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Q: i dont need any advice lol i just wanted to say hi! ur awesome
why thank you!

Q: How do u make scrambled eggs lol im hungry but my mommy isnt home so she cant make them for me!
time Required: 10 minutes
Here's How:

1. Break eggs into a bowl; allow 2 eggs per person.

2. Whisk eggs with salt and pepper to taste.

3. In a heavy skillet over medium heat, melt 1 to 2 tablespoons of butter.

4. When the butter stops foaming, reduce heat to medium-low.

5. Add the eggs to the hot pan.
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6. After a minute or 2, when the bottom and edges have begun to cook and solidify, scrape and lift the edges with a spatula and allow the uncooked part to run under the part lifted. Fold cooked parts towards the center.

7. Repeat the scraping, lifting, and folding until the egg has formed curds. More stirring will make small curds and less will make larger, fluffier curds.

8. When the curds are firm but still moist, remove to plates or serving dish. They will continue cooking after they leave the pan.

1. For lighter eggs, add about a tablespoon of milk, water, or cream for each egg.
2. For extra flavor and texture, add minced vegetables and/or ham to the butter and sauté for a few minutes before adding the eggs.

Q: abby you rock my socks dont ever change
aww thanx

Q: Thanx abbz u helped alot i love ya for that you really did help me
ne tyme

Q: How do u make out? i dont know how 2!
well you should only. make out. if your really lyke the person... if you do...then amking out involves alot of kissing with tounge and touching.You can do this on beds at movies pretty much WHEREVER! here are a few entrys from urban dictionay..

When two (or more) people of the same or opposite gender express their sexual feelings toward eachother - usually in the form of a kiss or intimate touching.

two people of opposite or the same sex kissing for a long period of time. involves a lot of tongue, and touching.

Q: abby,
i need help! i guess im just ugly i cant get a boyfriend! everytime i like someone they end up with someone else and never even know that i liked them cause i guess im too shy to tell them. acctually its a fear of rejection.... but i hate it all of my friends (including u) have had boyfriends and i want one so bad i want to know someone thinks im pretty. hope u can help me.
well first off im sure your not ugly! Everyone is pretty in there own unique way!&& you should never be afriad of rejection.. be happy for expermenting! && Just drop sexy yet subtle hints.. like looking him in eye... && just be your self!

Q: Hey Abby,
Okay so My birthday everyone forgot. No one really made me feel speical on it. No one brought me anything like I do for people. My best friend said she was gunna kidnapp me but she never did. I'm so pissed off! What should I do!
-Pissed Off Person
okay.. Mayb thye just honestly forgot! Just talk to them about it... Mayb there are other plans?! well hope it helped

Q: hey abby....
i really need your help. I am 13 and i am a girl. i really like this one guy and i think he might "be the one" like i might spend the rest of my life with him. but i live very far away from him now. where i live now i really like this one guy James. but my friend is going out with him after she stole him from me. i am still recovering from that but i dont know if i should go for James or the other guy. What should i do??
kay, well I say If you are still mad at your friend then i say you talk to her about it...And then I say if i were in your shoes i would go for the guy you like more! Just keep in mind...{dont go for him before you talk to your freind} && {Long distance relationships can be hard}HoPe It HeLpS

Q: ok well i like this girl (and i am a girl) but i have a boyfirend and he is really hot and soo is this girl i mean she is soo fucking hot and sexi and has goegeous boobys and i really like both of them!!! But i think htat i am bysexaul soo that is another promblem bc i dont no how to tell my friends and my perants bc i dont want ot live my life a lie soo i am really confuesed wat should i do???
okay so i just say think about what you really want to do. it will come to you if you think about it

Q: so i have been offered the biggest job in my lifetime! but i dont know if i want it! well i would love to do it its a great job! i just dont know if i should settle down now or what! when will i know when to settle down!

ok so if you really and i mean REALLY wanted this job you would know..If you want this Job then i say GO FOR IT!! but if you don't want it.. other things will come along too! You never can be exactly sure when your ready to seddle down. Its a matter of trying new things and not just laying there all day not doing anything!

Q: ok well my frineds @ west think im doing bad things but im really not and they think that all my new frineds are bad influences on me but they arent they never even met these ppl and they are already judging them all rite so theyve made bad choises doesnt make em a bad person...does it?? does it make me one??
alrighty... so first off the first thing that came to mind when I read your question is that judging people is NEVER an okay thing to do! And second off everyone has done bad things some time or another in there life.. does that make everyone a bad person? In my opinion... NO! I think if your "freinds" think that your doing bad things then you should tell them that your not.. once youve done thta, if they still dont belive you then there not true freinds

Q: ok abbzzz Ive goon out with this guy like 4 times and he keeps asking me out. The problem is I feel like i still have feeling for him but he has been so mean to me. How do i get over him??
ok well if you really still like him then i suggest just talking to him and be like hey Bob(pretending Bob is the guy you like) Why are you being mean to me? Did I do something?And if Bob says no, then he is just a Jerk and you are better then that. To get over him i suggets doing what i do! HAVE FUN!If you just have fun with all your friends and dont think about Bob,it'll all be good!

Q: ok so my best freind is TOTALY ignoring me for NO reason! What should i do?
Ok... well if you want things to be back to how they were before..then just talk to her about it, just the tow of you, make sure there is no distractions that can get her off topic. Hope it helps!





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