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I just made Fish Cheerleader for FMHS 05-06! I love hanging out with my friends and shopping! I like the aggies and going to pro teams in any sport in real- life! I love chips and salsa, boneless buffalo wings, raisins, and sunflower seeds! If you ever wanna go paintballing, dont be afraid to call me! ttyl
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Amanda Kay
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i hav a bun in the oven but the pops dont know about it soo u got any ideas of wut i shud do? (link)
LOL! I would tell your dad ahead of time so when it is later in the year he doesnt say, "why didnt you tell me earlier." Make sure you are crying when you tell him! Hope i helped!

heyy Amanda!!!
kinda a sucky situation...i have a crush on my best guy friend. we're so tight. i can tell him ANYTHING. we've been friends ever since i can rememeber, and our familes are good friends too. he has a girlfriend...we're okay friends....but we're not the greatest. she's really nice. one day he told me that he loved me, and that he loved me more than he loved his girlfriend. i told him i felt the same way about him, but after that, we didn't do anything about it! he's not going to dump his girlfriend because he doesn't want to just dump her and even think about going out with me...she's too sweet...and i'm not sure if he even loves me anymore. i still love him a lot...more than a friend...what should i do?
~help (link)
You should just keep loving him! Hopefully you dont stop loving him just because he has a girlfriend that is sweet! They are not gonna get married(probably) and soon enough they are gonna break up just becuse of highschool and stuff(asumming you are in 8th grade!) Also i think it was rude for him to tell you that he loved you while not being single! Think about this! Do you want a guy that will tell another girl he loves her while yall are going out? You could move on, but it is kinda hard to, and unless you trust him enough that you know he wont cheat on you, i woul try to move on! If i knew who this was i could probably help you out better! Hope i helped!

Well there is this guy that i think likes me but i dont feel the same way because i like other guys. What shud i do with out hurting his feelings? (link)
Just tell him that you really like him as a friend(if you do).You just dont want to ruin your friendship with him and you definetely like this other guy! Dont say you dont feel like having a boyfriend right now because you do! Just tell him the truth! tell him that you like someone else because you just dont feel the love connection or sumethin! For me this is kind of a tuffy! Sorry! That is the best i could do! I hope i helped!

hey my arm pits sweat alot and my deodreant cdosent really work and it seems like ive tried every thing so do u know like what kind of deoderant i should use cuz having sweaty pits is the PITS! (link)
This is kind of a weird subject but thats okay!(kind of embarrasing) I used to have sweaty u know what until i started using this stuff called Secret! On it it says Secret, invisible solid, strong protection, and pear illusion! I would definetely recommend that! I hope i helped!LOL!

your awsome i love you a lot and i would really apriciate it if you atleast read my quetion.... i have just tried out for somthing i REALLY wanted to do. i didnt make it and now i dont think there is anything close to it for me to start doing it so i can get better and have fun. its the only thing i can do that gets my mind of things or problems. i dont have a lot of money so a lot of the other opprotunities i have are not an option anymore. i just want to do have fun and do what i'm good at, and now i feel like i cant. its love doing this and i dont think many people understand how much it helps me and how much it means to me. i know i took it the wrong way when i figured out i didnt make it but for me sometimes wrong is discized as right. if you had no money no hope and no way to express yourself what would you do?
thank you for your time
(anonymous) (link)
okay! instead of being all sad about it, make yourself work hard at the thing you love doing! Maybe you could hang around the people that did make it and ask them for advice! That would definetely make a big improvement! Just keep going for your dream and never give up! someday it will come true! You could also get a journal to express the way you feel! it could be a pocket-sized journal so you can take it anywhere! If you ever feel the need to express your feelings, what better to do than write it on a paper! I dont know if you are experienced at this or not, but again, you could ask the experienced people what would help you improve on those skills and always believe in yourself! You can always try out again! I hope i helped!

hey theres this girl at my school and we used to be good friends we were like best friends ever since like 6th grade and now shes been acting gay!Lately ive been getting more involved in my cheerleading b/c i just made freshman cheerleader (im very excited) but now it seems like she hates me and she thinks that were like growing a p a r t or what ever b/c i like my cheerleading friends better uhhh not true and she told me that im the one whos changed but after she told me that i asked some of my friends whos changed and they all said that she is the one whos changed.Im still the same person ive always been and always will b. So i dont know if i should try to fix the problem between us and get things to b like they used to be or jsut keep my distance from her but still always b there for her? (link)
I have this friend who i used to always hang out, like evryday and 24/7! I got so upset with her that i didnt talk to her for like five weeks! When i started talking again we forgot about all of our problems and now we best friends again. Maybe you just need your distance from eachother for awhile! Maybe because you hang out with her so much that yall are getting tired of each other! Always have her back! Even if you never become the best of friends! the true friends are the ones who always stand up for you even if they think it is wrong! Well my advice to you is to make new friends and keep the old! LOL! maybe keep your distance for like a couple of weeks, then maybe you will become friends again! If not tell her that you are sorry( and mean it) and try to fix the problem! I hope i helped!

what do you do when you like some one and they like you back but they say wait. she got grounded and i havent talked to her in like 4 weeks. i know we like each other but i dont have to chance to talk to her wht do i do (link)
if you really like this girl i would stay with her because you are not gonna get one like her ever again. Maybe you could write her a letter( I know it is kinda boring for guys) but that is one way you could stay in contact! Another, is that you could call up the radio station and try to get them to anounce her name on it. (Hopefully she can listen to the radio but i am not for sure!) also, why cant you talk to her at school? Does she even go to your school!) Answer these questions for me and i will get back to you! I hope i helped a little!

ok well i really like this guy and he dosen't like me[don't think] how can i make him start to realize what he's lost?

