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I love hanging out with friends reading listening to music and giving advice if my friends need advice im the first person the come to!
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My boyfriends parents are divorcing and I want to give him a kiss and hug him and tell him its all going to be alright. But we havent kissed yet. We have been dating for four years, How should I go about doing this? (link)
well it sounds like hes been really pissed about his family so just wait until hes not so sad and then when you lean over to kiss him he should respond with one too

hey everyone. I just want to know some tips on how to lose a little bit of weight. I am a size
5 in jeans and i have a very large breast size. I am not fat but my weight is about 146 lbs i think. I am on the track team in school, but I just want to lose a little bit of weight. And tighten my stomach. Does anyone know a good ways to tighten your stomach, and lose just a little bit of weight? (link)
Hi umm i was looking at your question and im a bit chubby too but iv been on Tony Ferguson Celeb Slimand eating salad at night and within 1 week i lost 4kg's i was sooo exited you can buy celeb slim on the tony ferguson website hope i could help

So this new girl came to our school, and
and she has kinda know become friends
with my girls. So it's now the four of them
and not me. I feel left out, and unwanted.
She can be nice to me sometimes, but I
don't like her, I wish she would go back
to where she came from! I just want it
to be us again. Not her!!! (link)
Sorry but i dont agree with anonymous20141's answer im 13 right its happened to me before i thought well i was here first so back off im in this group and your not if you dont like it big deal! so she backed off! so my advice is basicly tell her back off try thhat see what happens
Dont worry just find so new friends and make them jelous of u

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