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what r some things that i can say 2 the guy i like?? how can i become a better (link)
best thing is to be friendly without being too full on. make him work a bit....! don't be too pushy. some of the best flirting stuff is the body language you use, not what you say, so stand up tall, be confident and just act like you're having fun. your guy will love you chick!

I know this sounds really nasty but I'm bulimic, but instead of throwing up, I take laxatives. I don't know how to make myself stop. My dad knows and he isn't really doing anything to stop it. Has anyone dealt with an eating disorder who can tell me? (link)
i was bulimic for 2 years chick and it's horrible. i made myself sick every night when i pretended to be in the bathroom and put the shower on so no one could hear me. i think my parents sort of knew but never said anything. i never told anyone when i was going through it. i think you need to look at whats making you do it - i was so unhappy, felt worthless and thought i had no friends. what was making me that way though was sitting in my room overeating and not being out there with the friends i did have. i overcame it and to be honest i'm not sure how i did it, it took a long time and even now when i'm unhappy i feel like doing it again for the release. but the main thing is to question why you are doing it to yourself. maybe you could talk to your dad? i know it's hard but maybe if he sees you trying to confront it then he will too.

good luck chick x

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