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Next year, when I'm in 9th grade, I want to join color guard. The thing is I have no experience at all.I have a good figure, but at times I'm kinda clumsy and I'm afraid I will drop the riffel or something. Also, it takes me a little bit longer to learn a routine than most people because I have never done dance or anything of the sort.
Does anyone have any suggestions that will help me be more cordinatted? (sp)Thanks!! (link)
So, I'm a senior, and was my school's colorguard captain this year.
Lemme just tell you a few things:
I wasn't in marching my freshman year; I started in sophomore year.
I was clumsy, and at the beginning, using a flag made no sense at all to me.
I was terribly shy.

But I got through it, and am going to be marching in college next year.

What I'd like you to know is that everyone is a freshman at some point, and the girls will be happy to help you. However, if you're still nervous, look to see if your high school has a camp/clinic this summer, and see if there's somewhere you can practice during the fall where you can SEE YOURSELF. Best would be a reflective door you could practice a few feet from outside.
In my experience, you need to know how you look during a routine to feel really confident about it.
The only other advice I can give you is to learn the basics that you will be taught next year well.
And of course, go for it. Colorguard is a great experience.

When I do crunches or ab workouts, my abs shake really bad.

When I just bend up for a crunch, it shakes horribly and I don't know why. Maybe my muscles are weak? Thanks in advance! (link)
If the shaking isn't painful:
When stretching, or doing crunches, or really anything physical, you NEED to make sure you're breathing enough.
You stop breathing as much as you do normally when you're concentrating on working out.
If your muscles get less oxygen when you're using them more, you shake.
Your abs (or whatever part of your body you stretch or work out) will continue to shake unless you remember to take deep, easy breaths while doing your excercises.

If the shaking is painful:
Slow it down. Remember that working out those abs isn't going happen in one week. You'll feel better if you push yourself, just don't over do it.

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