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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!!! :)

Thank you so much. Your advice is brilliant and really appreciated. I will try to work things out as best I can. Thank you.

Thanks for the advice!

Thank you. Looking at it that way, I guess you're right. We had texted and talked over Facebook several times about it, and the most I ever got was, "If I'm not too busy." Honestly, now it just sounds like a way to get me to shut up. His family has considered me a member of their family since I was four years old, especially his father, who grew up with my dad and respects no one in the world more than him. If he's "too busy" to be a friend, he's not worth it. I'll still do my best to keep in touch with his dad though. He's a great man, and might as well be a second father to me. Again, thank you so much. This has helped put things into perspective.

Thanks so much. I will take your advice. :)

Thank you for the great advice! It all worked out for me because I listened to you! :)

thanks, i just decided not to eat them ^_^ better safe than sorry, i guess

Thank you sooo much. I was really nervous about it.

wow!thank you..o my gosh, this has helped me a lot. I'm trying out this dietary supplement. It is called whey i guess. it comes in powder form, and you eat drink it as a whey supplement. do you have any idea how many pounds i can gain in a month? are right, most of the time when i eat meat, i gain weight really fast. But sometimes i don't feel like it, so i have to force myself now. but anyway..thank you so much for your help. holy cow, it has helped a lot.

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thanks, i know what you're talking about by restarting it, i did it once. i'm not sure if i want to do that, but i really want the viruses gone. and there is an anti-virus thing that's attacking my computer but i don't know if i know how to get rid of it.

Hi! My name is Natalie and I am from Australia. I have always enjoyed helping people, and that is why I love using this website so much, and why I am studying Psychology at University to become a Clinical Psychologist. Hopefully I can give you some helpful advice and I always love feedback! :)




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