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I'm thinking about putting my photography on
But I'm worried about people stealing it. How can I watermark my photes so that it looks professional and not sloppy?

Photo editors I have are Picnik, Picasa, and Photofiltre. (link)
If you are truly worried about people 'stealing' your art, I would avoid posting anything online.
Now remember, once it's online, anyone and everyone can access, view, save and share your photography. You have to understand this if you post anything online.
Now, if you are serious about having your work credited to you, remember this: as soon as you create a work of art (writing, photographs, drawings, paintings, music, etc) it is yours, and it is copyrighted from the minute you create it.
Many people may not know that fact, but it is true. You really have no true issue unless someone takes your work, benefits from it in some way and claims it as theirs. Because of this, I would try to establish your photography with at least some type of signature. Perhaps take the time to create a unique and creative signature online and apply this to every photo you post. It can be small and visually pleasing so as to not take away from the actual photograph. Good Luck!

I'm worried I could be pregnant.

I'm 21f. My boyfriend is 18

The reason I'm worried is because I've been on the pill for about 4 years now and I take it at the exact same time every day. Well me and my boyfriend went to a concert on Friday night and he held my phone for me and I told him to let me know when my alarm went off so I could take my pill. Well I went to the bathroom and came back and asked him what time it was and it was like 9:11. I usually take my pill at 9. And then I'm also worried because my boyfriend was a virgin before this and so I'm not sure if he put the condom on right. When we were done and got up he said "Well it looks like it worked"

We had sex Saturday morning. I'm just freaking out! I wouldn't be as worried if I took my pill on time the night before. I don't even think the condom broke but I'm just worried my boyfriend didn't put it on right or something. Now I have stomach pains, but I think it's because i'm stressing myself out so much thinking about it. (link)
11 minutes late taking your birth control can barely be considered 'late'. Every oral contraceptive comes with a packet explaining the procedure if a pill was missed or taken late. Assuming your taking the most commonly used type of birth control pills (2 hormones), most after you miss a pill, or take a pill late twice you should use back up birth control. Considering you really hadn't taken any late or missed any, and the fact your boyfriend wore a condom, you should try not to worry. Even birth control with just one hormone (which is less effective and more time sensitive)says to use back up birth control if your pill is taken 3 hours late.
Remember that stress can delay your period as well as causing you to feel 'pains' that you may try to contribute to something when really it is nothing at all. If you miss you period, take a pregnancy test and go from there. But I really feel you shouldn't worry.

I'm 13 can I tan at a tanning salon?! (link)
Depending on what state you live in, you may or may not be able to. Since you are 13, you will need parental permission if you are allowed to tan at a salon. (Many states require this for persons under the age of 18, others 17, etc.) Depending on the state though, you may be completely banned until you are above the legal age limit. Check out the NSCL website for info on laws by state.

19 F
I really don't know how I got to this point, where I had to buy a pregnancy test. I've never really been a rebel, in fact I'm a good kid was a virgin until 2 weeks ago. I guess I got too carried away when my parents gave me liberty and let me sleep over my friends house whose brother is my boyfriend..bad idea. We ended up having sex. 2 times. Unprotected.( I know, I know that was stupid!) He said he never cummed inside of me, but precum can get you pregnant. I got my period last month sept 13. And its the 18th and it still hasn't come. I took a pregnancy test (E.P.T.) With my friend (she helped me, because I know nothing about stuff like this) and it came out negative . So I was off course thrilled. But that was 3 days go. And now its the 18th and I still haven't gotten my period. I'm extremely nervous. The way I took it was I peed on a cup, then put the EPT stick inside and waited 2 mins. It came out negative. I mean could my period just be irregular? Wat are some early pregnancy signs?
Something that scared me so much was what my mom told me this morning. She said she had a horrible dream that I had a baby. And she followed it with "I know that wouldn't happen, I have such a good daughter" go figure. I really hope that's just a coincidence. I pray that it is. Please don't say go to the doctor because my mom has my insurance and she will suspect if I just ask for it. Also, If I am pregnant (which I pray I am not) I heard there is a pill you can take if its early enough? How much is it? Ahh!! I'm so nervous and scared. Please any information would help me. Thank you. (link)
I won't bother repeating what a lot of the other answers cover, but there are a few things I'd like to add.
Yes, there is The Morning After Pill (otherwise known as Plan B). This is useful if you are ever in a situation where you have had unprotected sex, sex with a condom but the condom broke, or any other reason where you think your birth control method could have been compromised. As someone else said, this can only be taken within the first few days after you have sex. After the first 24 hours, the effectiveness goes down, and each day later you take it, and so on.
Another thing I'd like to stress is that there are clinics that are understanding of your situation of being in a position where you cannot communicate your worries with your parents. There is most likely a Planned Parenthood in your area and despite what some people think, many, many girls go here for there regular 'girl appointments'. They will ask about your privacy concerns and work with you on any financial situations. There may even be a Womens Health Program in your state that will completely cover almost all expenses. Regardless, they will do pregnancy test and talk to you about more information if you feel the need.

i took THREE home pregnancy tests (two yesterday and one this morning) and all three said positive. after i took my tests though, i started spotting. it's really light (definitely not like a period) i was supposed to get my period last week. it seems like i only bleed when i discharge. anyways, i just wanted to know if that was normal and how long its supposed to last. i've never also, what's the next step after finding out that i;m pregnant? thank you all. (link)
Yes, meet with a doctor and let them know what's going on. You can let them know you have taken a home pregnancy test that came back positive, and also that you've been experiencing some spotting since then. They will be able to give you a blood test to test for pregnancy (which is a more accurate test), and from there check and make sure everything else is normal and healthy. No worries! They will help you from there. If you have a friend or family member to talk to, let them know.

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