously freak danced the whole time and held hands and got really close and he didnt even dance with her or anyone else. Just me. He didn't even look at her dancing and she was right by us. He even hugged me when it was time to go.
This morning I left him a comment on said that I had fun and thanked him for taking me and everything, he wrote me one back saying "yea i had fun" and that was IT.
SO does he like me or not? Am I wasting my time on him? I really wanna take things slow, but I dunno if I should even be liking him...

The answer to your question is a lot easier than you think. No... you are not wasting your time with him. He likes you, that is obvious. Also... you already know you like him so why worry about whether you should like him or not? You already do like him. The final question... are you going to get back together? Maybe... you already had a good time together and good times don't happen with everyone. This does not mean the relationship will go anywhere or last forever. The best thing you can do for yourself is to pay attention so you don't get caught by surprise. It could tke a long time before you really know what he is all about. Contact him again and ask him to if he wants to do something else.

ok i have a serious question
i bidded on something on ebay and i really dont want it anymore

can u plz plz tell me what happenes when you dont pay for something on these?! (link)
If you have more than 24 hours left in the auction, you can withdraw your bid. If less than 24 hours, then you will have to write to the seller and ask him to remove you from the bidding. The seller can remove you from the auction at any time.

If you win the auction but do not pay, the seller will file a complaint and ask for any fees he paid to be re-imbursed. He will, most likely, leave negative feedback... perhaps calling you a deadbeat. If you get enough negative feedback, people will be less likely to deal with you.

E-Bay also monitors the situation. They will send you a warning. If you do this again, they may suspend you. It is unlikely they will suspend you for only one infraction.

i'm doing a project on ghosts and i need to conclude my essay about the believer's and non-believer's views and i'm a bit stuck for ideas! i've written about a few perspective's but i need a few more.

so for what reasons would a person either believe or not believe in ghosts?
Any personal views or points in general would be a great help thank you :)

i rate all answers :)

The belief in ghosts is more complex than it would appear on the surface. Someone's religion could have a significant influence in the belief of ghosts. Some religions almost forbid the line of thought that a soul can come back in ghostly form while some religions promote the existence of spirits, dieties, ghosts and angels. However, even stronger than religion is the internal belief that we have a soul or spirit and that soul or spirit can live after our body dies. This belief accounts for centuries of paranormal ghost sightings... the idea that we need to believe life goes on. The argument for not believing in ghosts is equally as complex. Medeival europeans believed the earth was flat for centuries and any argument to the contrary was considered heresy. So... religion, societal views and restrictions and even your upbringing can account for non-belief. Another reason to not believe can be found in the testimony of former long-time "ghost hunters"... paranormal specialist who now belief that ghosts do not exist. There are more than a few that now say ghostly emissions have other "real world" physical origins. Some of these explanations are quite complex, very entertaining and entirely plausible. In the end, it is your internal belief structure... outside the confines of religion, politics, and society... that most often determines your views on ghosts.

What is the difference between a lyric soprano and a coloratura soprano? (link)
It's all about range. Some people divide Soprano into 4 categories. Contralto has the lowest range, followed by Mezzo, then Soprano and then Coloratura (the highest). There are some afficienados who even argue that Coloratura is not so much a range as it is a style. To make this even more confusing, there are other people in the opera world who say that Soprano is divided up into 9 categories. In their way of thinking... Coloratura, Dramatic Coloratura and Lyric are three closely related ranges and there are 6 other ranges to be considered as well. In general, Lyric Sopranos have light sounding voices with high range. To confuse you (and me) even more, most purist say there are only 3 true ranges for Soprano. These basic types of solo soprano are coloratura, lyric, and dramatic. The coloratura has a great range and impressive vocal agility; the lyric soprano has a light, pretty voice; and the dramatic soprano has a sustained power suitable for operatic roles.

I'm dating a guy who's nice, but I'm just not feeling a "spark" or anything. We're comfortable together, that's all. Like really good friends. Is that enough for a lasting relationship? I'm just not the "fall head over heals" type. (link)
Being a guy, I have listened to women speak for years and not fully understood the message. Suddenly, some of it makes sense.

Your relationship will fall apart sooner or later. It is doubtful you can still remain friends afterwards but you will try anyway. In the end, you were with a "nice" guy but most women don't want just a "nice" guy.

My advice is not "my" advice. It comes from a woman who was in love with someone and was also a friend (and nothing more). She said she knew she was in love because she could feel it instantly and because her heart was racing faster than her mind. She could tell when she was "in love" at the moment she saw someone.

She also said that the "heartbeat" will eventually slow and the long-term relationship will change into something like you now describe (if you are lucky). But, if you start off that way, you will always feel like you have missed something.

I didn't like her answers at first but now, especially after hearing your question, I believe her advice is good for you. You would not have asked your question if you didn't feel you were missing something already.

My personal advice is to stay with him until it is time to move on. You still enjoy his company and there are lessons to learn before it is time to move on to the next adventure.


