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Hey y'all! Im here to (hopefully) help so... yeah, ask away! Oh and... (once I acctuuly send this to people) can you all not get a account cause I did? I don't mean to be rude or anything, but this is just something I wanna see if Im good at... not if 8 of my friends are good at. O'Kay? Thanks!
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well, my best friend and i are exactly the same practically and we always think the exact same. we pretty much agree on everything and she's really important to me

but, sometimes... we get mad for stupid reasons. we always make up like nothing happened, but sometimes she brings up really sad things like things that shes made fun (we make fun of each other all the time, jokingly) of me for , that actually hurt.

also, sometimes, she gets really into something and her school friends and her do things kind of against me. it really hurts sometimes

its not like im going to ditch her as a friend, but how could i cope with the things that happen, and how can i make myself feel better?

me- 14 f
friend-13 f (link)
Hm... the same thing happened with a few of my friends last year. Really I think you just need to sit down and talk with her, no interuptions (sp?) just tell her how you feel.

How do you burn calories? (link)
Jog for a while, sprint for a few blocks and repeat. Honestly, it works.

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