pretty gay ? amanda but sry got nothing else
luv ya tOrRaNcE (link)
silly torance!
All you have to do is be yourself!
You are so entergetic and cute and fun that everyone loves you, and if you think this guy doesnt like you then it is definetely his loss! How to show it, i am not really sure! Maybe you could get a couple of guys,or girls acting like guys,to act like they are in high school and accidently call him, and say how hott tory is! LOL! The problem is that we dont want any lying going on around here!LOL! You don't have to show him anything! Just always stay in touch with him, and always talk to him, and maybe after awhile he will realize that he likes you, above all the other girls! It may not be anytime soon, but surely, if you just be yourself, he will like you! There is no rush! I mean i know everyone wants a boyfriend, but to wait and have one that lasts and really cares for you is awesome! I hope i helped!

i hav a few ? to ask u. first off wat would look better: a 99 ford lightning svt with the standard issued svt rims,lexani virus rims, or the lexani krane rims. second which has more horse power the 99 lightning svt or the dodge ram vts? Lastly if i were to install a air system to lower the hieght of my future truck which brand should i use( and dont say they are all good i want a specific brand) Thanks a lot (link)
i think the lexani virus rims would look really hott! Any girl would go for that! But i also still love the standard too! I have never even heard of the lexani krane rims, is there even such a thing? i would definetely say the 99 lightning svt has more horsepower! I dont know much about cars so i really cant answer the last question! i hope i helped!

how do u know if a girl likes u (link)
You will never know until you ask her if she likes you yourself, unless it says that she likes you everywhere in her profile and things like that. Dont be a wimp, just ask it to her face, and if she doesnt answer right off the bat, than it is most likely a no, but you never know, because she might. if i was this girl and i didnt like you, i would avoid the question. If i did like you my face would turn red and i would nod my head! But that is just me! Because i dont know this mystery girl, i really dont know what to tell you! I hope i helped!

Does size matter?
It depends on what kind of girl you like! If she is really prude, she probly wont care because she wont do anything with it! lol! If she is like not prude at all, it is definetely gonna matter when yall are doing things that are crazy and wild, unless your girlfriend loves you, which i for sure no she does! It just depends, but hopefully it doesnt matter! i hope i helped!

i really like this girl at school but she is so mean to me and my friends say to stop liking her i really don't know what to do

ryan m
well, if you really like this girl, keep liking her! MAybe she is being mean to you because she likes you. Most likely not. If she has been mean to you over a year she really doesnt like you. If it has been less than a year, keep liking her and follow your heart! If i was you i would want a girl who is nice to me 24/7 and a girl who would like me for who i was! Maybe you are bugging the girl! Is she popular? It's not a bad thing if she is, but move on if so, because she probably doesnt know what to do either! Think about having fun in your life, and stop dopping around thinkin bout the girl you like, because your true love will come to you, not pull away from you! i am sure you will find someone soon! i hope i helped!

i want to do sumthing nice for my aunt who has a type of cancer! what should i do? (link)
Aww.... thats really sweet! Maybe you could right her a poem about your lives together and things you remembered. If you dont write poems very well, get help from a friend or a family member, i would always be glad to help. Another thing you could do is draw a picture of your aunt and her family or just ur aunt and yourself. Personally i would write her a poem because it always touches peoples hearts!
hope i helped!

While babysitting I let the kids out to play and stayed inside. While they were out, they got should I tell the parents? (link)
Well, first of all, being a good babysitter is always staying with the kids, so that was wrong in your part. Tell the parents that you made a big mistake, tell them what happened, and if they dont let you babysit again, they wont let you babysit again. It wouldnt be the end of the world. Just let them know that you care about the kids and that you are honestly sorry. If you dont care about this situation at all, you dont need to be babysitting, make a lemonade stand. i hoped i helped!

whoever asked those other questions is a queer, but this is forreal. ok say your best friend is going out with this guy that you like and you always catch him checking you out and stuff... and shes cheating on him... what do you do? you know you will treat him better, but you dont know how to show it. what would you do? (link)
I personally would tell my friend that if she is going to cheat and stuff, that she probably needs to break up with the other guy(in a nice way!) Never go to the guy and tell him that she is cheating and he needs to break up with her, that would not be a good and honest friend. Also i would tell her that i could treat him better if she doesnt shape up her act. Tell her that you would love to go out with him because he has a lot of good qualities(and name them.)Maybe she will let you have a chance with him, but if not, honestly tell her the whole truth, and nothin but the truth, and say that you dont know what to do. I hope this helps!

what if im not a boy!! what if im a girl? is it bad to be attracted to the opposite sex?
of course not! thats what most ppl are attracted to, the oppsdite sex! lol! but either way you are perfectly fine! If you are a girl, it is definetly normal to feel all jittery inside when you are around a guy you are attracted to. Dont worry if you are attracted to the oppsite sex or not! IT doesnt matter! It isnt bad anyway if you found your true love!


i think i like boys... is that bad? ive hurd its natural, but i just dont know... i really need help on this one... like, do you like boys bc i find them rather ingtriginly sexy. i would tell you if im a boy or a girl, but i dont know how to tell that either!! im so confused! should i know that by the age of 15? maybe im a little behind... some people say i need professional help, but dont worry, i dont think i REALLY need help, just a little advice!! thanks dude (link)
even if you are a boy or a girl you should go with your heart! Ask yourself these questions- Who do you feel more comfortable with? Who do you get jitters inside with? Who do you think is more dead sexy? Even if you think ppl will make fun of you, you will never feel good if you dont let out the truth and have fun with ur life! Go with your heart, its okay if you like boys even if you are one! I hope i helped!

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