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Name: Ayumi T.
Age: 16
Gender: female
Nationality: Singapore
Ethnicity: Japanese

Curious for anything else about me? Ask me to add more info here! ;]
Website: [x]anga
Gender: Female
Location: Singapore
Occupation: Student
Age: 16
AIM: naturelleAYUMI
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i want to lose 10 lbs in 3 months cuz on my bday i am geting money adn i want to buy clothes but i want to look cute in them i am 118 and i waer size 5 but i am not satisified.oh i am short i am like 5'3 ish.. My question for you is this: A) is that unrealistic? B) anyideas on how i could do that?

thanks a bunch (link)
Yes, it is realistic.

3 months = 12 weeks

By healthily losing a pound a week, you can get there (and maybe 2 extra ;]). Stick to the 2000-calories-a-day plan, eating a variety of healthy foods. I'm sure you're aware of the food pyramid.

Also, exercise some more. Now, I don't mean run 10 miles and do 500 push-ups and sit-ups daily. Just walk around your neighborhood a couple times a week or do yoga. It doesn't have to be strenuous.

I'm a okay ice-skater , and recently , i met ( well , not really ) this guy at the rink . He's really good , and he's an ice hockey player . I've not really talked to him before besides this one time when we collided , and we exchanged apologies and stuff .Well, i think i have a crush on him cuz i can't get him out of my head ... He's usually , ( but not always ) with his friends , and i want to know how to approach him . Any suggestions ? i rate high !!

please help , thanks ... =) (link)
I need to know more about your personality before I can give you good advice. (Like, you could be really a really quiet person who doesn't like to socialize or a loud girl who flirts all the time.)

However, if I were you, I would first wait until he comes without his friends. Then "accidentally" run into him again. When you guys get up, apologize and crack a deja vu joke (referring to the last time). Then try and strike a conversation, perhaps something along the lines of, "Oh, you play ice hockey?" Ask questions about him to get to know him better, and try to build a relationship slowly.

ok i have a rash on my back, it has little red bumps going all down my spine.. its really ichy and really red! im really scared because i dont know what it is!! PLEASE HELP ME IM SO SCARED!!!!!!
Thanks so much for all y'all who can help!
*mar* (link)
It's probably just a rash. Rub some aloe vera or lotion w/ aloe vera over it and wait. It should get better in a few days. Don't worry, I doubt you're in any sort of life-threatening danger.

However, if it doesn't go away and/or gets worse, go see a doctor. Also, if your parents don't know already, go tell them.

Hi, I'm 13 and 4 months and I havent ever gotten my period... :(. Anyway the last week-ish i've been noticing stuff and I think it may be coming soon. I am eating A LOT, like the equivilant of about 5 full meals a day. My skin is going from oily to dry to oily to dry and back to oily again, and I have more pimples than I've ever had before. My boobs are extremely tender too. Discharge isnt an issue, I've been having that all the time for like a year and a half, and it's the same as always.... what do you think? Might it be my time??
Ps- today i'm also a lil sick, like congested, but I think thats an outside issue, i dunno if it matters, oh well.
Help, i rate. (link)
I would say that, yes, you are going to get your period soon. Tender breasts is a big clue because you get them every time before a period. Also, some people do get pimples before and/or during their period. Then again, that could just be you going through puberty. I ate a lot when I was going through puberty, but I don't really get hungry before my period.

I'm not sure about being sick because I don't get sick before my period, but I would say that you'll get your period within a week.

Hey, I have a gf, and she says she loves me, and we have been going out for about a week. The only times she says "I love you" is on the computer. I even say it when we are in person and she doesn't say it back... she has told me her feelings and she says she really loves me, and she is like crazy about me, but my question is: How come she won't say it back? (link)
Hm, in my opinion, I don't think you can know if you love somebody after dating her for only a week. But, still, some things are harder to say offline. Going on a chat program and IMing the message is much easier, and I'm sure you've noticed now a quiet friend you have is so silent at school, yet very energetic and hyper on the Internet.

Your girlfriend may be more serious than you are when it comes to telling a person that she loves you. Different people have different views.

For example, I can tell my boyfriend of 3 months here that I love him, and he will be okay with that. However, if I have dated a boy for 3 months in my home country and told him I loved him, I would be viewed as a fast-moving whore.

Therefore, she might like you a lot to the point where she loves you, but she isn't used to saying it so early in a relationship. Give her more time, and I'm sure she'll say "I love you" very soon.

My boyfriend is amazing. I love him to death. But he is a little immature sometimes when I need him to just be serious. Any way I could tell him in a nice, non-offending way?? (link)
I had this problem with a lot of my friends. Back then, it seemed as if I was the only one maturing, while the others just continued to lead an immature, middle-school life. Perhaps you can use the same tactics I used. I'm happy with my results, which is that they still act immature, but not as much around me. However, be forewarned that it is a pretty long process.

First, I dropped them subtle hints. I didn't want to ruin our friendship, so it was very subtle hints.

After my friends noticed a change and confronted me, I told them how I felt.

Try saying something like: "*Name*, I understand you like to joke around sometimes, but try to be a little bit more serious when it comes to *this*."

You can also explain why and specify the areas you want him to change. You might also want to change the dialogue a bit to make it more colloquial and casual. I hope this helps :)

IF a guy kisses you how can u tell if he thinks ur a good kisser or bad kisser? Ive kissed 3 guys before and the first time i kissed a guy he told all my friends i was a bad kisser but a few years later wen we kissed he said something to me like wow u never kissed me like this before and he meant like in agood way so anyways im afraid wen i go to the movies tomorow this guy im going with wil think im a bad kisser and it makes me nervous but i realli wanna kiss him so im not sure what to do (link)
I guess you can tell if the guy likes the way you kiss by his expression after the kiss.

However, if you want to improve your kissing "skills", I suggest the following: relax and breathe.

Being relaxed can make a kiss seem natural rather than forced and awkward, and breathing is a must. You don't want to run out of breath and take a deep breath afterwards.

I also suggest breath mints because bad breath can kill any romantic mood. (Not saying you have bad breath, of course.)

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