Im Just a normal 14 year old who has lots of friends and likes to have fun...I can give GREEEAT advice b-cuz I dont give advice or answers unless i know im right!!!


Ok so i just found out that my new girlfriend has a penis and so i asked her about it and it turns out that shes really dating my brother and so i was like wtf are we all of a sudden REDNECKS? so i go on jerry springer right and only to find out my brothers not really my brother! so then when i come home my friggen LOBSTER is a HAMPSTER..and now i dont know what i am..please help me

well...sounds like a personal problem to me lol i don't know go to the doctor or ask your mom what you are lol haha!


your so gay u just copied this out of someones profile cant u try to be individual and not follow everyone like a fag?

What do you mean copy it out of someones profile...??? ALOT of people have this advie thing in their profile....and 2nd im not a fag so get a life and dont bother ppl if your not gonna be nice...


Theres this guy who likes 3 different girls and i like him and how do i get his mind off of the other girls???

Well you should call him or talk to him at school alot and like flirt with him alot and maybe just let him know that you like him so that way he will get to know you more.


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