(Rating: 5) Feedback Changed by DN. This user wasn't being honest with themselves, and every person who told them the truth was rated badly. You gave good advice, and so your rating has been modified, and the user has been banned for cussing out people who took the time to answer. ---------- Original feedback: Yes you idiot, I turned it down because it made no sense to move and start a new job. I would have lost money doing that.
(Rating: 5) Thank you!
(Rating: 5) Thank you so much! Moving closer, but not all the way was the answer.
(Rating: 5) Thanks so much!!!:) I have an appointment to get birth control and you were correct about what you said. He was very happy when I told him I made the appointment.
(Rating: 5) thank you!
(Rating: 5) Thanks! I really appreciate your feedback
(Rating: 5) I am not trying to sabotage anything! i just like doing more than one guy and keepin them all in the dark about it so i need to know if i should brak up with him because i know he loves me.
(Rating: 5) Thanks for working with limited details. The links were helpful! I found Army of Darkness and the rest of the Evil Dead series. AOD is AWESOME! found them by following links you sent, so thank you!
(Rating: 5) Yes!!! Thanks you! :)
(Rating: 5) This is great advice, thank you. I'm going to take it greatly into consideration and hopefully pull through till I reach my goal. Thanks again
(Rating: 5) Thank you! I know I should know more but I am only 10. Thanks for not being mean even though I am stupid.
(Rating: 5) Thank you. Im trying not to drive myself insane!!
(Rating: 1) I don't like how judgmental it is.
(Rating: 5) Thank you! And i guess youre right. I just am like scared from our past and dont have too much trust in him. But worrying solves nothing and now hes getting healthy which has never been done. Idk he didnt call tonight either :/ hope hes still interested
(Rating: 5) thank you! So hard to tell if he just is breaking up with me nicely :/
(Rating: 5) His mom is a pillhead/ meth attic- she picked drugs over her son, and thats why he was homeless. So he doens't speak to her or wht much to do with her. But we tried the rent thing, and that didn't work either. I'm not too sure what a flatshare is. I've never heard of that, but I'll do some research! Thank you so much!
(Rating: 5) Thank You
(Rating: 5) Thank you!!!!
(Rating: 5) I thought so too. Thanks!
(Rating: 3) What it tells me is that people don't know what they're talking about. My sister is mentally behind by years. And yes when you get to the point of marriage, you will definitely care about how successful your husband is and if you don't guess what? You're going to be very unhappy in the future.
(Rating: 3) I'm actually smarter about some things that you may think that I am, my sister is the one that doesn't really know much. There is something wrong with him when he's living at his parents house on unemployment for a year, and depending on his parents for extra money. A 32 year old high school drop out should be doing what he has to do. And marrying a successful man is everything, my problem is he's not successful and shows no signs of ever being successful.
(Rating: 3) 1 would be far too harsh! It was a Mensa Supervised IQ test, but obviously you need to be in the top 2% to join Mensa, so point taken! I'll leave it off the resume! I was just curious: Its always a good conversation point. I know, I'll just be bragging. But that's what I do...it makes me feel better about myself :)
(Rating: 5) thanks :)
(Rating: 5) Thank you SO much!
(Rating: 3) Thanks, But it wasn't quite that. It was a bottom border, there was a little button at the top that got rid of it. But Thanks allot for your help!
(Rating: 5) Thanks! Its all coming back to me now with all the 'correlation' and relationship-talk between variables! THANKS!!!
(Rating: 5) good advice and thank you so much!
(Rating: 5) thank you very much. its not that he can just come back crying to me and ill forgive him. i made it very clear that he was beyond lucky to be getting another chance, and not to take me for granted anymore, because he makes me look like an idiot. i do really love him, but i cant say once a cheat always a cheat. because ive cheated once before too, and never have again. but thank you very much <3
(Rating: 5) Thanks:) I actually found out he is not worth my time so im moving on:)
(Rating: 5) Thank you so much! That makes me feel so much better! =)

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