i am 4"11, brown hair w/ blonde highlights, i have a pretty good tan, i love soccer and volleyball

Dont 4get 2 rate me!


y do u like brandon so much this is from aj

bcuz i think he is hot and i like his personality a lot......

aj i cant believe u asked this!

im embarrassed!!!!!!!!!!



see some guy is just a friend michael light and he ask me out. so i said yes and then i told my best friend .she got mad because she likes him but i like him 2 he will not go out wit her but now she wants me 2 break up wit him or she will not be my friend anymore .what should i do?

your friend should be supportive of your relationship with ur boyfriend. go 2 ur friend and ask her if the same thing happened 2 her would she want u 2 do the same thing she is doing. also tell her that u like him a lot and if she still feels the same way then shes not a very good friend.

hope i helped!


my boyfriend and i have been going out for 3 months well last month he said weve been going out for two months why havent we had sex yet? and i just said idk. he keeps asking me and asking me! wat do i do!!??

-i am i 14 year old female

im srry i cant really answer this question its your choice to make tho dont let him pressure u 4 sex wait till ur ready. im really sorry i cant tell u more!

hope i helped!


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