I'm 20, she's 39. We met out of the blue on a street while she was asking me for directions. We hit it off, and went for a date on the saturday night. The connection was there, we spoke for hours and really got abosrbed in each other. When I brought her back to her appartment, she invited me back up, and after some more talk, we kissed and one thing led to another....

I feel some kind of connection, and I know she does too. But I just find the 19 year old age difference a little spooky. Is it safe for me to date someone that much older than I am? I'm not looking for love, but I am looking for respect.

I wish I was you. Trade places with me...please.

Crazy question you have... you already know the answer. You are going to go for this no matter what anyone says.

Chances are this is not a long term relationship (in a romantic sense) but it will probably be intense and physical. Cool things, these lessons in life. You are about to experience a big lesson and I don't think you planned it that way. You are going to hear things, see things and feel things from a generation not your own. Most of it will "click" later, so don't act like all the puzzle pieces have to fit right now.

The bigger "age difference" is when you are 40 and she is 59.... that causes more problems than where you are today.

You want my best advice? Trade places with me.

My cat, whom I owned for a happy 11 months, ran away. His name was Caspian and he was completely grey, not to mention the most sweet tempered and cutest cat I've even known. My mother let him out one day (even though we both decided before we got him that he would be an INDOOR cat AT ALL TIMES) and he never came back. This, of course, depressed me greatly and he still hasn't come back after two weeks. Slowly, I've let my hope die. How do I deal? (link)
Hmmmmmm..... yours is the best question I have seen so far. Follow some of the advice that has been given but not all of it (don't give up just yet).

Hope is what hurts. You still have hope your cat is alive and that will give way to reality when you are ready. Do not give up hope until it is time to let go.

Laying around depressed is your biggest evil. Being depressed is not the bad part. Taking no action to find your cat is bad.

Post ads in the newspaper. Put clear messages on telephone poles and walls in your area with your phone number and info (be very clear). Check the humane society every week. They put animals to sleep (I am totally against that). Check there every week. Caspian may not even turn up at the humane society for over a month after disappearing.

Do not stop but do not be obsessive. Do something every day. If you do this, you may just get your cat back. If you do not get your cat back after all, you still will know in your heart that you did everything within your power to get your loved one back home... and that will mean something to you in the future.

BUT... for now... since you still have hope... go do something about it. Caspian is looking for you too.

My boyfriend is physically incapable of selecting decent movies for us to watch together. I keep trying to coach him on it ("okay honey, now see, this is another lame flic about rich people killing for more money...") but it's not working. He just doesn't understand the words "pick out something intellectual". I end up chosing most of the movies myself now but it'd be really nice if I could just say, "Pick something up on the way here and we'll watch it" when I'm feeling lazy. Got any tips on how to make him get it? Is this a sign that he's just not right? (link)
This has got to be one of the 5 biggest "relationship" mind bogglers. It is not as important as money or sex differences when it comes to long-term romance but it is almost always asked by people who share time together. Women have differing tastes than men (Obviously) but it is deceptive when it comes to movies. That is why they have something called "chick flicks" for women and why a movie with explosions in the soundtrack is almost always preferred by action-type men. The hidden question here is not his choice of movies but why you like him in the first place. My opinion... if he started to watch intellectual flicks, it would not make him an intellectual and it would not bring you closer to him. He is your boyfriend despite his choice of films. However, it may make your movie experience slighly better if Hollywood decides to make more intellectually romantic movies that have lot's of napalm-like explosions and rich people chasing money. Of course, this is just an opinion. Being a guy, I thought Starship Troopers was a real tear-jerker.

there's this really hot guy. he refers to me as his little sister. i wasn't hit head on with love as most people do. love sneaked carefully upon me so i didn't notice. then... it hit me hard. and now i can't shake it off. i don't want to ruin this wonderful friendship i have with him, but i can't help wishing we were more than that. what should i do? how do i shake off this feeling? should i even ignore it? what can i dooooo??? (link)
You do not need to be as confused as you sound. You have all the answers but one. First, he thinks of you as his "Little Sister"... which means he is not currently romantically (or physically) interested in you. Second, Friendships are rarely lasting. In your lifetime, if you can say you have had a handful of long-lasting "great" friendships, you are in the rarest of company. So... risking the friendship to achieve something that is possibly better is well worth the risk... and it obviously your desire to do this. Third... you cannot "shake the feeling" as you put it. The harder you try to ignore it, the more intense it will become. To lose the feeling, you must accept it and move on to other things (such as a similar feeling for someone else). You don't sound ready to do this. Last (and definitely most complex), if you want to make it more than a friendship, you must find out what is preventing him from seeing you only as his little sister. Perhaps it is chemical and he does not find a physical attraction for you or perhaps he is not telling you the truth and he is secretly attracted to you. Most likely, there are things involved here you do not yet see. You must find out what these things are and then you might have a chance... but it is a very long shot. Still, the reward of the best possible outcome happening outweighs the risk for the worst possible outcome. Whatever you choose to do next must be done with the understanding that you may not like the outcome. If you can truly accept this, the rest is up to you.


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